Thursday, August 22, 2013

Too Serious About Magic: A Disclaimer

Magical and spiritual issues are fun to read and talk about over tea time or supper. The aim of this blog is for people sharing the same interest to read and forget about them. So, it is my hope that if you happened to stumbled into this blog; you should forget about the blog contents when you leave this blog.


It is best for the blog visitors not to copy the blog content as many of the materials are untested and for entertainment purpose only. The question of a wrong spell or incantation does not exist as magic rituals are 90% of the time unworkable. If magic works 100% of the time, the world we live in will not be as it is now.


I reiterate that it is not the practice of this blog to give credit to any other sources obtained for uniformity: for many sources cannot and should not be exposed though many more are from the intranet. I am not taking credit for myself nor do I make any money out of these materials. My only credit is my effort in compiling the materials; bearing in mind that my original purpose of blog posting is for my own use. So you are welcome if you stumble in, but please stamp the word ‘underground’ in mind once you are in. Kindly proceed if you agree with the disclaimer printed on top.


As I have stated many times, I am curious about magic but I am not at all crazy about them. Please don’t drop me mails with the intention to sell me products: cosmetic, chemical, health or any unnamed ones. Most importantly, I am not financially well to carry out any of the business proposals. So save your efforts.


Though my blog materials are free, the physical items and services are not free. Likewise, No one can come to my house and wanted my wife for free right? Well, luckily I am still single before you ask.


I don’t like to set rules; but I reserve the rights to ‘delete’ comments that I think irrelevant to the topics. Please don’t feel offended and say I am arrogant. You are welcome to contribute and your work will be duly accredited. Well friends, you have your rules, and I have mine; so be it.