Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Fated (命中注定)

According to the arts of astrology, we cannot change what is fated to us.

Many scientific minded people would say astrology is superstitious and unfounded.

Many people yelled out: “My fate is in my hands!”

And many, many more…

To me, when it is fated; there is no escape. There is only misinterpretation of an astrology reading, unless one’s date and time of birth are wrong of course.

There is a Chinese saying:


“What is fated shall be given, there is no need to be persistent.”

This certainly sounds pessimistic, but I assure you that there is some truth in it:

My friend, Kenny spent many efforts to find his soulmate according to the principle of astrology.

One day, he hurried to my place and shown me the date of birth of a lady said to be his soulmate. It was a lady born in 1990 who matched all that are described to be rich and beautiful. Since Kenny did spend quite some time in the study of astrology so I just skimmed through Kenny’s calculation and indeed, his soulmate seemed to possess ‘heavenly ethics’ and quite well to do too…

I did tell Kenny that he is not fated to have decent soulmate before but he wanted to prove me wrong. Maybe this time, Kenny wanted to show off in front of me and made me apologize to him.  So, I gave him a big bow and not forgetting to congratulate Kenny on his ‘rare finding’.
As expected, soon the news of Kenny’s approaching marriage came to me. Just before I gave Kenny a call, he called me instead…

“What would it be if my soulmate’s year of birth is in 1991? I just looked at her identity card and she is born in 1990 and not 1991?” Kenny asked eagerly.

I answered lazily while checking on the calculation…

“Well, if the year of birth is indeed in 1990, your soulmate would be your pain-in-the-ass! Hahaha…”

Kenny: “What can I do now?”

“Pray… or get a divorce to lose 50% of your property or lose your life… Hahaha…”

Kenny: “…”

As expected, Kenny did marry the lady and only to learn that the lady is the sister of a local mafia group… And indeed, his wife is Kenny’s biggest pain-in-the-ass now!

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