Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Lend Me Thy Force (借兵发财)

Someone dropped me a message asking me if there is a magic ritual for protection from being harmed by spirits in a haunted building.

I would be dishonest to say if I don't have any protective rituals to protect me while I go in and out of haunted buildings as frequent as going to toilets. Having said so, my ritual is meant for Taoist practitioners or exponents only or anyone who can detect minute energy movements in the environment.

Since I have not mention any magic rituals for a long time. Perhaps it is no harm to share one Taoist ritual commonly known as 'lend me thy force' (借阴兵). 

This ritual is only meant to be cast on a place where a sorcerer will stay for a fairly long time. It cannot be used on temporary stay (such as in a hotel), or in one's house or if the haunting is caused by one of the deceased family members.

If this ritual is wrongly cast, it will bring discord within one's family or even injuries due to freak accidents. Hence I would just briefly describe this force lending ritual:

When a sorcerer is on the move, his/her protective power is weak because it is difficult to carry the altar. No worries, the sorcerer can always borrow some spirit helpers from the environment.

So, before travelling, a person can go to 5 places: river, mountain, jungle, sea, road junctions etc. to pick up 5 pebbles. All 5 pebbles can be picked up in one place or 5 places. It does not matter.

A simple chant is said silently: "Lend me your power. I will go to so-and-so place to do so-and-so thing."

After arbitrarily picked up a pebble, then throw a coin, tobacco, rice or incense as an exchange.

Then stand silently to feel the changing in the environment. They will be changes: a sudden breeze, a sudden change of temperature, a tinkling sensation or even the development of goosebumps.

Now the person should say: "I shall return your power to you once my job is done."

It is now deemed the force borrowing ritual has activated certain amount of power.

The spell caster can now bring this 5 pebbles with him/her wherever he/she goes.

If the person decided to stay put in a haunted house, then the pebbles can be kept in a box as a passive protection measures.

If the person is being disturbed by spirits, then the 5 pebbles can be located in 4 corners of the house and the 5th pebble is kept with the sorcerer.

When the setup is done, then with a simple command: "Armies of the east camp, armies of the south camp, armies of the west camp, armies of the north camp and armies of the central camp; come to me overpowering whatever ghosts and goblins inside this house!"

The person must now sit quietly to feel the environment on minute movements. They might be whispering near the ears, a change in room temperature, mysterious knocking etc.

I normally hear unintelligible whispers near my ears, this is the sign that the spirit in the haunted place wanted to negotiate. It does not matters what the voice is trying to say.

Now, with or without environment changes, command to the space in front to execute whatever wish you might have but don't just say: "Leave me alone!" because you will lost the chance of utilizing the spirit to bring you fortune.

What I normally say is: "Bring me some fortune/money... or anything to keep the spirit busy."

After charging the spirit, remember to collect all 5 pebbles and best to put the pebbles inside an incense burner. Incense should be burnt everyday as offerings to the borrowed force and also the spirit of the house.

When the haunted house is to be vacated, don't forget to 'release' the so-called earthbound spirit and then all 5 pebbles to their original places with some offerings.

Now, isn't it simple. :D

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