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Taoist Uses Of Sword Mudra

The closing sword mudra ritual can also be used for passive protection though rarely.
Sword mudra is extensively used in Taoist rituals. The normal use of sword mudra is to write talismans in the air or on the palm; to one extreme, it can also be used to kill evil spirits.


My brother in dharma is very expert in using sword mudra. He only needs to point at the person possessed by spirit, the person would then shivers and the sprit will subsequently annihilated. However, this method is just too unkind to be used as it slaughters without any compassions. Hence, when my brother in dharma is old and sick, he was possessed by others spirits that wanted to seek revenge.


In order to harness the full power of sword mudra, we must first know the tricks of the trade.


In Traditional Taoist practices, there are two types of formula: the first is the opening of sword mudra, and the second is the closing of the mudra. A sword mudra is deemed as a real sword hence it will need to be treated properly.


I will just show you the closing ritual for the sword mudra for now, which is also good for passive protection against all dangers:


The first step is to use one’s thumb to press on the points on one’s fingers as shown and while doing so, recite the below mantra:




(The heavenly sword is elegant while the earthly sword is true, it encompasses thunder and lighting. It also moves the North Stars, all becomes auspicious and the sun, moon and star lights remove all dangers!)


After that, one just holds his/her hands in front of his/her chest and take a bow facing the main altar.


Of course, this practice will be different according to various lineages. Allow me just to keep some secrecy for now as my intention is just to let you know that there is such a method. The reason is that, if one is diligent in the practice of Taoist sword mudra, then he/she can also harm mortal beings and animals too; hence care should be exercise.


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Monday, September 1, 2014

The Original States Of Spirits (原形与原神)

By understanding the original states of spirits we are dealing, we will go a long way in our spiritual practices!
People think that spirits such as ghosts, gods, goddesses, Taoist immortals, Buddha and the like have individual forms. That of course can only be found in movies and stories unfortunately. Actually none of the spirits possess fix forms as they are just congregation of gases or energy. Having said so, they do have a common body; that is what the Buddhist scholars call it as consciousnesses. And that their original forms can only be described with geometry shapes.


Now let us do a comparison for clarity:



The human has two components: the consciousness and physical body. Since the body is of solid matters, it cannot change its shapes.



Ghost only possess consciousness, hence it can congregate enough energy or chi to change its appearance.



They have the same component as the ghosts only that it is stronger.


Taoist Immortals & Buddha:

They have bodies that are even stronger than the gods and goddesses. Other than the consciousnesses, they also have original state and luminous bodies.


The Golden Immortals:

These Immortals take the shape of equal lateral triangles. These triangular consciousness bodies continue to rotate freely and slowly until some of them bind with each other to form a magical net of spectacular golden nets that forms the golden immortal heaven. This is almost similar with the ‘Magical Net’ (Mayajala) in Ningmapa Lineage.


The Unsurpassed Golden Immortals:

These golden immortals are formed by three equal lateral triangles. These triangles form three sides of a prism. Hence, this is the true Taoist Immortal in 3D! On the other hand, the golden immortal is only in 2D.


Only we understand the various original states of spirits, we can then start to engage in spiritual practices or perform exorcism. Otherwise, we will be bewildered by the ever changing shapes of these spirits.


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Someone Is Pulling My Legs!

If you say that my ghost stories are valid within Chinese society only, then I can firmly tell you that you are wrong as water spirits behave the same be it in Asia or in American continent.


The Chinese believe that water spirit can and will harm. When water spirits harm, it is termed as ‘finding replacement’. Water spirits are very different from other spirits as they have mass so they are more powerful than the ordinary spirits. Water spirits are normally territorial. In another words, these spirits will stay put in the same water body until they find their replacements.


Water spirits will normally transform into beautiful fishes to entice unwary anglers. Or they may make use of sound or even rare plants in the water to entice people to venture into the waters so that these folks could be dragged into deeper waters and drowned. In events of new drown victims, their souls will transform into new water spirits while the old ones move on.


Unlike other spirits on land, water spirits will harm on the innocents even they have no relations what so ever with their victims. It is believed that this is due to the fact that the water spirits suffer a lot in the water as they have no fix place to stay; this is precisely the reason why they will seek replacements at the fastest possible speed.


The more powerful ones will even venture out to the banks to call names. If anyone who answer the call; then this person will drown the next day. If the calls are ignored, then nothing will happen.


When I was serving in a MNC, I had a US counterpart named George. George’s family owns a piece of farm land in California. A mid size river flows beside the farm land which was of convenience to the daily operations of the farm; waters could be pumped to irrigate the farm crops amongst other conveniences.


George had a brother, Michael who was under the service of US Armed Force for many years before retiring back to help to take care of their family farm.


One night when Michael was sound asleep in his room, suddenly he was awakened by someone jerking his feet. After some search, he found nothing and he didn’t put the strange incident in his mind only sort of mentioning that over his breakfast with his mother. No one thought the incident was strange and everyone minded their own business after that.


