Saturday, October 25, 2014

Vajrakilaya And I (普巴金刚与我)

I am not a practitioner of Vajrakila but this Yidam comes into my dreams quite often. It is indeed very strange as I only dream of Vajrakila and not other Yidam else. My friends who have practiced Vajrakila for years and none of them have actually ‘seen’ their Yidam in action. Hence they could only show me a blank face when I told them my dream. Perhaps one really needs a real good phurpa/phurba in order to be fruitful in the practice of Vajrakila.


My first experience with Vajrakila happened about 10 years ago when I was living near the famous Relau ghost mansion. At that time, anyone can go into the haunted mansion freely though now it is blocked. Local folks believe that there is a female ghost haunting the mansion and area around if for around 50 years together with some other spirits too, including the ‘big head ghost’.


I believe that the spirits not only haunted the ghost mansion, but also a few building blocks in the vicinity. Some kids could also see black shadows hovering on the wall or even on the ceiling at times. My nephew and niece did saw a black shadow attached in their bedroom and I was called on several times for the rescue.


One night, I was again asked to perform exorcism ritual in one of the flats apartment which is facing the haunted mansion. The apartment owner complained that his kids saw black shadows in their living room and they refused to sleep in their room. So, I asked the owner to let me spend a night there to investigate.


When night fell, I turned off all lightings in the apartment and meditated in the living room while chanting: “Om vajra kilikilaya sarva bigganan bam hum phat” repeatedly. After a few rounds of chanting, suddenly I heard a very desolate and yet disembodied but audible female voice echoed in the living room: “Eeee… eeRrrrr…” and a silhouette of a long haired figure flew off the balcony… If you are curious, the female spirit is still there as I had another encounter a few years later.


Well, let’s go to my dreams about this Yidam. The Vajrakila normally appeared to me in color and in two forms. The first form is the legged form and the phurpa form. At times I would see the phurpa in blue color flying in front of me while turning anti-clockwise direction. This form of Vajrakila is only meant for subjugation practices and it is not common.


At another time, the Vajrakila appeared when I was being chased in my dream. In the dream, I was at Changi Airport and being chased by someone. Suddenly the Yidam appeared in between me in Yab-Yum (union) form with full colors holding a 3 faced phurpa and my chaser. It was an interesting dream as I can still visualize the full feature of Vajrakila in every detailed! Normally my dreams would fade off within a day or so but not this one.


I don’t know what the dreams meant, but perhaps I should switch to do sadhana on Vajrakila instead… If you know what the dreams meant, please do enlighten me.



  1. Get a good Phurba and practise become a practioner of Vajrakila.
    You have a least three times something like this so you would like to consider and if he is on of you patrons he may guide you to the Phurba you need. Maybe your "friends" (I dont how much envy they have now) can help you and get you to their teachers. Just my opinion.


  2. if you see Vajrakilaya , is that what you practice in past lives and your yidam