Thursday, October 11, 2018

Deliverance With Yidam (本尊往生法)

Combining our conscious with the yidam's will ensure we have a safe journey to the other world.

First, this is a RESTRICTED posting for Tibetan Buddhism practitioners who has received the empowerment of a yidam. This is a Buddhist specific ritual in the preparation of dying. Follow your guru's instructions if you already have one. Posting here is only meant for your reference. Misuses of this ritual will shorten a person's lifespan.

If you are over 50 years old and still have no spiritual contacts with your yidam, that is okay. But if you still want to work until 100 years old. Ignore this posting please.

However, if you feel that you are already lacking time to study more profound Tibetan teachings such as the Great Perfections, then the below pointers might be helpful to you.

  1. Identify one yidam as your deity and do not switch your faith or deviate from this deity.
  2. Select a short daily ritual that lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes but never more than 20 minutes in length. Try to memorize it so far as practicable.
  3. Start practising the ritual twice a day or 4 times a day or even 6 until you get an initial response. Or until you can visualize the deity well enough.
  4. When you are ready or as long as your mind is clear, imagine that your consciousness gathers into the heart syllable in your heart. This may take a while.
  5. Do a short prayer to your yidam such as: Fetch me when my time is up...
  6. Inhale deeply imagine your life force enters into the syllable in your heart.
  7. Hole your breath until you feel that all of your emotions has entered into the syllable.
  8. Exhale while lifting the heart syllable out from your right nostril into the left nostril of your yidam and your heart syllable finally combines with the syllable in the yidam's heart.
  9. In normal practice, you should imagine the heart syllable in the yidam's heart returned into your body via its right nostril into your left nostril and finally returned to your heart.
  10. During dying process, when you see your yidam comes to fetch you. Do the same but as soon as your heart syllable sits into the syllable of your yidam; shout 'phat!' loudly. This will merge your consciousness with your yidam's; and you are good to go.
  11. This is a very simple and effective exercise but not many Rinpoche willing to reveal to you.
  12. I am not responsible if you follow this method and result in injuries. If your consciousness does not return to your body in time, your breathing may stop and thus stimulates the actual dying process. So be warned.
Many practitioners overlooked the importance of yidam practice as it belongs to 'action yoga' group and it is not as profound as the Mahamudra or the Great Perfection. On the contrary, yidam is the most approachable type of deity to human especially those related to devi or fairies. Some examples are the Sri Devi (吉祥天女), Saraswati (辩才天) and Marici (摩利支天).

A very good sign of connection with your yidam is that you will in a way acquire some capabilities of your yidam. For example my yidam is Marici so I traveled quite often as Marici does; and people who have bad intentions will automatically backed off somehow.

Many time that I had the urge to bind my consciousness with Marici but somehow my consciousness was being pulled back to my body. So I could only pray to Marici to fetch me when my time is up. 

This DIY deliverance method is painless and swift once you have mastered it but if you have a business to run; or a country to take care of; then I would not have recommend it for you as yet. Otherwise, for those who are dying in pain; no harm trying to preserve their last dignity as human beings.