Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seeing Ghosts: A Dangerous Game

As we are already stepping into the 7th month of Lunar Calendar, we are now officially entering the well known Ghost Month. Starting on the 1st day of the Ghost Month, the hell gates opened and there will be plenty of roadside offerings to the ghosts said to be released from the hell. This is a traditional practice for Chinese Buddhists and Taoists alike. You will definitely see feasts being offered to the spirits amongst the Chinese communities in Asia; or perhaps in the Western countries as well.


The game I am about to describe is extremely ‘rude’ towards the spirits, and if you want to try; please don’t try it on other people’s roadside offering or you may be assaulted by the ritual owners or being prosecuted. Best is that you yourself prepare a set of food offerings and what you do to them is your own business.


Now, let’s just say that you want to try the game; not that I want to encourage you. First, prepare some food offerings such as plain rice, tofu, bean sprouts, sweets and some rice wine. Not forgetting some of the joss papers, candles and incense. Oh, get yourself a bucket of water too. Then choose a quiet corner in the street where you will not be disturbed and arrange all of the items you have prepared beforehand on the ground.


After that, you just start to burn incense, candles and joss paper. Wait until the incense is burnt half way; pull out the incense and candles and then throw them onto the ground. Later over turn all of the food offerings and extinguish the burning joss paper with the pail of cold water. Say the following words:




(I want you all to be able to see, but cannot enjoy!)


Go straight back to your house.


I guarantee you that there will be many spirits follow you home. You may not be able to see them at once, but in a week or two…


But seriously, the ritual is for your reading pleasure only. I assure you that you are asking for trouble if you do try out and I don’t want to be responsible if you do try it and have 10 years of bad luck J! You are warned.

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