Friday, June 24, 2016

The Evil Ou-ba-sang (邪恶的欧巴桑)

My Japanese and Taiwanese friends call old busybody ladies as ‘ou-ba-sang’. Not so long ago, employment is a lifetime engagement just like marriage in Japan. A person’s first job would also be his/her last job naturally; switching employment was almost never heard of in those days. My friends did tell me about their experiences with an evil ou-ba-sang spirit during their stays in a hotel situated at a lake near Mount Fuji. You heard my words right: not just one friend, but many! I just list down some of the more exciting ones to share:

A couple stayed in the said hotel for a few nights during their honeymoon. During their last night, when they were soundly sleeping under a piece of thick blanket; the wife dreamed of an old lady came to her and pulled the blanket away and in a half-awaken state, she kept her eyes shut and continued to sleep. After a while, she shivered due cold and she thought it was her husband who had pulled the blanket all to himself during slumber. So, the lady tried to push her husband with her hands but maintained shut eyes. To the lady’s surprise, all her pushes have failed to reach her husband. It seems that her husband was not beside her… Reluctantly this lady opened her eyes and only to find herself sleeping in the hotel corridor outside of her room!

In the morning, a hotel housekeeping lady told the couple that the wife’s ordeal was caused by the restless spirit of an ou-ba-sang who worked under the previous hotel owner but committed suicide when the new owner took over the building and asked the ou-ba-sang to take early retirement. After all, the ou-ba-sang was already in her 70’s at that time.

A friend arranged a trip for his parents to visit Mount Fuji. It was a coincident that he booked the said hotel and his parents stayed on the second floor.

At night, my pal’s mother suddenly heard a voice whispering beside her ear: “Wake up and follow me…”

In a dreamy state, the mother opened her eyes and saw an ou-ba-sang standing beside her bed. She recalled later that she couldn’t resist the ou-ba-sang’s call and as the ou-ba-sang turned her back and walked towards the corridor while she followed the ou-ba-sang at the back. So, as my pal’s mom walked, and walked until she felt a sudden pain on her cheeks.

It was due to pains that the mom opened her eyes only to find her husband standing in front of her continued to slap on her cheeks. Before she come to her senses; her husband shouted: “Are you trying to jump down from the balcony?”

Only now the mom opened her eyes, she found herself standing at the edge of a railing under which was a deep ravine…

My pal said if it was not due to his dad, his mom would have jumped down from the second floor into the ravine… interestingly speaking, that was the place where the ou-ba-sang fell to her death many years ago… It seemed that she wanted someone to accompany her to stay in the hotel for all eternity…

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