Friday, May 18, 2018

Still About Banana Spirit (香蕉精)

Banana spirit is another interesting type of spirit that can arouse a person's fantasy. Very interesting too, only Chinese is interested in having a relationship with this so-called banana spirit.

Banana spirit that I have seen and heard takes the form of a very young and pretty young lady clad in green clothing. Perhaps I am a male, I have not seen a male banana spirits before...

Of course, not all banana trees will possess a spirit or else no one dares to eat banana and plants banana trees. There are many beliefs on how a banana tree can be possessed by a spirit.

It is a common Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese belief that when a banana tree is tainted with human blood for some reasons, then it will attract a wandering spirit from possessing the banana plant..

So, ladies are forbidden to play around banana plants especially when the banana plants flowers and when they are having their periods.

Workers are also cautioned so as not to smear the banana plants with blood during mishaps.

And we certainly cannot prevent fatal accidents from happening. The most fearful banana spirits are said to be from those banana plants that have absorbed the blood of accident victims by the roadside.

The Thais belief that not all banana trees will harness spirits. Only those wild bananas in jungles would be possessed by spirits. You will be able to find those said to be possessed banana plants in Thailand suburbs as these banana plants would either be tied with colorful cloth or flower garlands.

The ordinary Thai folks do not interact with banana spirits as that would be the work of a black magician. Unlike Thais, the Chinese would have more 'demands' for a banana spirit.

For example, local Chinese belief that not only a man can romance with a banana spirit, he also can be bestowed with fortune with the help of a banana spirit.

My old rented house near Simpang, Taiping is believed to be haunted by a beautiful banana spirit. There were a few huge banana trees planted by my landlord many years ago.

I used to see a lady in green clothing combing her hair in my parents' master bedroom. 

At that time, the bathroom was outside of the house. So, many times I seen a naked young lady walked out from the bathroom near evening.

Of course, at that time I wasn't really interested in conjuring the spirit for anything.

Still further back to the time when I was in primary school in Kuala Kangsar. My pals and I used to see a pretty lady bathing in a river flowing through a piece of banana plantation in late afternoon. 

We knew the lady was not human as she would suddenly vanished when we tried to approach her. What we didn't know is if the lady was also a banana spirit.

There are many methods to call out this banana spirit. One of them thought by my late grandma is to use a piece of red string. One end of the string is to be tied around the banana tree trunk while the other end is to be tied on the person's foot thumb at night before sleeping.

The banana spirit should come into the person's dream to have fun with the person.

The other method is to tie a piece of red cloth around a banana tree trunk indicating the plant is 'married' to the person. Burn some incense below the banana tree and say whatever help you wish and what can you do to repay the spirit's help.

After a few nights, the banana spirit will come to the person and sleep with the person.

Yet another more forceful method is to stab a pair of scissors into the banana tree trunk. But the person must remember to remove the scissors and to let it rusted. Or else the banana spirit would be in severe pain and if this happened; the person could be harmed by the vengeful spirit.

If romance is not the intention, then one can ask for lucky numbers from the banana spirit.

First, you can make or buy some small flags from grocery stores selling prayer stuffs. Then write numbers from 0 to 9. Try to make at least 5 sets.

Once the flags are done, go to a potential banana plant midnight, preferably a full moon night with some incense and offering items. 

Start plugging the flags around the banana tree and then burn incense. Pray to the spirit to give you a good number.

After that, return home without looking back. Return to the place and you should find some flags has toppled. Copy the numbers and bet on them.

Do not forget to do what you have promise to the spirit or very bad things may occur.

Now that I am putting all magic matters behind me, so if you try to contact a banana spirit; do it at your own risks please. 

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