Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Revenge Of Loan Shark (大耳窿的报复)

A retired HK police officer told me about a bizarre case of the restless spirit of a loan shark who haunted his murderers until they were arrested and convicted. He wanted my opinion if it was indeed the spirit who sought revenge or it was merely the consciences of the murderers; or it was indeed the spirit who was behind the work… This case happened around 1996 and it is one of the murdered case that was convicted without physical evidence, i.e. the body of the loan shark was never recovered until today.

While this story is still fresh in my memory…

Somewhere in 1996, the sister of a loan shark visited a local police station to report a case of missing person. According to the lady, her brother; Mark has gone missing for months after a trip to mainland China. She suspected Mark has died because she dreamed of Mark’s spirit returned to her telling her to take care of their dad. In addition, the spirit also told his sister to look for a person named Mah.

The police officers certainly didn’t believe the lady but due to professionalism, they passed the bizarre case to CID nonetheless. A team was formed to look into the matter and investigators found Mark’s loan record in his bedroom. Interestingly speaking, amongst the list of borrowers; there was indeed a person named ‘Mah’. Mah was subsequently summoned to the police station for further investigation.

It was truly out of the CID’s expectation, Mah swiftly confessed of participated in the murdering of Mark, the loan shark. According to Mah, he together with other 3 pals murdered Mark because they couldn’t afford to repay their debts worth of around HKD300,000. It was out of their expectation that after the murder, Mark’s spirit haunted them almost every day. They saw the ghost in their drawers, bedroom, bathroom etc. until so much so that all of the four couldn’t sleep and subsequently lost their appetite. The gang tried to move to Macau to escape the haunt of restless ghost but Mark’s spirit continued its pursue until none of them dared to turn off the lights after dark. This condition continued until Mah was summoned for investigation…

Coincidentally, during the interrogation of Mah; his beeper beeped. It was Mah’s 3 other friends. So a trap was set and two of the three pals were successfully arrested during the first attempt leaving the last one at large for the time being. After a few days, the last person surrendered himself and he too confessed to the murder of Mark.

The problem now is that although the culprits were nabbed, but the body was never found. According to Mah’s statement, Mark’s body was chopped into a few pieces and thrown into land refilled area a month ago. Also according to the HK environmental team, Mark’s body was probably buried under hundreds of tons of trash if they were to exhume the remains. That would take a few hundreds of personnel to work 24x7 for 3 months or so; not to mention to waste millions of tax payers’ money… added to that it was virtually impossible to find Mark’s remains after all this time.

So the public prosecutor went on with the four’s testimonies and all of them were convicted; two were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Personally, I would like to think that it was the four persons’ consciences that caused them to physically ‘see’ Mark’s ghost. Perhaps the four have no intention to kill Mark and they felt awfully sorry for that mishap to have occurred. Should Mah and his pals just forget about the murder of Mark, then Mark’s apparition would not have materialize in front of the fellows. I would rather praise the police’s professionalism in tackling the case instead of attributing it to spiritual influences.

This is also a warning to all the loan sharks: perhaps you are bad enough to squeeze people’s hard earn money; people who owe your money can take your life too!

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