Monday, October 8, 2018

Pee 4: Thunder Ghost (小解4:雷鬼)

My friend Narong is a Thai descendant living in Changlun, Kedah. He owns a fruit orchard and he is also a building contractor who takes up odd jobs such as small buildings and infrastructure constructions. I am a half student of Narong's late father who was an archan (master).

Once I visited Narong on his invitation to enjoy his 'harum manis' mango. and Narong cautioned me as not to pee during thunder and lightning for the fear of offending so-called 'thunder ghost'.

According to Narong, once he was working in his orchard and he felt the urge to pee but there was no toilet around. So he hastily approach one of his mango tree to release himself. As he was doing his business, the lightning struck at another tree next to him. He was being thrown some 10 feet away. Though relatively unharmed, Narong said that he has suffered severe headache after he went home.

On that night, Narong heard commotions in his altar. In fear of buglers, he immediately went to the altar which is situated next to his bedroom to investigate. There he saw all his statues including that of the buddhas, gurus and lersis were became disoriented. Some of those statues were even being thrown out of the windows. His lokkok (dried fetuses) and corpse oil were being thrown to the furthest from his house. 

After checking, Narong found that there were no signs of intrusion. So he immediately recollect his statues and started to invoke the presence of his grandpa for guidance. Strangely speaking, after reciting mantra of invitations for 30 minutes or so, nothing happened. He tried for another 1 hour and Narong's grandpa didn't answer his call.

Still having migraine and the sudden loss of magical power, Narong had to retreat for the night. After twisting and turning in his bed, he had a strange dream. In that dream an entity approached him and identified itself as the 'thunder ghost'. The mess in Narong's altar was its doing. The 'thunder ghost' wanted to teach Narong a lesson so it has sealed off Narong's power unless a specific ritual is made to appease this thunder ghost.

Narong visited his old man and the old man instructed Narong to collect a piece of soil back to him for an offering ritual. That did help Narong a little but the nagging headache still persisted. So Narong asked me if I have any idea of what this 'thunder ghost' is.

I laughed at Narong and said to him: "There is no thunder ghost brother. You were simply being charged by the power of thunder and lightning. Unless you ground those energies, they will continue to accumulate within your body."

Looking at still bewildered Narong, I asked Narong to give me a long iron nail. After that I asked his permission to perform as simple phurpa dance and used the tip of the nail to touch Narong's head and then quickly nailed the nail onto the ground.

As soon as the ritual is completed, Narong felt his headache has gone. So he asked me what had I done. I replied: "The thunder ghost sounds like the Tibetan Vajrakilaya. So I just use the magic of phurpa to drain off your access energy. There is no thunder ghost around."

Narong was happy to be relieved of headache, and I was happy to be given a basket full of 'haurm manis' mangoes.

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