Friday, October 5, 2018

Pee 2: Headless Ghosts (小解2:无头鬼)

My friend Ah Pek used to own a furniture factory in Melaka some 20 years ago. The factory was built on a piece of land grown with wild bamboo bushes. The land was inherited from Ah Pek's father some time ago but it was left vacated for many years until Ah Pek decided to clear the land for producing rubber wood furniture.

One day, Ah Pek's 10 year old son, Simon together with a few of his friends played hide and seek at the back of the furniture factory. There were one or two remainder huge bamboo bush uncleared as there were still demands for bamboo poles that could fetch good prices. So, Ah Pek thought he would spare the bamboos for the time being.

The piece of land was renowned to be haunted since WWII where the Japanese Imperial Army used for executions. Many heads were being chopped down and locals believe headless ghosts still roam in those bamboo bushes. In fact, Ah Pek had forbidden Simon to play at that part of the factory but he and his wife was too busy to keep an eye on Simon.  So Simon has some leeway to escape his parent's supervision.

Simon and his gang maneuvered tactfully in and out the bamboo bush for the whole afternoon until his mom yelled at him to take a break. Just as when Simon and friends headed towards the factory office for their snacks, Simon suddenly felt an urge to pee. For some unknown reasons that he has chosen to pee onto the bamboo bush instead of doing his business in the factory toilet.

Just as when the gang enjoyed their afternoon tea, Simon suddenly shrieked and pointed his fingers at the entrance: "There are many headless people wanting to come into the room!"

As soon as Simon finished, he immediately fell into seizure and became unconsciousness.

His mom immediately sent Simon to the hospital but the doctor thought Simon was just suffering heatstroke so after giving some prescriptions, Simon was discharged. But Simon's conditions flips and flops and Ah Pek eventually went to a Taoist temple to sought the help of a medium.

According to the medium, Simon has urinated onto the resting place of those headless ones and the ghosts wanted to teach this fella a lesson. The headless ghosts demanded that a deliverance ritual be held to help them leave the bamboo bush. A sumptuous food offerings must also be made for all those wandering spirits around.

Ah Pek immediately agreed and preparations were made. Very strangely too, as soon as the demands of headless ghosts were made, Simon recovered almost immediately.

This story was told to me by Ah Pek himself when he asked me to audit his factory.