Monday, August 5, 2013

Face To Face With Spirits: A Feng Shui Perspective

Do you believe it or not? Spiritual problems can be detected by proper Feng Shui audits onto a particular tomb or a house. In Feng Shui terms: the Ying Feng Shui and the Yang Feng Shui.


Yang Feng Shui


·         The house direction fall onto emptiness lines. These emptiness lines neither fall into Ying or Yang; so they are not governed by the heaven and earth. This is to say that houses that fall onto such lines are the congregation area of spirits.

·         The ‘sha’ () locations are blocked by trees, electric poles, chimney, shrine or cemetery.

·         The house is so situated that it receives no natural sun light: it is either blocked by taller buildings in the surrounding, mountain or trees.

·         The house is built on formerly cemetery, animal slaughter house or killing field.

·         A tree top is at the same level as the window.

·         The heavenly, earthly and human star congregated at one dark area in a house.


Ying Feng Shui


·         The tomb sitting onto emptiness lines. The reason is the same as the Yang Feng Shui.

·         The ‘sha’ locations are blocked by tall structures such as trees.

·         The tomb is submerged in water or extremely damp.

·         The tomb is located on a mummified land.

·         The tomb is exposed to ‘wind sha’.


Both of the Ying and Yang Feng Shui dislike tall structures such as trees, poles, inauspicious rivers or road conditions, locations of tomb and house with respect to the slope or hill. The theory has it that: if only one direction is inauspicious, then the owner will be under medication. And if two directions are inauspicious, then spirits will give problems. However if more than three directions are inauspicious, then the person will be crazy soon. This is especially true with the presence of trees in the vicinity. But if a road or river is present on the ‘sha’ location, then the person will suffer from light mental illness.


Do carry out the audit yourself and share with others if the above theory holds true.


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