Saturday, June 18, 2016

The Secret Fan (特别的粉丝)

To the outside world, an entertainer would like to have as many fans as possible. But there are some fans that no entertainers would like to have; this is especially true for those fans with extreme compulsive behaviours. These fans would do anything just to show the entertainer/star belongs to them even up to the stage of die-die together using whatever means possible… Now, there is another kind of fans from ‘the other side’ that could give the entertainer as much headache as their worldly counterpart…

Ben is a well-known local movie star and he had his fair share of experience with a bizarre fan. Ben’s experience is best told in his own words:

“Naturally that I too have my fair shares of local fan groups but never had I known that ‘people’ from the other side do enjoy my movies as well…

A few years ago, I received a letter from a young girl expressing her interest on me. Since it is my custom to reply to any letters written to me when I have the time, so I replied to her letter. Perhaps it was not so wise to do so because as soon as I responded to the first letter, the girl sent the second, the third and so forth… Since the content of the letters was no other than that she wanted to be with me; I gradually got agitated. Not that I have not met this girl, I don’t really know her at all… after all; I was busy with my movie shootings at that time.

Since there is a return address at the back of the girl’s letter, and that the girl just stayed outskirt of KL; I decided to pay the girl a visit and to ask her not to write any more letter. So I found an empty time slot that I could just drop by the girl’s house one afternoon and indeed I was at the girl’s front door after an hour’s drive from my company.

After I pressed onto the door bell, an old lady opened the door. She looked bewildered and she asked: “Who are you looking for?”

“Oh aunty, is Mei in? I am Ban, “I replied.

The old lady looked at me queerly and said: “Are you joking, Ben?”

Since the old lady looked quite serious, I thought I just explain further: “No, aunty. Mei wrote to me many times. Today I happened to be around so I just drop in to say ‘hi’…”

After finished my words, I handled a pile of letters to the old lady to show that I mean business.

The old lady held the letters in her hands and started to inspect them one by one carefully. After flipping over the letters for quite a while, she raised her head and said to me:

“Oh, forgive me Ben. Mei is my daughter and it is indeed her handwriting… but she passed away a year ago. She was certainly a diehard fan of you. I put your photo in her coffin myself…”

On hearing the old lady’s words, I felt as if something has smacked my nape and a sense of chillness came up from my spine but I manage to reason out perhaps it was someone playing pranks using Mei’s name. So I made an apology to the old lady and hastily excuse myself.

More strange things entailed on the following night…

I used to check on my Facebook page before going to bed just to catch up with my fans and friends alike. And against all odds, there was a message from a person called ‘Mei’ and she wrote:

“Why did you disturb my mother this afternoon?”

At this point, I still think that someone is playing a joke, so I wrote back:

“Who are you? Mei is dead…”

And the reply came: “This is Mei and do you know how much trouble I got just to send you letters and messages? I know you slept with your girl last night after you both ordered some pizza…”

 I almost fainted! I didn’t tell anyone about what I did last night…

Then Mei sent me another message: “Don’t worry… I am leaving. See you soon…”

There were no messages from Mei since the last one but… My girl got pregnant and we hastily arranged a marriage.

The night before my wife went into labour, she told me that she had a dream. In the dream, a girl said she was Mei…

So you see, Mr. Liew. This is the reason I ended in your house at this odd hour. What should I do with the baby?”

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