Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Smile Of Langsuir

A langsuir is a female vampire exists in Malay folklore; I think it is somewhat resembling the Banshee in Irish mythology. Langsuir is believed to have the habit of sitting on a tall tree branch in the dark of the night, and in particular, during a full moon night staring at the moon. When a passerby noticed a langsuir sitting on the tree staring at the moon, he or she should walk silently so as not to disturb langsuir. Normally, langsuir will leave the person alone and continue to look into the moon. I supposed it wants to absorb moon energy same as with all other mythical creatures such as foxes.


Having said so, there are times that a langsuir may pay particular attention to a person and decided to lower its head, smile at him or her and if you are the lucky one; then please do so and return the ‘smile’ ... Hahaha.. It is believed that if the langsuir decided to ‘like’ that person; then this person may be having 10 years of bad luck!


It is not usual for city folks like you and me to pass under a tall tree in the middle of the night, but certain people such as a forest ranger, a villager living near a forest or a plantation owner will have more chances of coming across this creature. Below is a story concerning the ‘smile’ of a langsuir:


Story from a hospital attendant


Ahmed is a retired hospital attendant in Hospital in Kuala Kangsar, the royal town of Perak. His story happened about 30 years ago and back then, the hospital was surrounded by some fairly tall trees; especially towards the morgue.


This was one of Ahmed’s many night duties. As usual he went his round at 9pm checking if all the patients were rested in their respective beds. It is one of his many responsibilities to make sure that no patient sneaked out in the dark of the night for no reasons.


After getting out from Ward A, Ahmed routinely walked towards the morgue and went pass by a tualang tree to meet his chat pal, Ali. It was a full moon night; the moon was just right on top of the tree top. The silhouette of main tree branches can be clearly seen under the moon light.


According to Ahmed, he wasn’t interested in the tualang tree; but when he lifted his head to look at the moon, he saw the shadow of a lady in white with long hair sitting on the tree branch staring at the moon. He thought the lady was one of the hospital patients; so he gave out a cautionary shout: “Hey! What are you doing up there?”


The lady in white ignored Ahmed’s charge and continued to look at the moon. It was not until Ahmed has walked right under the figure that she lowered her head and smiled at Ahmed. Ahmed’s face immediately turned pale and shouted: “God is the almighty!!” and then passed out cold.


Luckily Ali heard the commotion and quickly ran towards Ahmed’s rescue. When Ahmed was revived later in the hospital, he recalled that the creature’s smile was cold and penetrating straight into his heart. It wasn’t like a smile face at all; the smile was more akin towards the most sinister crying face he has ever seen.


Ali was able to patch up the story: Apparently a lady shaman has died a few hours ago waiting to be collected by the deceased’s next of kin. Although the shaman was pronounced dead, groaning and moaning still came out from the decease’s mouth continuously. It is believed that the langsuir was the shaman’s familiar spirit and waiting to be fed by its master.


A few days later, Ahmed involved in an automobile accident and was bed ridden for 6 months or so. And even after 30 years that his legs weren’t able to walk properly.


What can I say, but be careful of ‘the smile of a langsuir”. Perhaps it will perch on one of the tall electric light pole outside of your house ‘smiling’ at you when you lift up your face. Just joking…


Want to know more about langsuir? Check out the below link:




  1. What will happen if it smile at you but you're not looking at her? Will you also get bad luck if you're not looking at her? What if you let her see her own reflection on the mirror?

    1. If you don't see her, then you're safe as the curse of langsuir will not work.

      If the langsuir sees her own reflection on the mirror, then she will have 10 years' bad luck.


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