Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dogs Vs Ghosts (狗與鬼)

I am a dog lover; almost everyone who is closed to me knows this.


It is a pity that I couldn’t keep any dogs as I am now staying in an apartment added to that these days I travel frequently and has got no time to take care of my fluffy buddies. I did kept dogs when I was staying in Kuala Kangsar some dog gone years ago.


I used to have two dogs: one German shepherd and a Chiwawa dog. Both of the dogs were given to me by my aunt before she moved to New Zealand. At times I did wonder why was it that my Chiwawa dropped its tail and ears suddenly and then hurriedly ran off from a corner of my house while whining until one afternoon…


There goes again for the Chiwawa whining and running out from my bedroom. I thought it was bullied by the German shepherd but on second look, I saw a shadowy figure pursuing the poor Chiwawa. To tell you honestly, it was just the shadow of upper half of a man without the lower half! My impression was that the shadow moved very swiftly and my Chiwawa was almost breathless trying to escape the pursuer.


There were nothing that I could do (at that time) while I did understand that it was a playful spirits making fun of the poor little Chiwawa. My only concern then was that the Chiwawa may kick its bucket if I let the chase continue. So I immediately call the German shepherd into the house as it is known of its boldness.


Well, as I have expected that the German shepherd didn’t disappoint me. It barked fierce fully at the shadow and then chased after the shadow. Seemed that the shadowy friend didn’t dare to confront my German shepherd and started to scramble. Within seconds the shadow was no way to be sighted.


After the incident, I tried to keep the German shepherd and the Chiwawa together for protection. It seems to me that the dogs and ghosts are alike: some are bold, some are timid, some are playful and etc.


Oh, another reason I don’t keep dogs now a days is that the life span of a dog is too short. Once I got a year old puppy and it took me about 2 years to train it. And after 3 years or so, the dog is considered old. Normally I can only keep a dog for 7 or 8 years and it would say ‘sayonara’ to me. It is pretty sad to see a good dog go as I just can’t forget the memories of staying with them.


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