After the breakfast, Michael brought his beloved horse to the river for cleaning. Unfortunately, he was found drowned for some reasons. Michael’s bedroom is still remained as it is until today as according to George that his brother still returned to this room to rest.


It is at times that George heard strange noises came from Michael’s room and at times footstep sounds descending from the staircase.


Another similar story happened in Kuala Kangsar, Perak. I supposed it is no harm to talk about it now as this is an old story happened some dog gone years ago.


I had a tuition teacher when he took an afternoon nap one day and suddenly he was awaken by a strong jerk on his feet. He was so shocked by this sudden unprovoked assault and immediately shouted for his mother. His mother immediately came and awoke him. After hearing his story, my tutor’s mother scolded him for talking nonsense as no one was around in the living daylight!


Strange enough, it was told to me that this tutor of mine had an argument with his girl friend at night and in a gust of fury he jumped into the Perak River and drowned.


Hence, the purpose of I am telling you these two ghost stories is that; it doesn’t matter where you are, when you or your love ones dreamed of someone’s legs were pulled, then better take extra caution. There are just too many real examples around; we just shouldn’t simply rub them off as superstitious.


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Pretty Lady Ghost (倩女幽魂记)

People now are unfortunately timid as when speaking of lady ghosts, they will tremble in fear. I can still remember that when I was engaging in the practice of Lower Maoshan ghost magic, magician of that time are crazy of this type of lady spirits. People even had love affairs with lady spirits. No kidding! If it was not the person's wife's jealousy; the sorcerer had no intention to release his beautiful spirits! Hahaha! That was my master I am talking about…


It is said that lady ghosts are extremely pretty; they normally appear at dusk or under full moon light in rural areas. When one comes across a lady ghost, he should not have any cranky ideas about this spirit. The best way is just to walk away peacefully. If anyone is being enchanted by it and try to flirt, it will gently glide away. However if that person is so persistent in following; then disaster will he fallen upon him.


It is not easy for our modern folks to encounter this lady spirit. In old days, there weren’t any entertainment. Other than fee paying commercial cinema; the other alternative is the Chinese opera performance held yearly in honour of gods and goddesses. Since the opera shows are free for all, the performances were very much welcomed by general Chinese public at that time.


Chinese opera performances lasted for a week or so in old days. The shows normally started at around 7pm and ends at midnight. Since there were very less public transport around then, spectators had to walk back in small groups after the performance. This is especially true in rural areas.


I was staying in Kuala Kangsar when I was small. Every time when there were opera performances in a nearby Taoist temple, my mom, grandma and I would walk to the temple to enjoy the opera performances. We had to walk for about half an hour to get there. Although there is a shortcut, no one wanted to venture it especially at night as the shorter route leads to a cemetery and local folks believe that place is haunted. No one would venture that lane, especially in the midst of night.


I can still remember a real story told by my late grandma.


A butcher known by the name Uncle Bing who lived just across a street was said to be the victim of a lady ghost.


As the story goes, it was one of these temple celebrations that Uncle Bing went to watch the Chinese opera performance. The opera performance for that particular year was extended for an additional hour. It was already 1am after the opera ends. Normally it will be half an hour’s walk back unless someone dares to take the haunted short cart.


Perhaps the Uncle Bing was bold enough, or perhaps he was indeed enchanted by ghost; it was according to people who walked along with him that when the gang passed through a cross junction, Uncle Bing suddenly said to his companions that he saw a pretty lady in read stood by the junction. He wanted to flirt with the lady in red. But since all his companions didn’t see anyone there, they shouted for Uncle Bing to come back. Uncle Bing ignored his friends’ shouts and as if he was hypnotised and walk straight into the dark. Since Uncle Bing was a stout physique, no one can stop him anyway. So, people can only watch him vanished into the darkness.


Since Uncle Bing failed to return the next morning, local folks organised a man hunt for him. They finally found Uncle Bing still hugging a tomb stone and that he was still in deep slumber then. When people found him, Uncle Bing was already unconscious. He subsequently suffered high fever and after a few days’ struggle, Uncle Bing eventually kicked the bucket.


People said that Uncle Bing was killed by the pretty lady ghost; perhaps we will just treat that as an urban legend. Then and again, I am curious to ask if you too are afraid of pretty lady ghost?


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The In Between Realm (浅谈阴阳界)

When a soul passes through the River of No Return, it is said to be in the Realm of Underworld. Hence, it is said to be 'dead' . However, If it manages to return before passing through the river, then the person will survive and continue to live for another day.
One year before my late pa passed away, he was suffering from cancer. I used to pray for his well beings then. One day he suddenly told me that he had a strange dream. In that dream, he was forcefully being dragged out from our house by two men in black. In the midst of pushing and pulling, they came to a stream. There is a very narrow wooden bridge that can only let one person pass through at one time. So, the man in black who led the way walked first, my pa was in between and the second man in black was at pa’s back. While they were in the middle of the bridge, the bridge suddenly collapsed and all of them fell into the river. My pa finally found his way back home.


