Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Legends Of Gua Langsuir (难产鬼洞的传说)

Gua Langsuir or Langsuir Cave is situated near Tasik Dayang Bunting (The Lake of Pregnant Lady), on the west coast of Pulau Dayang Bunting (the Island of Pregnant Lady), off Langkawi Golf Club.

Legend has it that in old days, 3 numbers of langsuir (a type of lady vampire) stayed in the cave. These female vampires can transform themselves into very attractive ladies who could sing and dance in such a manner that would arouse any men. These vampires would lure those unwary sailors and fishermen sailed by the cave.

Whoever were enchanted by those pretty emanations would either jumped overboard and drowned, or those who managed to swim to the cave would be tortured slowly by those vampires until death; then the lifeless body of unfortunate victims would be consumed by those 3 horrible creatures.

As the time went by, almost everyone knew the presence and tricks of these langsuir and people would stay away from the cave causing the 3 langsuir starved.

One day, a blurred and deaf fisherman row his boat passed the Langsuir Cave and he was not aware of the langsuirs’ enticing call…

All of the three langsuir were extremely happy to see this fisherman since they have starved for quite a long time already. Sorry to say that all they efforts to attract this nearly blind and deaf fisherman have failed miserably. This incident has led the langsuir to think that they have lost their charm against people in that area.

Consequently, due to their own fear of revenge from victims’ family members; the three langsuir decided to fly away from their hiding cave and not to return…

Or was the legend true as described?

Well, while I can’t be sure if the three langsuir are still in the cave now, but my pal, Saiful did believe the vampires were still in the cave some 10 years ago.

Saiful was working with a hotel in Langkawi and he used to charter a small boat to fish with two other friends.

This was just one of their fishing trip to fish near Langsuir Cave. It was around 6pm, Saiful and his friends were about to finish fishing and return home…

Suddenly there was a gust of strong wind blowing at their boat that made the boat pitched port and starboard. Just as when Saiful and his friends were balancing their bodies again the pitching of the boat to prevent their boat from overturning, Saiful suddenly heard a woman’s voice coming from the direction of Langsuir Cave:

“Young man… what is your name?”

The wind continued to blow hitting the boat across the bow. Just as when Saiful lowered his body and holding firmer against the side of the boat, another woman’s voice was heard from the cave:

“How old are you?”

This time, Saiful could feel the source of voice was getting closer… but Saiful didn’t answer the voice as his instinct told him not to.

Yet another strong wind hit Saiful’s boat and another voice followed and at this point, Saiful sworn that the source of voice was just within reach:

“Why are you here?”

At this point, Saiful ignored the voice and he started to pray. It was not that Saiful was afraid of the voice nor was he curious; but Saiful was more concern of keeping the small boat balance so that all of them could return home safely.

Luckily at this point, a motorised fishing boat came by and the skipper was kind enough to let all of the three people board his fishing boat and also tow Saiful’s small boat back to harbour.

Afterwards, when I met Saiful in a food stall, he told me that he firmly believed the voices were from the three langsuir as all of the three voices were of different accents. Saiful thinks that he was correct as he didn’t respond to the mysterious voices. Otherwise he would not be able to survive in the choppy sea at that time though Saiful is quite a good swimmer…

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