Saturday, June 11, 2016

Everyone Has A Price Tag (人的价格)

Do you believe that everyone indeed has a price tag attached to him/her?

The price may or may not in monetary terms.

First, let’s talk about a person’s value in dollar and cents:

When I was in my college, some ladies in our group suddenly half-jokingly talked about what would be the price of a college girl willing to give up her virginity.

Surprisingly speaking, a tiny lady raised her voice and said:

“I would go for MYR1,000!”

I am not sure if there were any takers after such a naïve discussion… But my point is that this tiny lady’s price was MYR1,000.

Of course, one can get a prettier social escort for MYR150 only now days.

So, before a person would put a price tag onto himself/herself and expected to be patronised; he/she must understand the market demand and competition too!

A person may also tag himself/herself with non-monetary terms may be in the form of favour, convenience or even companionships:

I knew a senior manager in a government-led company likes superbikes. Not surprisingly, most of his subordinates were also superbike fans. Those who didn’t own superbikes were odd men out and those persons without superbikes could not work long with this superbike fan boss.

In another situation, when I asked about the possibility of a master’s degree with a university, one professor knew that I was from some organisation so he proposed to me that if I could persuade my boss to donate an old machine for his university; then we could talk further… So, the professor’s price tag was an old machine.

In real life industrial situations, I have made use of both price tagging techniques to see through many projects. So, everyone does have an invisible price tag attached in his/her back. The trick is to find out his/her price and ‘negotiate’ tactfully without hurting his/her own ego.

Please forget about Hong Kong movie clips where a tycoon would just throw down a signed blank cheque for you to fill in the blanks… since this type of action hurts people’s ego; it could never work.

So, what is the price that could move you, my friend? Is it $10,000 or a million dollars?

Whatever sum you would tag yourself, please remember that other parties are judging your value too!

You may call this unethical… that is only business!

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