Monday, October 13, 2014

Evoking Shaitan Chadhana For Revenge

This ritual is said to be very dangerous as at the end of the ritual, Shaitan Chadhana shall be sitting on your enemy’s chest at night. There are still options to save your enemy before the end of the said ritual or death is inadvertent.


Now the method:


First you should choose a Friday night and then you ought to go to a quiet and clean place where you would not be disturbed. You must make a seat out of yellow soil. And a lit pure sesame oil lamp should be placed on the seat. Also please make sure that the lamp wick should be pointing north and the person should also be facing south.


When the setup is ready, then chant the below mantra for 17,000 times and at the end of the chanting; Shaitan Chadhana shall sit on the chest of your enemy.



Alp Guru Alp Rhmaan,

Amuk (Name OF Enemy) ki Chaati Naa Chadhai To Maa Bahin Ki,

Sej Par Pag Dhre,

Ali Ki Duhaai!

Ali Ki Duhaai!

Ali Ki Duhaai!


This ritual is highly recommended for:


Anyone who has jilted you, your bosses, your back stabbing pals or colleagues, the movie stars who kept on ignoring your love letters, or the Korean boy next door that refuses to marry you or for any other matters…


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