Friday, October 10, 2014

From The Struggle Of Throne To Tantric Battle

This is a story I heard from an old Japanese Yamabushi (山伏) concerning the story of Shinki masuta (真济师) and Harihoiso (亮惠和尚) tantric battle:


As the story goes, Montoku Tennō (文德天皇); 827AD858AD had two sons: Imperial Prince Koretaka (维乔亲王) and Imperial Prince Koreeda (惟条親王) has disputed over who shall success the throne. So they have agreed upon a sumo competition and whoever wins shall have the right to the throne. Subsequently Koretaka sent his man Akira-mei Taigā (纪名虎) while Koreeda sent in Yoshio Tono (伴良雄) for the sumo match.


At that time Shinki thought Akira should win, so he setup a Trilokivijaya (降三世明王) altar in To-ji (东寺), while Harihoiso setup a Yamantaka altar in Enryku-ji (延历寺). Both of them were engaged in tantric battle while the summon match is in progress. As soon as it is apparent that Akira would win the summon match, Harihoiso didn’t want his lineage to lose face; hence he decided to sacrifice his life to beg his Satya-devata to help him win the summon match. So, Harihoiso took out a sword and cut his head down while he was visualizing he is in union with Yamantaka. His assistants then uses smoke to fumigate mustard seeds until burnt and then used Harihoiso’s head and the charred mustard seeds to perform homa to honour Yamantaka.


Consequently, Yamantaka appeared in front of the fire altar and encircled the altar for three times while producing horrific and loud roaring sounds; which can be heard throughout the imperial palace. At this time Akira has just toppled Yoshio onto the ground, he suddenly vomited out a large quantity of blood and then fell down onto the floor and died instantly. Yoshio was subsequently declared as the winner of the summo match.


This is what is known as ‘The Yamantaka showed its power, Emperor Seiwa enthroned’ in Japanese Mantrayana circle..


Looks like the power of Satya-devatas (本尊) also differs according to individual oath; all practitioners should take heed of this facts so as not to make the same mistakes as above.


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