Friday, May 18, 2018

Satintail Money Transfer (茅草运财)

I have talked about satintail soldier ritual previously and you might wonder how to make use of this ritual to make a fortune. Well, a more precise term is to 'rob' money... Of course we can work hard, but still the best way and the quickest is to 'hijack' others' success...

The method is simple once a sorcerer has established his satintail soldiers:

The next step for that person to do is to identify a potential rich target. After that, he should find out the ancestor grave or the grave of a recently deceased rich and famous.

Once done, he should go to the grave during 'yin' days (阴日) and pick up a piece of soil from four corners and the center of the grave. The collected soils must then be wrapped with a piece of black cloth.

Quickly return home and keep the soil in front of the satintail soldiers for further setup.

The subsequent ritual must be carried out at night after 11pm. 

First, open the cloth wrapping and retrieve the grave soil. Put the soils into 5 containers and then plug the 5 satintail manikins into the containers on top of the soil. After that, return the setup to the altar and continue to burn incense.

If the ritual is a success, then the sorcerer should see some kind of fortune increase within 100 days. Needless to say, the rich person's family would see a drastic change in their health and money matters.

I once used this ritual on an arrogant boastful friend to teach him a lesson. Within a year, the person who owned a shipping company suddenly suffered huge loses when 3 of his cargo ships sank off Japan coast many years ago. And I suddenly gained a small fortune overnight.

My master later learnt about my doing and advised me to donate out all of my money for good. I obliged and I vowed not to cast such a spell again. I supposed we will just let the nature take its course on bad people. Suffice to know that there is such a ritual out there and luckily, not so many people know about it. And now you know this ritual without the mantras of course.

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