Saturday, October 18, 2014

Request For A Dream (祈梦)

There are many reasons why a person wants to request for a dream: for guidance or for wanting to know a thing that he or she doesn’t have an answer or no way to get a satisfactory answer by any means. This also includes those people who want to perform a magic ritual to call back a runaway.


The methods for requesting a dream from a higher being are many and vary, and the interpretation of a dream also varies; some are direct and some are not so direct. For the purpose to relieve those earnest folks to want to seek an answer, I give them the below simple ritual:


First one should offer some flowers and burns incense in front of the statue of a Buddha before he/she go to bed and recites the below mantra for 7~108 times requesting for a guidance in the dream:


“Namo ratna lisase namo alisa polutatisa parasa bhodisattva se mahasattva se tojito jirini jiri rara yiyi maha lisevalutadhri varase svaha.”


He/she should go to bed directly after reciting the above mantra without converses with other people or answering phone call. In this way, whatever the person wants to know shall be shown in his/her dream.


Although the above method is pretty simple by only reciting the above mantra faithfully, it still best to first to take a bath and clean one self and of course, it is best if one already engaged in some form of spiritual practices. The most important of all, is one must believe in this method and hence easier to be successful in getting a clear dream. If one cannot concentrates and his/her mind tends to wander off, then it is pretty difficult to get a good dream; more so to make the dream come true.


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