Sunday, August 4, 2013

An Kara OK Incident

Ms Fong is my Taiwanese friend. She is a frequent Kara OK visitor and she likes to spend her time with a group of her friends in Kara OK lounge during her free time at time until late into the night; or pretty early in the morning.


She told me her own very strange experience:


This was one such time again that my gang and I decided to book our private Kara OK room in a well known Kara OK longue in Taipei. We started at 8pm but we sang as many songs as we could and soon it was 1am and we decided to pick a final song of the day ‘say love you’ (說愛你) by Jolin Tsai (蔡依琳).


So I picked up the microphone and start singing until I came to a lyric “… you didn’t see me, for I was hiding in the corner… (…你沒發現我,躲在角落…)”


Somehow I thought the player must be jammed so that the lyric “you didn’t see me, for I was hiding in the corner” kept repeating nonstop until I was agitated and decided to call in the waiter to troubleshoot.


According to the waiter, this was not the first complaint he received in one month’s time. It was strange enough, only this specific song ‘say love you’ and at this particular lyric that the machine started to repeat itself.


Later as we were walking out of the Kara OK, the waiter told us that there was a murder case happened in the same room that we were using a few hours ago. The case was about a jealous man murdered his girlfriend and tugged her body under a cushion compartment used to store things. The poor girl’s body was only discovered a few days later by a cleaner after customers had complaint about foul smell.


People believed that it was the working of this girl’s spirit to remind visitors that she was hiding in the corner and hence repeating the lyric “you didn’t see me, for I was hiding in the corner…”


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