Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Exorcism With Meteorites (流星赶月)

Exorcism with meteorites is a classical Taoist ceremonial exorcism ritual commonly used when a Taoist is disturbed by stronger demonic force. This is a more powerful exorcism method as the demon will be showered by meteorite rains and there is nowhere to hide or escape. The effect is the same as if a human is being caught in a hail storm in the middle of an open field.


In most cases, the demons are not harmed but they are spared after they repent for what they have done. The fact is that no Taoists wanted to kill likely even with demonic forces.


The Taoist exorcism with meteorites method is quite tedious as there are many steps to follow:


First one will need to get a sword made of meteorite; though other swords are possible with lesser power.


A meteorite sword hammered from a piece of raw meteorite.


Secondly, one must cast a Taoist celestial protective circle and call upon the Goddess Marichi (斗母,摩利支天母) as below:

The magic circle should be cast while chanting the below mantra to call upon the blessings of Goddess Marichi..

天上修罗交战日, 人间劫难动灾时, 常游日月二天前, 独立刀兵三界内, 威光赫奕, 妙相圆融 , 接引众生, 超离诸苦, 大悲大愿, 大圣大慈, 朝礼法主九天雷祖大帝 (S),日宫太阳星君 (E),月宫太阴星君 (W),北斗九皇道君 (N),圣惠先天巨光斗姥,紫光金尊,乾元圣德天后斗姥,摩利支天大圣,圆明道姥天尊 (N)


(When demons are at war with gods in the heaven, troubles descend onto human realm, the one that plying in front of sun and moon, she who independent military power in the three realms; arrogant and solemn but full with compassion and willing to save sentient beings. I bow to the thunder god, the sun god, the moon goddess, the northern star and Marichi.)


Now, the Taoist will take up his meteorite sword and walk the 7 star steps:
While holding the meteorite sword in both hands and walk the 7 star steps, meteorites fall from the sky and hence destroying any demons inside the magic circle.

For every step the Taoist advances, he/she will imagine that meteorites fall from the sky. When he/she advances, the meteorites become bigger and finally area contain inside the magic circle is filled with red hot meteorites.


According to my master, the spirits will be stoned to death and if it is not absolutely necessary; this method should not be used.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Casting A Taoist Magic Circle (保护圈)

Unlike the other magic traditions in this world that a magic circle is cast to provide protection, a Taoist magic circle is meant to ‘contain’ and to ‘capture’. Basically there are two types of magic circle in Taoist magic:
The Taoist 28 houses and 5 stars representing Taoist view of our galaxy.

The first is the circle of constellation which is a representation of the 28 houses (廿八宿). This circle is cast for two reasons, first in seeking the blessings of the ‘mother of stars’ (斗母) or better known as goddess Marichi and the constellation (参星拜斗) for the purpose of prolong one’s life and to avert disasters.


The second reason is to trap demonic forces and hence to annihilate it using the 7 steps ritual (七星斗罡).

 The primordial bagua (先天八卦).

The second type of circle is called ‘bagua’ (八卦) which is used to trap an army of demons as well as for the Taoist to escape from the chase of a more powerful spirit when the Taoist failed to contain the entity he/she wish to destroy.


Before a bagua can be used, a Taoist must be able to visualize the bagua clearly otherwise the power of his protective circle will be less. When a bagua assembles, the spirits will be trapped in and when the bagua disassembles; the spirits too will also be disintegrated.


A bagua also has many levels, the one that emits golden red colors is of the highest level; it is said that this type of bagua can even trap gods and goddesses too.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Senseless Conversations (无言的结局)

You know, I entertain many senseless conversations daily. Perhaps you can treat them as jokes, but to me those are just a waste of their time as well as mine. Let me show you three examples:

Case 1: “Why didn’t my god of fortune ‘po-pi’ (helped/保佑) me?”

AA: “Why didn’t the Zho Gongming (赵公明) ‘po-pi’ me?”

Me: "Where did you put the Zhao Gongming?”

AA: “On my office desk, beside my computer.”

Me: “Can you put it on an altar please?”

AA: “No can do. I am a Christian…”

Me: “…”

P/S: A Taoist statue should not be put on a desk of a Christian. Any spirits in the vicinity will possess the statue and bring bad luck.

Case 2: “My life sucks. I want a special Phra Ngan amulet.”

AA: “My life sucks. I want a special Phra Ngan amulet…”

Me: “Go to any amulet shop and you will find one.”

AA: “Oh, I want a special one, not those on the shelf…”

Me: “Okay. The price range for a good Phra Ngan amulet is about USD200++…”

AA: “…”

P/S: Cheap things no good; good things no cheap!

Case 3: “I am too boring. My Phra Ngan didn’t help me!”

