Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Meeting Japanese Fox Lady (日本狐女)

Japan to me, is still a mysterious place that yet to be explored…

Eric and I were on a business trip to Osaka from Penang airport where we met a very foxy Japanese lady who happened to return to Osaka coincidentally.

Since the lady needed some help in interpretation and that since we were on the same flight, we started to chat naturally.

That was a very attractive Japanese lady with a pair of soul catching eyes that reminded me of legendary Chinese fox spirits. Later this lady introduced herself as Yuko and she said she is a businesswoman involving in silks and related products.

Yuko kept silent for most part of the journey and I supposed she behaved just like a conservative Japanese lady: attractive yet keeps people at a distance.

Just before our plane landed in Tokyo airport, Yuko suddenly said to my pal, Eric:

“You need be very careful in coming month. There will be three car accidents waiting for you in due course…”

Eric certainly didn’t pay too much attention to the lady’s warning but he smiled politely and nodded his head.

Then Yuko said to me:

“You will get a nice Japanese lady and Japan welcomes you…”

Me too, nodded to Yuko with a smile but out of curiosity, I asked Yuko of how did she come out with such an information; but she just gave me a mysterious yet enchanting smile. Then Yuko said to both of us that when time comes; we shall know.

We parted at immigrations check points. I returned to Penang after done my business but Eric stayed on in Osaka to meet his wife, who is also a Japanese.

One month later, I received a long distance call from Eric and he told me that Yuko meant business as he had met with three car accidents in a role within one month’s time!

A week after Eric and I parted, he and his wife was riding in a small van heading towards the Mount Fuji. Suddenly a fox-like creature ran across the road in front of the van and the van skidded and hit a boulder. The van then made a triple summersaults and rested upside down. Luckily no one was seriously injured in that mishap.

After resting for two weeks, Eric thought of driving his wife’s car to a local supermarket to buy some rations. As Eric’s car approached a road junction and when he was turning his steering wheel towards right; the car steering wheel suddenly loosened and he could practically lift up the steering wheel. Consequently, the car rammed into a road divider…

Now Eric was a little scared of driving, so he called a cab to the airport but sadly speaking, the cab too involved in an accident on its way to the airport!

Interestingly speaking… the last incident happened on last day of the month.

Many years lapsed and I met this Japanese lady in quite an unexpected circumstance. Interesting too last night I had a dream of Yuko.

In my dream, Yuko was in a room full of beautiful silk. She was engrossed in painting her beautiful silk and her ledger was on a desk behind her. I opened the ledger and the record stated:

“Loss at first, 12 million dollars’ profit at the end in English…”

Perhaps I am not going to guess what the words meant and let the time to explain them.

Deep inside my heart, I believe Yuko is somehow related to foxes so I called her the ‘fox lady’; and Eric’s Japanese wife believes this too… But I don’t know if Yuko is a one-tailed fox lady or a nine-tailed fox lady… Hahaha…

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