Friday, October 3, 2014

This Person Thinks She Has A Problem

I receive many similar mails daily on a ‘problem’ that is ‘not’ really black magic workings. So I just cut and paste one for you to decide…


“My story is long, but I'll try to keep it short as possible. Currently and for a very long time, I have been seeing repetitive numbers (211, 611) that have been showing up everywhere I went, such as the time on my phone, license plates, receipts, etc. These numbers have been causing a lot of chaos in my life, and while trying to seek for help to have people to remove it, my problems had gotten worse over the years. The so called people that I came to for help end up cursing me even more, which have caused me to see a different sets of numbers (222, 333, 444, 666, 777, 888, 999). Other symptoms are of my mouth twisting on a daily basis like the movie "the exorcist", throat and mouth is half way shut which makes it hard for me to breathe, I feel heat in my ears, foot and sometimes in the face, sometimes stinging sensation in my body like needles poking, and stomach bloats and gets hard like a pregnant woman. I feel sleepy all the time with low energy, and my spirit or soul feels like it is not here on this planet earth. Basically I feel like this is hell I am living in. I have been seeing a lot of dead animals last month and it is a scary thing. I don't know where to get help, and my plan is to go out of country to seek for it. However, I am waiting and holding on to my hope that this couple will be looking into my case in late Nov. and see if they can help here in the US. Please let me know if there are any options for me to rid of these problems. Thank you!”


I would strongly encourage whoever facing with this problem to ‘consult a doctor’ first; if it IS indeed a genuine case. But this looks like a health problem or a prank call than a real black curse victim. Black magic doesn’t work in that way… a prankster or a vivid imagination does. I will let you have a real case study in case you also receive this type of mails.


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