Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Curse Of Blood Lily

The seemingly innocent blood lily
Blood Lily is also known as ‘Malai Ngai’ in Vietnamese occult circles. This spirit is believed to be at par with the Chinese banana spirit (香蕉精), Thai Phi Phop and the Malay ‘Penangalan’. Below is a real case but due to the nature of such black magic, the names are intentionally replaced.


I got to know the late Aunt Ann when I visited an old folk’s home to distribute some donations. The charity organization that I attached to used to give out donations a few rounds throughout the year. I am not financially sound, so I can only donate my labor and time.


After a few rounds of visits to the old folk’s home, I got pretty much acquainted with Aunt Ann. So we started to chat at first casually and then more towards our personal affairs. One day, Aunt Ann pulled me aside and made a very strange request:  she wanted to seek revenge on her unfilial sons as they have abandoned her at an old folk’s home.


It transpires that Aunt Ann was quite a successful businesswoman and owns a small family business. But upon her 70th birthday, her sons sweet talked her to transfer all her properties to them. They promised Aunt Ann that she can sit tight in her chair and enjoy her life; but things didn’t go as expected. As soon as Aunt Ann has transferred everything to her sons, their attitude towards Aunt Ann changed from warm to lukewarm and then to cold. Finally, they decided that Aunt Ann was a burden and decided to drop her off in this current old folk’s home. According to Aunt Ann, her sons didn’t even pay for the bills to the old folk’s home!


At first I disliked Aunt Ann’s request but since she was sick and her days were numbered; I had to oblige in the hope Aunt Ann can go in peace. The news of Aunt Ann’s death soon reached me from the administration, so I arranged for a simple funeral services and her body was cremated. It was quite sad that only one of the volunteer and me paid last respect to Aunt Ann.


Now to carry out Aunt Ann’s final wish, I got myself a pot of blood lily then I went into a deep forest where no one will be around with Aunt Ann’s ashes. After choosing an extremely bad Feng Shui location, I dug a hole in the ground and pour Aunt Ann’s ashes into the hole and then plant the blood lily on top of the cremation ashes. After that I poured some chicken blood as fertilizer and murmured some incantations and left the place in haste as it was about to rain.


About 7 weeks later, Ann’s elder son’s stomach bulged mysteriously with excruciating pain; her second son was involved with an accident and was crippled for the rest of his life while the third son was found dead with drug overdose. Needless to say, their business was ruined as well due to improper management.  


That was about all I know about the consequences of the curse of blood lily. I hope Aunt Ann can rest in peace now that she has her revenge. Oh, unless Aunt Ann’s sons can find whereabouts of the blood lily within 100 days’ time, then death is almost imminent.


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