Sunday, June 19, 2016

When East Meets West (东方人遇西方鬼)

Now days people in the east can migrate to the west and likewise. This has caused many cultural shock problems physically and also spiritually.

I have a Hong Kong college mate, Jane who has migrated to Vancouver, Canada some 10 years ago. Just recently she dropped me a mail after visiting my MagicSEA blog to share her true ghost encounter:

Jane has bought a double story house near seaside just outskirt of Vancouver city. Many Hong Kong Chinese like to migrate to Canada and USA because they can buy big houses with affordable prices.

So Jane got her dream house with a car garage at the side. This is her dream house that Jane would otherwise couldn’t afford to buy in Hong Kong.

All went well for the first month after Jane settled in the house. After a while, she found something peculiar about her dream house…

At first Jane could some footstep noise as if someone was strolling to and fro in front of her bedroom. She sworn that she was not dreaming because her bedroom is on the second floor and the floor was constructed by wooden planks. If anyone would walk on the wooden corridor at night, then the cracking noise of planks under certain weight obviously could not be mistaken.

At the beginning it was just the footstep noise outside the corridor, but gradually someone or ‘something’ started to knock on Jane’s bedroom door… to be exact, something was actually start knocking on each of the room door in the house; not just Jane’s alone.

Jane thought that the 5 room house was indeed too big for her, so she asked her mother to fly over to accompany her.

Just as before, the first few weeks after the arrival of her mother, the strange knocking and footsteps stopped. But before Jane could celebrate, the knocking incidents occurred again…

Only now the haunting seemed to intensify. At night, Jane could now feel a presence in her bedroom after the knocking on her door. It is always the footsteps, the door knocking and then a foul odour that resembles stinky salted fish or sweaty socks. Slowly Jane said that she feels a presence moving around her bed until one night, she felt a cold breeze blew into her bed and she was frozen solid. Jane struggled but she could only roll her eyeballs. Gradually Jane fell into slumber after some struggle and only to wake up in the morning.

Such incident has become a routine until Jane said that she just ignored the presence in the house. Though Jane kept her secret, her mom found there were something wrong with her daughter and she finally managed to invite a Taoist from Hong Kong to perform exorcism.

An exorcism ritual was carried out by the Taoist, but after some communications, the Taoist said that he couldn’t exorcise the spirit in the house because it was the previous owner of the house. According to some unwritten law, whoever comes first; is the owner of the house. So the Taoist could only chase the spirit out to the garage and let it stay put in the garage.

Unfortunately speaking, Jane’s peaceful days only lasted for one month as the spirit returned to the house again.

A second Taoist was summoned and again the spirit was bound in the garage… and again, the spirit broke the boundary after a month later…

I supposed by now Jane has grown accustomed to the spirit in the house. So I advised her to just let the spirit as it is for now until she really cannot stand it anymore. For I am sure Jane would move back to Hong Kong some point in time…

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