Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sick Tree & Feng Shui (病树与风水)

I have said this before and I am going to say this again:

“Please pay particular attention to the condition of plants especially trees around your house for your own good…”

Perhaps what annoyed Westerners more is that Chinese likes to cut down trees around their houses. This is true due to Feng Shui reasons especially when a sick tree is around.

Basically a sick tree and a dead tree can bring very bad consequences to dwellers of a house.

If a sick tree is dying and in the process of decaying with sap oozing from tree trunk or root; then people in the house will suffer from sore related sicknesses. The location and size of the sores will depend on the location where tree sap came out from the tree. Whoever would be affected would depends on the location of the tree with reference to the house. If the sick tree is not removed in due time, then the sick will definitely die of blood related illnesses. As to when the ill effects of sick tree will attack will also depends on the zodiac animal and the arrival of flying star.

Dead tree on the other hand, will bring bad luck to due to dead chi which is bad for health and business…

Of course, all the talk mean nothing without a real life example.

Just fairly recently I received a call from Mr. Ho. His problem is that first it was his 65-year-old father suffered from unknown bad sore at his left leg, after a while; his mother too suffered from sore related issues at her legs… then Mr. Ho’s youngest sister also suffered from sore at her leg… A series of incidents made Mr. Ho think that the incidents are Feng Shui related.

After hearing Mr. Ho’s complaint, I knew that the series of issues were caused by sick tree and the location is at the northeast direction.

I told Mr. Ho my conclusion. Indeed, he agreed that his father’s house is indeed facing northeast direction, further just a few weeks ago; a mango tree was being chopped down due to termites leaving one foot of tree root protruding above the ground. As expected, tree sap still flew out from the tree root. Incidentally speaking, tree root represents a man’s legs. No wonder whoever stayed in the house suffered from sores at legs!

The remedy is simple too, the reminder exposed tree root must be excavated clean and the sore problems shall be cured with medication.

So, it is good to plant trees but remember to remove them when they are dead or sick. Please remember too to uproot the tree completely to avoid any side effects for your own good.

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