Friday, October 5, 2018

Magic Pearl (法珠)

The real magic pearl in action...

Someone dropped me a mail asking for pearl of centipede but I told him that physical centipede pearls do not exist. Most of those items sold in occult stores across the world are in fact common tiny glass beads. In Indonesia and Malaysia and Singapore too, magic pearls are known as 'mustika pearls'. It is my advice that not to buy any of those mustika pearls be it from Japanese fox spirits, centipede, snakes, dragons etc. are man made items. Of course, if you have too much money to spend, donate to my wallet please!

Having said so, there is a type of magic pearl ritual used to be prevalent in folk magic circles and Taoists believe that this practice is followed by certain animals and insects to gain immortality. One of those animals is the fox while centipede is a common insect believed to be able to produce magic pearls.

A fox is believed to be able to absorb moon energy to form its own magic pearl while a centipede forms its magic pearl by absorbing the earth's 'yin' energy.

Though not common, we human too can mimic those animals to form our own magic pearls. There is no secret to this practice as we human only needs to sit quietly and breathe slowly. On every exhalation of air, we can imagine the formation of a magic pearl about 3 inches above our head. If we are persistent, then after 3 weeks of consistent practise, then most people will see a pearl.

This pearl has various colors but the one with golden color is thought to be of the highest spiritual quality. This magic pearl will eventually take the form of a god, goddess or animals depending on the person's spiritual practice. This is same as the practice of 'thoughtform' formation. In that matter, it is somehow similar to the Taoist primordial soul (元神) and the Indian 'shadowman' practice as well...

Once a practitioner's magic pearl has transformed into a god form, it can be used to do things such as information collection or supernatural power developments or even to kill enemies. A downfall of this magic pearl is that if the human or animal or insect practitioner is not careful, then his or its pearl can be stolen by stronger opponents.

When a person lost his magic pearl, he shall lose his magic power or become very ill. On the other hand, if an animal is robbed of its magic pearl or in the event that its pearl is destroyed; then it will become weak and die eventually.

So, if you are also looking to buy a mustika pearl, why not 'create' your own free-of-charge? You only need to invest some time and no money is needed! That I can guarantee...