Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Ghosts Of Kampung 8 (第八村的鬼怪)

Villagers of Kampung 8 in Tengkera, Melaka are now haunted by apparitions of spirits since about 3 weeks ago.

It is reported by Harian Metro that people did come across with the apparitions of pontianak, pocong and also toyol.

There were various hauntings experienced by residents such as the sightings of pontianak flying near banana tree and naked kids believed to be toyols walking beside bushes in the evening.

A resident, Abdul Halim Abdullah, 39, said that the haunting of these spirits caused the villagers to think twice when venturing outside at night thus causing the village to be in dead silent.

“Before this, I can see kids playing even though it was around 6pm. However, now the parents demanded their kids to return early and shut their windows as early as 7pm in the fear of spiritual interferences.

“The presence of these spirits also caused the kids shy away from attending al-Quran study classes or tuitions at night.” Continued the resident when interviewed last night.

Added Abdul Halim that in the beginning of the appearances of pontianak and pocong, a few villagers claimed to have seen these spirits but the claims were dismissed by others as pranks done to scare local residents.

“Villagers are united to patrol at night with concentrated location involving the main entrance and exit of the village.”

“Since the patrolling, more and more villagers claimed to have seen these spirits to date. There were naked kids walking in the mid of the night. Such happenings are also become a norm.” Added the gentleman.

Abdul Halim elaborated further that an Indonesian worker claimed to have seen pocong entering the village and asked the villagers to call Islamic healers.

“A 63-year-old man was in trauma for nearly two weeks after claiming that spirits materialized as kids that slept beside his bed and in addition to that, a 52-year-old woman was startled by the shrieking of pontianak in her house.” He said.

Meanwhile, Abdul Halim’s mother-in-law said that last week pontianak disturbed her house when her youngest son returned from outside.

The incident happened at 3am and her son said he heard the sound of high power motorcycle but the sound just vanished for no apparent reasons.

“When my son entered into the house, he heard as if someone whispered at my bedroom window. Not long after that, my grandchild roamed aimlessly inside the house causing the whole household stayed awakened until morning,” she said.

According to Fatimah, in latest incident last night, her grandchild, Muhammad Wan Rafeeq Nur Haiqal Wan, 4, seen the creature in their neighbour’s yard.

“It was still early and Muhammad Wan Rafeeq suddenly bowed and said there are ‘momok’ (ghost) and we were quite worried by his action,” she said.

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