Thursday, June 16, 2016

HK Fox Spirit Terror (香港狐仙事件)

This is the said photo of the fox image that appeared on the wall of Windsor House.

This shaking incident happened in 1981 at HK Haw Par Mansion. At that time there were many murals outside of the mansion and workers would wipe these murals every morning. On one night, thunders and lightings besieged the night sky emitting unusual light… and the next morning, the workers found there were 7 fox heads imprinted on the wall. So they employed a Taoist to seal the stone wall with yellow papers.

Later similar fox heads resurfaced on one of the walls of Windsor House. The strange incident attracted a large crowd which caused the company to close for the day. The security personnel used a piece of cloth to cover the marble wall; and the whole piece of the marble was removed at midnight thus ceasing the strange incident.

During that period, a restraint in Windsor House was the favourite place for parents to celebrate their babies’ full month celebration. Sadly, babies who celebrated in that restaurant would die of unnatural causes. Rumours had it that was the working of fox spirits. Amongst many rumours of that time, after a couple celebrated their baby’s full month celebration in that restaurant; a fox spirit with red eyes and sharp fangs appeared in the mother’s dream. It mentioned that since the couple didn’t pay it a respect, it would kill their baby instead. When the mother awakened from her dream, she found her child’s face had turned green and it has stopped breathing. The couple immediately sent the baby to the hospital but the baby was pronounced death on arrival. There are rumours said that the baby’s blood was sucked dry… There are still many stories of such incidents being told until today.

While some rumours also mentioned that the fox spirits were being sealed within the walls. At that time there was a Taoist subdued and bounded two of the fiercest fox spirits and released the rest. But when this story transmitted to Taiwan, the Taiwan people came out with their own version of fox spirit sequel … According to Taiwanese version, the Hong Kong fox spirits went to Taiwan to continue their spiritual practices. In Taiwanese version, a Taiwanese senior Taoist went to Hong Kong to bring the fox spirits to Yangming Mountain. It was said that up to a decade ago, there were indeed fox spirits in that mountain. But since the deceased of the senior Taoist, no one knows where the fox spirits went.

In another fox spirit related incident which also took the life of an innocent baby. As the story has it that a small fox spirit came to Hong Kong from the Northeast mountainous region of China. It sneaked into the children’s department of a supermarket and had fun with kid’s costumes and shoes. The next day, shop assistants found their merchandise were scattering all over the shop floor. They thought their shop was haunted so the boss invited a Taoist to perform exorcism ceremony. Perhaps the small fox spirit was angered by Taoist’s workings, it killed a baby in rage. Following that, a master sealed this fox spirit into the supermarket wall. This has caused the image of a fox to appear on the wall surface. Later a Taiwanese fox spirit that could transform into human form went to Hong Kong and hide the small fox spirit into its jade stone ring; and brought the small fox to Taiwan.

Following the spread of rumours in Hong Kong and Taiwan, fox spirit worships suddenly became prevalent in these two areas… It was said by worshipping, the worshipper would obtain the charm of the foxes and they would excel in their business and love affairs. Whatever case that might be, fox spirits in Hong Kong and Taiwan are no match to the fox spirit from Japan in beauty and wisdom that I can assure you.  

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