Monday, August 12, 2013

A True Feng Shui Case

Many modern scientific minded people scorned at the practice of Feng Shui. According to these people, Feng Shui is just a product of ignorance. Well, perhaps the Feng Shui masters that they have encountered were indeed ignorant. Let me assure you that there are indeed some foundations in the theory of Feng Shui. I supposed it is best to illustrate this by a real life example:


Richard was a manager in a multinational manufacturing company; he also owned a fish farm mainly for the overseas market. About a year ago, Richard’s grandmother passed away at the age of 96. Strange thing happened to the granny while she was laid in a funeral parlor for visitors to pay her last respect. Richard found that blood seeped from granny’s nose and mouth; he thought it was because of the weather. After some complaints to the operator, Richard soon forgot about it.


One month after his granny’s funeral, Richard’s uncle and father were diagnosed with pancreas cancer. In order to dilute their sadness due to a chain of unfortunate incidents; Richard’s nephew had a flash marriage in the hope to dilute the sadness. However unfortunate incidents continued on Richard’s side.


Richard’s father succumbed to cancer fairly recently, i.e. about one year after the granny’s funeral. Richard had a slipped disc and he could hardly bend his body, added to that all of fishes in Richard’s fish farm died overnight. Oh, including to Richard’s beloved dog too.


As Richard is a non believer in Feng Shui, his wife, Nancy contacted me through one of my friends, Mr. Tan. Nancy wanted to know if the chain of misfortunate incidents were caused by Feng Shui. So, I have to do a charity work this time free of charge as I was intrigued by what this unfortunate family has gone through.


After obtaining Nancy’s permission, I visited their grandparent’s grave and their houses and I did the below observations:


The Yin Feng Shui:


·         The grave of Richard’s grandpa cracked due to the roots of an adjacent mango tree nearby. Added to that, the soil in front of the grave also sunk due to erosion.

·         A red and a white flower plant were found to have grown on the grave. This has caused ‘white’ affairs as in funerals and ‘red’ affair as in marriage.

·         Development work at the hill situated at the back of the grave leaving uneven slope surfaces and odd shape boulders. As we know, rocks bring ‘sha’.


The Yang Feng Shui:


·         A tall electric pole is located at the ‘sha’ side of Richard’s bungalow.

·         The bungalow is facing the ‘5 ghosts shadow’ (五鬼蔭) direction.


I suggested some remedies, but as Richard is a non believer, there was nothing I could do. After all, it wasn’t my funeral to cry at.

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