Friday, June 17, 2016

Let None Stay (不留没错)

Feng Shui information already flooded our mass media for a very long time. This is especially true in Southeast Asia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Western world.
Personally, I think the topic of Feng Shui is already at such a worrisome stage that some attention should be paid to. At least potential student in Feng Shui should be given a proper exposure to classical Feng Shui calculations and theories. There are just too many fragmented Feng Shui books flooded the market now days until no one can really grasp the basic idea behind true Feng Shui. Many aspired people asked me to recommend some good Feng Shui books but I just couldn’t… for I don’t really read those books in the market, especially those written in English. There are difficulties in describing some Feng Shui terms in the language other than classical Chinese unfortunately.

There is a saying that goes like this:


10 masters passing my house, it is wrong if I stop them; it is also wrong if I don’t!

The above has shown that it is very difficult to find a good Feng Shui master since old days; more so in this modern time?

Perhaps the words should be changed to:


10 masters passing my front door, it is safe that I kept none!

I am pretty confident the second sentence is 100% correct today. Many good Feng Shui masters never come out to provide their services and they normally kept their profile very low. Most of these Feng Shui masters only serve their own clans though there are some exceptions; but rarely. As I am aware, these low profile masters are not rich. Many of them prefer to wake up early in the morning and cycle to the nearest garden to exercise and after that, they would gather with a few friends to enjoy breakfast. This is really contrary to the Feng Shui masters that I have come across in Asian countries where they would drive big cars and talk big.

My Feng Shui knowledge stays within my family only as it is difficult to teach outsiders. It is not that I am selfish but I can train my kids to learn an art from small when they don’t mind some scolding. Normally kids would stay with their parents for more than a decade and this is the exact timing that is required for a person to master the basic of Feng Shui… Likewise, I cannot teach an outsider for 10 years… he/she shall not have this type of patience. Many people wouldn’t last for even 3 months…

Hence until now, I have no plan to teach anyone for the moment at least. It is best to let such knowledge forgotten in time than transmitting a polluted version of it.

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