Thursday, October 16, 2014

Strange Encounters In Austria

About 8 years ago, I was assigned to participate in a technology transfer project in Europe. At that time I was required to travel between Regensburg, Germany and Villach in Austria monthly for about 6 months or so. So, the company arranged me to stay in a hotel when I was in Villach and vice versa when I was again in Regensburg.


I like both of the places especially the Villach with beautiful and clean drinking water quality streams flowing down from the Alps. There is one particular thing that kept bringing my memory back about the hotel that I was staying in. The hotel is in the middle of a cornfield, about 10km from Villach town and I think it is haunted by the spirit of a little girl. As I heard that the daughter of the hotel owner died at a very young age and there is a small shrine setup to commemorate her young soul.


I was staying in the Villach hotel together with a few colleagues and at times we went out together after work. Since we almost had the whole floor to ourselves, we seldom lock our doors. On one occasion when the whole gang was about to go out for bar hopping, Alice was still nowhere to be found. So, I hurried to Alice’s room to check her out.


When I was in front of Alice’s door, I gave a few knocks and called her name. The door suddenly opened jarred just enough to let me looked into the pitched black room. At this point, I thought I saw the silhouette of Alice moving fairly quickly across the room; at least I thought the figure looked like Alice. Well, to tell you the truth; I didn’t really dare to peep inside Alice’s room in the fear of she may be just changing her clothes. And after a while, I gave out another yell: “Hey, Alice! You don’t want to stop the world from turning would you? The whole world is waiting for you…”


Just before I finished my words, Alice’s voice echoed at my back: “Hold your houses! I was just doing my laundry…”


Now the question came into my mind: If Alice was at the laundry room, who did open the door? And if the silhouette is not Alice, then who or what was it?


There is another occasion; I was sleeping in my room and the IT guy, Mr. Tan actually ‘saw’ me walking into the kitchen and ignored his greetings… I was in a dark until he gave me some cynical remarks in the morning. Hmm… I still have no answer as who was the other Mr. Liew that Mr. Tan saw… Perhaps it was the spirit of the little girl that played a prank on both of us?



  1. Dear Mr. Liew !

    Yes, we have indeed some "scary/hunted" places here in Austria too.

    One very famous place is this one:

    It's "Schloss Moosham (Mosham Castle)". A quite scary place, especially if you know a bit of the history of the castle.

    But i hope that you enjoyed your stay uor beautiful country !

    Thank you very much for your precious time !

    Michael B.

    1. Dear Michael,

      Thank you for the additional information! I hope I will have another opportunity to visit Austria again. My friends jokingly said that one can even grow fat by breathing the fresh Alpine air alone ;-)


    2. Dear Mr. Liew !

      LOL...Yes, your freinds are 100 % right ! The Alpine Air and the (Austrian Cuisine too) are not really made for "loosing weight"...they are made for "enjoyment purposes" !

      Thank you very much for your precious time !

      Michael B.