Thursday, October 23, 2014

Practical Mantrayana In This Peril World (真言危机处理)

I was asked if Mantrayana or Trantrism still has relevancy in today’s peril world?


My answer is that Mantrayana is still has a place today!


In order to find appropriate techniques to be fitted into our modern life style which is: hectic, fast and high risks; we shall need to look on spiritual practices in Ninjitsu (忍术). By now we should know that Ninjitsu is not all about martial arts, Ninjas are also human; what made them agile are their methods of concentrations:


·         The standard Kujikiri (九字结)

o   This is the standard method to achieve super concentration and to avert danger when time is ample.

·         The fast Kujikiri (快九字)

o   This is the so-called quick way to stop violent behaviors or for achieving quick actions in view of danger.

·         The Marichi Dharani (摩利支天法)

o   The practice of Marichi is highly recommended for anyone who travels a lot. I have practiced Marichi Dharani for about 25 years and I was saved by someone in many dangerous situations. One very interesting incident is that my hand was injured in the middle of Indian Ocean and there was practically no way of finding ointment until port call; suddenly a friend took out his back pain ointment and asked me to rub his back. This was how my swollen hand was saved.

·         The Acala/Fudo Myoo (不动明王法)

o   The Acala is an important method in Japanese Mantrayana and Ninjitsu. The powers of Acala will make ones opponent transfix or slow to react hence giving the practitioner a split of a second chance to do miracles.

·         The Fire Puja (火供)

o   It is my opinion that fire ritual is also a very powerful method of avoiding disasters. Every practitioner should at least have a pair of fire puja ladles just in case of emergency. I perform fire puja extensively too to request for serious illnesses to be cured and most of the time, my request was fulfilled.


It is a little surprised to me that the Japanese Mantrayana rituals work better in mundane affairs while the Tibetan rituals work best on deliverance matters and in subduing of demonic forces. But there are only my experiences, perhaps one should try and get his/her own feel to see which combinations work best for him/she.


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