Friday, August 2, 2013

Curse Of The Tree Spirit (樹精)

A very noticeable difference between the eastern and western culture is: eastern folks tend to cut down any trees that they think will bring bad lucks. This can be a pain in the eyes of the western world as the western folks are normally nature lovers; with more trees around to absorb carbon dioxide, the better it is to reduce the global warming effects.


The below is a true happening that was told to me by Ms Lim, the mother of two wealthy brothers whom I will just identify them as John and Richard. Both of them were engaging in hand globes industries a few years ago:


The story has it that there was a huge banyan tree at the right corner of the late Mr. Lim’s grave. After consulting some Feng Shui master, they decided to have the banyan tree chopped down for good.


Soon after the tree was down, the workers burnt it into ashes. A few days after that, John and Richard both have a similar dream. In the dream, an old man came to them weeping. At first he demanded reasons for the tree to be chopped down, but soon the demand turned into cursing and swearing. Naturally, both of the brothers shrugged and brushed the dream aside as just another dream.


Three months later, both John and Richard were diagnosed suffering from lever cancer at the same time. Upon one year’s lapse, only John survived the ordeal. Now, the question remains as to why John survived and Richard didn’t? This leads to another story:


Ms Lim recalled that she visited the Putuo Hill of the South Sea (南海普陀山) to pray to goddess of mercy, Guan Yin for the well being of her sons. Due to Ms Lim is quite an influential person; the caretaker of the main shrine allowed Ms Lim to pray alone and hence blocking all other worshipper from entering the main hall.


As Ms Lim was praying, an old lady outside the main hall wanted to come in to pray as well but the old lady was blocked by the caretaker. On hearing the commotion, Ms Lim thought that she has no right to stop others from praying to Guan Yin as well, so she asked the caretaker to let the old lady in. So, the old lady was very happy.


After the prayer, the old lady gave Ms Lim two limes as a sign of gratitude. Ms Lim later brought the limes back to John and Richard. Perhaps it is destined, only John consumed the lime as he is a believer. Richard didn’t want to eat as he was not a believer of Guan Yin.


I supposed it is true as the saying goes: the God will help those who help themselves. However merciful Guan Yin is, she cannot help the one who is not willing to be helped.


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