Sunday, May 20, 2018

One Ton Press (千斤压)

One ton press is a ritual to cause severe body pains normally done by artisans to 'teach' stingy house owner a lesson.

I would be dishonest to say that I have never made use of the Luban magic I learnt... Well, most of the time the spells are cast on others' behalf and not mine.

My first job was to supervise a construction project to build a factory. I got to know some of the regular construction workers working with a quite establish subcontractor. Since I was quite closed to the workers, the workers at times complaint to me of their supervisor's bad attitudes.

One day, Ah Kow was sitting alone in a corner with sour face. So I approached him as before and asked: "Hey bro, what's up?"

Ah Kow rose his head and looked at me: "I was given a final warning by my supervisor, Lee. He said that he would sack me if I am to repeat a mistake again... I know my contract would end at the end of this week. If he sacked me, I would lose my end of contract bonus..."

I knew Lee. He was a pain to his fellow subordinates and at times he did push his people a little over the edge. Although I have no business with Lee and Ah Kow, I decided to help Ah Kow out: "Hey Kow, maybe I can persuade Lee to take leave for a few days until your contract expires. What do you think?"

"That would be great!" Ah Kow jumped up. I hinted Kow to be quiet and follow my instructions.

"Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. when you are to lay the concrete slabs, let Lee stands on the east side facing the sun. I will do the rest..."

Ah Kow nodded though he looked at me with a little suspicion.

During the next morning, Ah Kow did what I asked him to do and laid the concrete slab. Later during lunch time, I pulled Ah Kow aside and said to him: "I know you will be leaving in one week's time. Before you leave, please slightly remove the slab and then adjust it back to its original position."

Ah Kow again agreed but he asked nothing.

Three days later, Lee suddenly suffered from unknown body pain and he was hospitalized. The doctor couldn't find out what had happened to Lee so he was warded to the intensive care unit. He was given one week's leave pending on his recovery progress.

I visited Lee in the hospital and found that his limbs gradually turned dark green.

One week later, Ah Kow did what I instructed him to do in front of me before bidding me farewell.

I released the spell on Lee and he recovered within one week's time. Of course, this evil doing is only kept between Kow and me; and now you!

The spell I have cast on Lee is known as 'one ton press' in Luban magic. This spell can cause immense sufferings and the person may die if untreated within 100 days.

In case you wonder, the mantra reads:


I am not going to translate the mantra as you can do it with google translate.

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