Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Have Taken My Seat

Jason and Elsie is a new couple acquainted through their colleagues at work. They like to spend times together to build their relationships. The couple likes to watch movies but they preferred to watch the movies in a well equipped cinema with good audio and visual effects; they particularly interested in watching midnight show.


There was one peculiar encounter that made Jason and Elsie switched to watch VCD at home instead. Well, it is not because of money I assure you. You know now-a-day, a young couple would spend any amount of money to enjoy sweet moments together.


Oh, before I forget; the incident happened during last 7th lunar month, or if you would like to call it ‘ghost month’. As usual it was a Friday night, Jason and Elsie decided to go dining, window shopping after work and then watch a midnight horror movie straight on. Having that in mind, Jason has done advance ticket booking online to make sure that he and Elsie will have two adjacent seats. You know, it is not easy to get joining seats during Friday nights.


So the couple’s plan went on well, they dined and shopped together until it was time to be seated for the movie. As usual they checked in, nothing funny there. As when the movie was about to start; a man came to Elsie and say, “You have taken my seat!”


But when Jason double checked the seat number, he told the man, “No. Our seat is correct. Please check your ticket.” Having said so, they ignored the man and switch their attention onto the screen.


The show went on and in the middle of the show; Jason noticed Elsie’s eyes were transfixed onto the screen. It wasn’t like the usual Elsie who is normally talkative and likes to scream upon horror scenes. And after a few minutes or so, Jason smelt as if the smell of urine. Jason thought it wasn’t that scary…


As Jason was trying to make sense of what was happening, Elsie whispered quietly to Jason, “Let’s get out from the cinema fast!” So Jason figured something was not right and the couple left their seats and leave.


When Jason and Elsie have left the cinema, he discovered that Elsie has urinated in her pants. Before Jason started the query; Elsie said in a hysterical voice, “the man was sitting on my laps and I was so scared that I pissed in my seat!”


Now it is again the lunar 7th month, the couple came to me for some protective amulets and blessings; that’s how I learnt about their ordeal.
Oh, I don't know who the man was; perhaps you have some ideas ;-) ??

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