Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fate Of A Leader, Fate Of A Nation

Many people asked me this same question:


“Can a person curse the leader of a country?”


My answer is simply: “No! Not in a million years!”


My reason is pretty simple:


A leader is supported by millions of supporters; it is by this reason that he can lead a country. His or her fate then affects the fate of a nation; no magic in this world today can curse a nation including all of the population in the country. That is to say, to curse a leader of country A, then each and every of the people stays in country A should be cursed.


A very good example told by my guru rinpoche is that during the “liberation of Tibet” during 1950-1951 by People’s Republic of China; eight lamas performed fire offering rituals together in the hope to subdue the Chinese leader of that time but right after the ritual, all of the lamas vomited blood and the Chinese leader remained well and healthy.


However powerful Tibetan fire rituals are, these rituals are powerless against around 1.3 billion people.


Another related question asked is:


“Can I curse my boss?”


The answer is simply: “Yes and no”


The “yes” refers to if you are cursing your boss after your resignation as an unrelated individual. But then, the magic will not work unless your boss has wronged you as an outsider.


The “no” refers to if you are still working under your boss and he has 30 subordinates, then you will have to curse all of the 30 subordinates including you. A more realistic way is just to punch your boss in his or her face; any other physical way will be more direct.


Otherwise… just dream on J!


  1. I think u can still curse a leader of a certain country. Think of the former Soviet Union or presidents in Egypt and Iraq. All the leaders have been cursed or cast a bad spell. It might take a while before the effects are real. I myself have been cursed by a previous tenant before. I have been trying to undo the spell. Feel free to comment about how i feel after being cursed.

    1. Hmm... care to share your experience of being cursed.. This will make good reading material for the visitors :)))