Sunday, June 26, 2016

Love Magic Using Shy Plant (含羞草爱情术)

Do you know that shy plant leaf can be a potent ingredient in casting love magic? But think twice as the person you love now may be your pain-in-your-ass later! Do you want to live in limbo for the rest of your life?

The leafs of a shy plant can be used to cast love magic specifically for those marrying couple:

First one of the couple must get one hair from his/her partner and then tie a knot.

Then this person must wait until a full moon night.

At that time, he/she must go outside under the moon light and stands in front of a shy plant (Mimosa Pudica).

By holding the entangled hairs, the spell caster should make a wish that the two persons should live happily after the marriage.

After that, the hair is placed in the centre of one of the shy leaf and the leaf would shut automatically.

At this point, the person must quickly use a scissors to cut the leaf that holds the hairs.

After cutting the leaf, the person should immediately wrap the leaf with a piece of red cloth and tie the cloth up with a piece of red string.

Now, quickly bring the wrapped leaf back to the house and put it a box or container; and place it on one’s altar if he/she has one. If not, just hide the shy leaf in a secret place.

This love magic is very good if a marrying couple can do it together if they vowed to live and die together. But just a word of warning though:

Please think if this person is the one you love and wanted to live together for the rest of your life; otherwise you may find difficulty to get rid of him/her.

Of course, the magic will not work if you just want to have fun.

Please avoid fooling with other person’s life; or you will spoil your chances to get to know your soul mate.

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