Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taboo When Using Karak Expressway

The most haunted expressway in Malaysia.
The Kuala Lumpur–Karak Expressway or Karak Expressway, is also known as Karak Highway which is a 60-kilometre (37 miles) controlled-access highway or motorway in Malaysia connecting Kuala Lumpur to the town of Karak in Pahang.


This expressway is thought to be the most haunted express way in Malaysia and if one googles ‘Karak Expressway’ then he/she can find many interesting ghost stories about Karak Expressway:


·         Eaten alive by a Pontianak

·         The yellow Volkswagen

·         Sighting of a small boy


Well, I am not about to repost all of the stories above as anyone can easily find these stories on-line. I just want to share some taboos when using Karak Expressway, especially at night. These tips are given to me by those drivers who frequently plying from KL to Karak at night due to work or business needs:


The most important thing is of course; have your car checked before travelling especially at night. I supposed this is a common sense as having car troubles in the midst of a night is no funny matters. This is common sense, but as careful drivers; we ought to take care of our cars anyway.


Now, the second thing when travelling at night through Karak Expressway is that unless necessary, avoid looking at the rear mirror, or side mirrors in that matters especially when you are driving alone. The reason is that you might ‘inadvertently’ see an ‘invited guest’ sitting at the back of your car!


I am not making things up but a friend of mine known as Saiful who is a coordinator of a film company and due to his work requirements, he has to travel on short notices. At one point, Saiful travelled from KL to the East Coast almost weekly to coordinate a film shooting for 6 months or so; needless to say, he travelled at night so that work can be done during the day.


The first few trips were relatively peaceful, until one night; Saiful was again travelled on short notice from his boss. It was a rainy Friday night, and Saiful just passed the KL toll and he was driving slowly as he knew that this expressway is an accident hot spot. The traffic wasn’t heavy at night, there were only occasional car light observed from the opposite lane whooshed by and disappeared from the sight.


Saiful has the habit of occasional checking the rear mirror in case if there is any fast moving vehicle from the back. This is quite normal as some cars travel without turning on their headlights. This just as if any other occasions that Saifu habitually veered at his rear mirror to check for an overtaking vehicle; he suddenly found a long haired figure sat at his backseat!


He immediately got a shock out of his living daylight! Saiful’s heart palpitated and sweat started to roll down from his forehead. And Saiful decided to take a second look just to make sure that he wasn’t having a delusion.


To his horror, the figure was still there sitting quietly! There weren’t anything Saiful could do but to drive on while reciting ‘Bismillah’ (in the name of God) continuously. Saiful can’t recalled how long the figure was in his car, but just when his car was about to approach the toll at Karak, he heard the sound of his rear door opened and shut as if someone or something has alighted from his car. As his natural reflexes, he turned around and see the figure no more… Perhaps the figure just wanted to have a hitchhike or ‘tumpang’ for a short distance…


According to Saiful, after the initial incidents; the long haired figure hitch hiked his car for a few occasions during his six month assignments. But since the ‘thing’ only sat there quietly and left without disturbing Saiful, he wasn’t frighten anymore after that and live to tell his story to me later.


I supposed that the moral of the story is: “jangan pandang belakang!” (Don’t look back) when you are driving alone in the expressway at night. I have some pal who nearly kaput in an auto accident as his steering wheel jammed in that particular expressway too… I will keep the story for now and tell you later.

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