Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Hunt For Big Head Ghost (大头鬼)

There is a type of ghost which has no specific name but I just labeled it as ‘big head ghost’. I have seen this ghost hovering around areas surrounding the famous Penang ghost house in Relau when I was staying in one of the high-rise flats for around 10 years or so. A few years back a Hong Kong paranormal show was said to have paid the ghost house a visit and it was believed that they also captured some pictures of a pair of ‘red eyes’. But they failed to capture the whole body of the ‘creature’.


At that time, I like to walk around the surrounding area which is now the Metropolitan Park at night around 9pm to 10pm about two or three times weekly. There were and still are many tall trees there and the park is also adjacent to a private durian plantation. The entity I meant can be at times seen hovering between trees and its sign is very obvious: a pair of big red eyes! Only when the moon is full, on rare occasions this creature can be seen in its full shape… If I am to describe it, it has a head the size of a barrel, with a pair of big red eyes; and its body is extremely slim and tall.


There was once during one of the night walk that I saw a pair of red eyes in between the silhouettes of trees. So I recited the Asma Nakaban: Inna Quwattih Nakaban Natah Kitaban Natah and blow a breathe towards the eyes; it threw a thorny durian towards me but the durian missed me and fell just a few feet short of me making a ‘thumb’ noise!


Perhaps this ‘big head ghost’ is not territorial as another security guard known as Chong said he saw a pair of bright red eyes when he passed through a cemetery area near Tanjung Bungah one midnight after attending to a friend’s funeral. At first, he saw it was just a pair of red eyes hiding in the bush from a far. Chong thought it was a cat. But when he was closing the eyes suddenly ascended to 10 feet’s height and with the aid of moonlight, Chong could confirm that it was a creature he never seen: it had a super big head with a pair of very big eyes, interesting enough; the creature’s body is super thin.


On seeing the horrible creature, Chong just stood there dumbfounded; and two pair of eyes exchanged staring for a while until the big head ghost’s mouth cracked opened and gave a sinister smile at Chong. Suddenly Chong regain the instinct that he should run for his life… so he did! He ran as fast as the God permitted then; and perhaps the creature wasn’t interested in having Chong for supper, it never gave chase. After the horrific incident, Chong said he was sick for a full month!


I have heard some stories of big head ghost sightings in Hong Kong too but I have not any time to investigate. Perhaps when you walk into a forest in the evening next time, just raise your head and look between the trees; maybe you will see a pair of big red eyes staring at you too.

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