I think the stream my pa was about to pass through was known as the ‘river of no return’ (冥河), and that wooden bridge is known as the ‘bridge of no return’.


According to Chinese belief, when a person dies, his soul will travel out of his body and continue to walk straight until he reaches the bridge of no return. If the soul passes through the bridge; then it will reach the realm of underworld. However, if the soul managed to return, then the person will recover and live for a period of time. This bridge is what is called the ‘realm of in between’.


Folks believe, dead souls will live freely in the realm of in between. Before passing the bridge, the soul suffers considerably. However, once the soul gone into the underworld, the suffering will be gone. This is because a dead soul is a fragile body; it fears sunlight, rain, wind and also the thunder.


These dead souls will remain in the underworld until it is time for them to be reborn again.


There is a saying that goes:


“Once reborn, no one wants to die; after death, no one wants to be reborn.”


The saying refers to the situation when a person dies, he will suffer tremendously. It is conversely true that when a ghost in the underworld wanted to be reborn, it also suffers tremendously too.


In the ritual that leads to underworld travels, the human relatives can only wait at the edge of in between to wait for the deceased love ones to come and meet them. It is said that anyone who pass through the bridge of no return will not be able to come be to human realm.


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The Underworld Life (阴间的生活)

If you say that it is too much to talk about life in underworld; as we are still  ignorant of our present life and that there are many things to explore. Ha! Don’t worry, it is not usual that everyone will attain enlightenment this life; we probably will end up in the underworld anyway. By the way, have you heard of ‘underworld journey’ (观落阴)? Well, when the time comes, I will bring everyone to journey ‘down under’.


Basically Taoists believe the underworld life styles are similar to our present life style: the township, houses even up to the extent of the facial features and the way of speaking are the same. What makes the difference is that the ghostly bodies are formed by ‘chi’ () and they are not solid as we human. That also explains why ghosts can transform their shapes and features.


In the underworld, when ghosts sleep; their shape will disperse; and when they awake, their shape will gradually formed. Ghosts consume by smelling and hence gaseous substances are their best foods. If we offer them cold dish, then they will not be able to consume the dish. The bodies of ghosts are very fragile unlike the human counterparts; they will disintegrate in breeze and under the sunlight as well.


It is believed that ghosts’ food, house, utensils etc. are transformed by ‘chi’. Perhaps by burning joss papers, paper car and houses, our ghostly relatives can indeed benefit from our deeds? Maybe what has been depicted in Chinese ghost stories that some fortunate or unfortunate folks unwarily ventured into ghostly realms and visited beautiful mansions, but the place transformed into graveyards on daybreaks are founded after all.


I was told that the ghosts that dwell in the underworld seldom return to our world; those spirits that roam in our human world are earthbound and they have no way of go into underworld. Old folks believe that it is during the 7th month of Lunar Calendar that the underworld folks are permitted to come to surface as if our humanly holiday season.


Whatever case that may be, we will need plenty of ‘money’ in the underworld as with our humanly world. There is a saying that goes: ‘money is everything!’ That also explains why a Taoist will need to burn a large quantity of hell money during the journey to underworld ritual.


Are you still curious about underworld? Why not follow me to travel underworld once? If we burn a mansion for us now, when we kick our buckets; there is no fear of house price hike in the underworld. Do you believe it or not? Hahaha…


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Inducing Taoist Yin Spirit (出阴神)

The Indian ‘Shadow Man’ or the Taoist’s ‘Original Soul’ may not be anyone’s cup of tea. So as an alternative, Taoist has another method to offer which is pretty similar to the former two methods.


This alternative is known as ‘Yin Spirit’; which is the opposite side of ‘Yang Spirit’. Well, honestly it is pretty difficult to accomplish the Yang Spirit too as one must have pretty solid foundation in Taoist meditation though not necessary at an advance level; at least he/she must accomplish the automatic circulation of chi minor circle and achieving the pure yang body.


Now, Taoist has a method to induce the release of our Yin Spirit by using a mirror.


First, we must find ourselves a large mirror which must be able to reflect our whole body.


When everything is ready, we should stand before the mirror and dim the light around us. After adjusting our breathing, we can now concentrate on the reflection in the mirror. When our vision is starting to blur, we shall turn our attention onto the surface of the wall in front of us. At this point, the residue impression will still linger in our sight for a few seconds or so.


With some consistent practice, we will be able to see our other selves in front of us.


The basic principle behind Taoist Yin Spirit is actually similar to the Western out of body (OOB) exercise.


The production of Yin Spirit is not encouraged in standard Taoist practice because there are many problems with this method. For example, there are just too many examples that the Yin Spirits fail to return to their own bodies. Problems will also occur when our mental states are not stable or our health conditions are not good. Having said so, reading about is still okay; whatever you do, please don’t do it alone for your own good!


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