Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dummy's Guide In Detecting Haunted House

There are indeed many means to detect if a house has invisible occupants without resort to sixth senses sort of things. In olden days, a person can use a compass to see if a house is haunted; if a compass needle swings vigorously, then chances are spirits are present in the house. But this trick seldom works now days as modern household will have many electronic gadgets that produce electromagnetic fields; if not, then power cables that run underground will affect the compass readings too.


Of course, the so-called modern ghost hunters use electromagnetic detectors, infrared sensors and thermometers to detect the presence of spirits in the vicinity. But for an ordinary potential house buyer like you and me, it is perhaps not so polite to carry out a full fledge investigations with those ghost hunter gadgets; especially if we need to survey a few houses in a row.


Have no fear; there is a very simple method for potential house buyers to see if a house is haunted. The method is simple but requires some practise:


You must do the below before you go into a house for the first time; first stand in front of the main door. Then take a deep breath and hold your breath. You should now open the door slowly and while doing so, have your eyes half closed and take a step into the door brim. At this point your position should be one leg in the house and the other leg out.


Now, slowly scan the house and if the house indeed has ‘something’ in side, then you should be able to see white shadows, black shadows or green shadows moving across your vision. You should keep what you see to yourself only for if you speak out loud, whatever there is in the house shall follow you home.


Only if you dare, then walk into the house and you should feel that the house though big and empty; you shall feel a sense of pressure in such an empty house. It is also likely that there is a strong foul smell, a sense of coldness or hot or even a gust of wind out from nowhere.


If you sense that there is a presence, then leave the place quickly and don’t return home straight. Instead, please stop over to a restaurant for a drink; or go to a shopping mall for window shopping. You don’t need to buy anything; the idea is just to lose the entities that may follow you from the haunted house.


It is best to take a bath or at least wash your hands and feet, and then fumigate yourself and your house before doing other business. These additional steps will clean off residual energies that may attach to your body, or else injuries by falling or accidents may occur at some later time. So, beware.

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