Monday, October 1, 2018

Possessed By Cat Spirit (猫魂附身)

Ah Mah's beloved cat killed by a car, I took a stuffed cat to console her her. Instead...

I used to visit some old folk's home to send foods for a charity organisation. I got to know Ah Mah during one of my trip to an old folk's home. She was around 90 years old then and suffered from slight case of Alzheimer's decease. So I paid particular attention to her every time I visited the old folk's home just to keep her company. I learnt from Ah Mah that she has two sons and a daughter but all of them have migrated to overseas; and none come back to Penang to visit their old mom.

Ah Mah had an astray cat that had kept her company for years and I called it 'Rambo'. During one of my visit, I learnt from Ah Mah that her Rambo was killed by a van when it tried to cross the road in front of the old folk's home.

Though She didn't mention, I understood that Ah Mah was quite sad with the lost of Rambo. So on the next visit, I decided to make Ah Mah happy by giving her a surprise. I couldn't get a kitten for Ah Mah due to the restrictions of the regulations; so I decided to buy Ah Mah a stuffed cat instead. Well, at least the shape of the cat is there I thought.

Happily I brought the stuffed cat to Ah Mah's room and in order to give her the surprises; I pretended to meow like a cat. So I shouted at Ah Mah at first and meowed a few times.

The old lady walked towards me and stared at my face. She said: "Ah boy, I know Rambo is gone. Perhaps you have missed Rambo very much so much so that its spirit has possessed the good of you. Now, let me perform an exorcism ritual to cast out Rambo for you..."

Before I could explain myself, Ah Mah already returned into her room to get some water. She then summoned other faithful Christian tenants of the old folks home to encircle around me and sang hymn to praise the Lord.

Well, to say it frankly; I couldn't go anywhere nor I had the heart to force my way out watching the attentiveness of Ah Mah and other old folks. So, I pretended meowed and growled as if a cat and I rolled myself on the ground as if in pain as Ah Mah sprinkled the holy water.

The exorcism ritual lasted with Ah Mah pouring a pale of cold water head down.

The commotion finally attracted the attention of the caretaker, Linda. She hastily came to my aid though it was a little too late. I was soaking wet then. At least I kept the old folks especially Ah Mah entertained for a short moment I thought. But what those old folks want is the company of their children. That, unfortunately; I couldn't provide.

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