Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who Is Crying On The Other Side?

This story is told to me by Ann who is a local part-time movie actress. She at times receives some calls to make movie shots so Ann needs to be quite mobile in her work. Some of the scripts would require Ann to act as a lady ghost and for a more realistic effect; most of the ghost stories are actually filmed on a haunted site.


Just a couple of months ago, Ann was appointed by a local director to make appearance in a ghost film at a former Japanese headquarters which is now an abandoned building and a reputed haunted building located at Fraser's Hill.


So the story goes, the whole of the film crew arrived at the bungalow at evening time and while the technicians were setting up the lighting and cameras, Ann gave the director a notice that she would take a nap in a quiet room upstairs in case he needed her for the role play.


It would actually take the technical crews a few hours for the setup and testing and the actual shooting would probably begin late at night, further Ann would have to wait for her turns for the filming. At times, it would be quite possible for the whole team to stay at the filming site for a few days or so… well, they can’t just leave their expensive equipments unattended.


After Ann has isolated herself from the crew, she soon fell asleep as the Fraser's Hill is a highland and the temperature is much cooler than the lowland area and it is actually very comfy to sleep with a thick blanket on…


It seemed that the sun sets early at highland area, soon it was dark and Ann can’t recall for how long she has fallen asleep and suddenly, she heard the sound of some crying in the next room: “Whooooo… warrr… Ooooo… U…”


Though Ann felt extremely curious as who would cry in that type of sorrowful tone, and suddenly the word ‘ghost’ lingered in her mind; so she continued to cover her head with her blanket while murmuring in her heart: “If you’re a ghost, go to see the director…” And oddly, the moaning sound stopped for a while.


As Ann thought the ‘spirit’ has left her alone, the familiar creepy moaning sound continued again: “Whooooo… Ohhh… Uuu…” This time the weeping tone became more horrible and goose bumps begun to develop all over her body.


This time Ann said again in her heart: “If you have issues, go and see Mr. Liew…” And strangely, the sound paused for a while. At this point, Ann felt curious and decided to go out to investigate as she has heard the building was haunted but she didn’t think the spirit was so powerful in making those horrible creepy noises.


Well, as soon as Ann has stepped out of her room, she at once saw a long haired lady in white gown and the lady has a pair of long fangs! Ann immediately gave out a fearful high pitched shriek: “Help! Pontianak!” and fainted…


When Ann regained her consciousness, her director and a paramedic were at a side; together with the ‘pontianak’… Apparently the ‘pontianak’ was also a temporary actress who did some vocal training prior to shooting in a room just next to where Ann has fallen asleep…


Hmm… perhaps I should say at this point that, not what you ‘see’ is a ‘ghost’… just a thought. Well, don’t laugh… for next joker would probably be you… Hahaha!

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