Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ghostly Maze (鬼打墻 )

Old folks believe that a type of kid spirits known as “gods of dead” (亡神) can cause the unwary to be lost in an area such as a forest, an abandoned building or in the outer skirts of a village. This type of spirits will not kill, but their pranks can cause the person to lost his or her ways and hence fall from a height or starved to death.


It is said that the gods of dead are headless, when they have charmed their victims; the victims will be hypnotized in such a way that these victims will follow whatever instructed by the spirits. Some of the things the mischievous spirits will do to the victim are: consume animal dunks, eat mud or drink muddy water. In time, the victims if not rescued; they may be tortured to death without regain consciousness.


Below is May’s personal experience:


The Story of May


May is a freelance property evaluator stationed in Georgetown, Penang. She is often required to travel frequently on short notices to various parts of Malaysia as requested by her customers to evaluate properties.


One morning, May received an urgent request to evaluate an old property in Papan, a small town in Central Perak. May agreed and she thought that it was only 2.5 hours drive from Penang so she started the journey after lunch. She met with her requestor by a row of ruined shop houses beside the main road and was led to her destination by her host.


After arrived at the target building which is situated on a hill top, May’s host left May and leaving she alone in the building performing the photography and site works. As recalled by May, she didn’t like the feeling upon entering the building. It was an 180,000 square feet colonial style double story building. On entering the building May thought she saw smoke like substance gradually rose from the center of the living room floor.


May’s instinct told her that something was not right, so she pulled a big chair to prop against the main door to prevent it from slam shut hence locking May inside. After spending an hour or so, May thought her site investigation work was completed and need some supplement from the owner; so she headed for the main entrance.


You will not believed what May has experienced: She actually turned round and round going to and fro from downstairs to upstairs; from ground floor to first floor for about two hours but the exit was nowhere to be seen! May instinctively look at her watch and it was already 8pm and to her horror that there is no transmission signal on her hand phone. Though May was pretty jumpy but there was nothing she can do until she felt an urge to urinate. This feeling made May remembered what her old grandmother’s tips: pee when you’re in a ghostly maze!


As narrated by May, it was indeed not her choice but that wasn’t anything she can do; so pee she was in the center of the living room. It was indeed amazing that once May has done so, she immediately saw a ball of light floating about 8 feet in front of her. So May followed the light ball until it went out of the house.


By the time May got back to Penang, it was way past midnight. She pulled over to my place and awakened me from my slumber to tell me her story and asked me for a cleansing ritual.

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