Friday, August 23, 2013

Dependence Arising (緣起)

This is the beginning and an end of Magic SEA postings. Though there are more magic rituals untouched, 700 odd postings already cover most of the available spells and rituals available in the Southeast Asia.


Someone dropped me a note asking if I would ever get tired of magic; and I think I am really got tired of the ordinary magic that you can find in the intranet. It is time for me to move on to the ‘next level’ of study and to explore further into the Indochinese herbal practices.


Let’s go through various systems at a glance:


The hill tribes of the Indochina such as Yao and Hmong are still practicing a mixture of Taoist ritual and keeping Phi Phop. There are many types of Phi Phops: The snake, the golden silkworm, the catfish, the scorpion, toad, banana, ginger etc.


The Vietnamese magic is influenced mostly by the Mahayana Buddhism, Taoism and to some extend the Cambodian and Thai magic.  A notable magic is the practice of ‘Ngai’ plant. An Ngai plant is normally from ginger or lily family; but other plant types also possible as I was told. It is said that a person only needs to eat some portion of the Ngai root so that he or she can gain supernatural strength. This practice is especially popular amongst the boxers.


Cambodian, Thai and Laos’s magic need not further introductions. Basically these magical systems are influenced by Brahmism, Buddhism and local animism. Typical of these systems are Kumanthong, Lokok (real human fetus), Leklai and the Nam Man Prai corpse oil.


Malaysian magical practices are only prevails in the Chinese and Indian societies these days. The old local Malay magic practices such as Hantu Raya and Santau are almost driven to extinction. But I was told that one can still find traces of the black magician in parts of Peninsular.


The belief of weretiger is still very prevalent in Sumatera and Malaysia. The Asma Sungei Rajah with many variants are typical Javanese magic; simple but powerful. Of course no one can forget Deva Yakong and Leak from Bali.


The rest of the place such as Iban and Filipino magic are powerful in their own rights. I will let you explore one by one in this blog or just google around for more information


So, you have it folks; magic of SEA unleashed in front of you one by one. Now it’s time of Magic SEA to go hibernation.


I will not check on the comment box, so drop me a note if you have queries. My responds would be slow as I would be in the field most of the time.