Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Secret Of 7th Floor

The local urban legend has it that, some casino and hotel owners would set aside a room or a whole floor for the ‘good brothers’ to stay in the hope to get the help and favor form them; hence to improve their business…


An artist friend of mine whom wanted to remain anonymous told me her personal scary ordeal from Genting Highlands. For convenience, let’s just call her Jenny.


Jenny had an invitation to perform in one of the hotels in Genting Highlands, as with any other show appointments; she brought her manager along to take care of her busy schedules.


On arrival to the hotel and upon checked in; her host told her room would be Room 1404. It is on the 14th floor. Jenny was also told that under no circumstances she was to wonder about the 7th floor. Jenny recalled that after hearing the warning, her curiosity rose and she tempted to press the lift button on the 7th floor while going up to her room on the 14th floor.


True enough that the lift door opened on the 7th floor, but Jenny only found the lift door opened onto a brick wall. That is to say that the 7th floor is sealed for public. No big deals Jenny thought and continued with her own business and prepare for that night’s performance.


Jenny’s performance went pretty well and the show finished right after 12 midnight. She staggered her tired body to the lift lobby and pressed for the 14th floor to go back to her room for changing. The lift somehow stopped on the 7th floor and when the lift door opened to a lift lobby and without much hesitation, Jenny stepped out from the lift thinking that the lift has brought her to the 14th floor.


After stepped out from the lift, Jenny started to trace the room number: 701, 702, 703… only after that Jenny realized that she has mistakenly gone onto the 7th floor. So, she tried to go back to the lift lobby to wait for the lift.


It was strange that there was no indicator light at the lift button. No matter how many times Jenny pressed the button; no lift responded to the call. It must have been ages as told by Jenny and she was almost panicked because she knew she was in a no man’s land or even 4th dimension of some kind.


Although Jenny was a free thinker, under such circumstances she has no choice but to kneel down in front of the lift door and start praying: “Oh Buddha, oh God, oh Datuk; I am only here to perform and will leave the next morning… Please forgive me if I have offended you…”


It must be sometime after Jenny’s prayer, the lift door suddenly opened and Jenny immediately crawled into the lift and go back to the 14th floor; only to find her manager was strolling in front of Jenny’s room restlessly after found Jenny was missing for about two hours!


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