Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Curse From Che Indut (Buatan Orang)

Arenga Pinnata twigs can also be used in place of needles to hurt or harm an opponent.

When a person is suffered from black magic doings, he/she is said to be the victim of ‘buatan orang’ or literally ‘people’s working’. There are many types of ‘buatan orang’, using needles and a wax figurine is a popular one in Southeast Asia especially for the Thai, Chinese, Indian and Malay communities.


Below curse is yet another method to make people not so good. Firs get some bee wax and make a wax figure of a person you want to curse measuring a foot-length. If you want to make him/her sick, then use a needle to pierce into his eyes and he shall become blind. If you want to make him/her to have waist pain, then pierce a needle at his/her waist; if you piece on his/her head, then this person shall have headache, and if you pierce a needle into his/her chest, then he/she shall have chest pain.


If you want to kill this person, then pierce the effigy with a Arenga Pinnata twig from the top of his head to his buttock; and then wrap this wax effigy with a piece of white cloth as if he/she is dead. After that, perform a prayer as if this person is dead and finally this wax figure is buried in the middle of a road junction so that this person is stepped over constantly by the passersby.


Before burying the wax effigy one should recite:


"Alsalam’aleikum, hei! Nabi Tap yang memegang bumi,

Aku ini bertanamkan mayat Si Anu:

Aku disuruh Nabi Muhammad,

Sebab ia derhaka kepada Allahh.

Engkau boleh tolong bunuhkan atau sakitkan;

Jika tidak sakitkan, atau enkau bunuhkan,

Derhaka engkau kepada Allah,

Derhaka engkau kepada Muhammad,

Bukannya aku yang bertanam, Jibrail yang bertanam;

Angkau kabulkan juga pinta-pinta kami, ari bekari ini juga,

Kabul berkat aku meminta didalam kandang kalimah la-ilaha…"

After the above ritual is done, then the target shall fall sick in a few day's time. It is believed that unless the wax figure is dug out, there is no way to cure this person...

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