Thursday, June 9, 2016

Duality Of Our Human Nature (人的双面性)

Thanks to MagicSEA that many people come to me… only when they have problems. They would not come to me just for social visits nor for a cup of tea. This is the time I could see the ‘spiritual’ side of these folks. No one comes to me when their businesses are good because when these folks are earning big money, they fall into their secular façade. One wise scholar once said:

(The Chinese are followers of Confucianism when they are exorbitant,
They are followers of Taoism when they are low in morale.)

Confucius taught us to work hard, take care of our family and obey our rulers. Those are all mundane issues; nothing too spiritual. So, when Chinese are in good mood; they would be worldly people.

On the other hand, when Chinese are low in esteem and everything else went wrong, they would hide under the blanket of religion; namely Taoism.

This is nothing new. Old Chinese scholars throughout old dynasties for thousands of years would hide themselves in villages or mountains to practise Taoism, but once the emperors summoned them; these scholars would be happy to serve the emperors.

There is another saying that goes:

(The poor goes for fortune telling while the rich prays in a temple.)

Normally a poor wanted to know when he/she can get rich and this person is nowhere spiritual or religious because his/her main concern is to fill the stomach. However, since a rich person already has what he/she wanted; perhaps he/she wanted more; a rich would go to a temple to ask the gods/goddesses for more fortune.

Of course, the above applies to people of any race and religions. People of major religions came to me asking for magic to attract money and women… Apparently, these folks are no religious folks although their names sound like they are.

Based on my observations, no one is 100% religious or worldly all of the time. Our characters shift between two extreme: religion/spiritual on one end, while worldly on the other. The major factors affecting these mood changes are many: social and financial status amongst some important factors...

If you understand the duality of your own mind, then there is no need to contact me.

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