BB: “Can you tell me why my Phra Ngan didn’t help me?”

Me: “Please elaborate.”

BB: “I am still single at 45 and I have almost everything I need but no partner…”

Me: “Did people horn you?”

BB: “Yes. Many people wanted to have me for supper!”

Me: “…”

P/S: Seems like Phra Ngan has worked for this lady but she just wasn’t grateful to Phra Ngan…


Saturday, August 16, 2014

Who Is Knocking At 3am Annually? (凶煞回魂)

This is a true case about ‘fierce soul returning’ (凶煞回魂) which happened to a millionaire household in Ipoh, Perak many years ago. The hero of this story was a tycoon in tin ore industry but now his descendents have migrated to overseas as I heard. I will try to recall the story told by my master some time ago...


Let us call this tycoon Mr. Wong. Mr. Wong was around 60 years old then and he had a good family with three sons both married and they were staying together in Mr. Wong’s bungalow.


Mr. Wong’s father was 90 when he passed away. My master was called in to arrange for the funeral rites as well as to calculate the soul returning date and time. After a brief calculation, my master shook his head and told Mr. Wong that his late father’s soul will return in 9 days time but her soul will turn into ‘fierce returning’ so care must be taken to prevent mishaps from happening.


However, Mr. Wong’s eldest son, Robert objected the idea as he was a faithful Christian and wanted nothing to do with non-Christianity rituals. So, my master was sent off with a red packet' and some apologies from Mr. Wong as he didn’t want to have disharmony in his family over the funeral issues. After all, Mr. Wong wasn’t too superstitious about Taoist rites either.


Three years lapsed, and one afternoon, Mr. Wong suddenly appeared at my master’s door step without making any appointments. That was odd as it wasn’t Mr. Wong’s behaviour to stop by a small fortune telling stall under a huge banyan tree.


Before my master could open his mouth, Mr. Wong started to throw everything out:


“I should have followed your advice Master Lu. After my late pa’s funeral we just forgot about everything you told us; we didn’t even bother to have the soul returning offering…


Nothing happened after that until the first anniversary of my pa’s death. If you can still remember that my pa passed away on the 3rd day of 3rd lunar month and at 3am?”


My master nodded and Mr. Wong continued:


“Right on the same time of the first anniversary, someone knocked on my main door and my first daughter-in-law, Elise went to open the door as she thought that was Robert returning from a business function. But she found no one. So Elise thought someone has played pranks and forgot about it only to grumble the incident over breakfast.


No one heeded the incident until six months passed that Elise suddenly went mad over a small incident with Robert and in a gust of fury, she grabbed the car key and sped off. But she didn’t go far as her car rammed into an old tree just outside of our mansion. Consequently Elise suffered a broken neck and died on her way to hospital.


Everyone thought it was an isolated incident and soon forgot about it and business was as usual.


Now, again on the 2nd anniversary of my pa’s death, right at 3am in the dead of the night; another knock was heard at the main door. So happened that my second daughter in law, Mary went to answer the door and again, there wasn’t a single soul there.


On the same year before the Chinese New Year, Mary had a sudden heart attack and died on her way to hospital.


We can only pray after two consecutive unfortunate incidents…


And as expected, on the 3rd anniversary of my pa’s passed away, again spot on at 3am, another knock again heard at the main door. This time, my youngest son, Jason went to answer the door. Jason was a scientific minded fellow and he wasn’t superstitious either… Again Jason found no one was there.


And again a few months later, Jason and his wife was killed in an air crashed somewhere down south…


I have lost 4 family members in three consecutive years!


That was my story and can you help?”


My master just kept silence and finally uttered a word:




I supposed nothing matters now. Wonder if thing will change if no one answers the door? We can only guess…


Soul Returning (回魂)

According to Chinese belief, when a person dies; his/her soul shall return to his/her house for the last time to visit his/her love ones. This returning of dead soul is also known as ‘turning of sha’ (转煞). It is believed that the dead soul will be accompanied by a messenger from hell which is known as ‘god of sha’ (煞神). This god of sha looks pretty awful and it is said that it has hands and feet that resembles chicken craws.


If a household forgotten to prepare food offerings to treat the dead soul and especially the messenger from hell; then this messenger will torture this poor dead soul.


Taoists believe that a living person has 3 hun (三魂) and 7 po (七魄). When a person dies, his/her 3 'hun' ascend to heaven and 7 'po' descend in to the earth immediately for a minimum of 9 feet and a maximum of 18 feet depending on calculation. As soon as the po has descended to its maximum depth, it will start to come up at a pace of 1 foot per day. So, if the po has gone 18 feet down, then it will take 18 days to come back to the surface of the earth.


According to Taoist practice, proper preparation should be done to receive the returning of soul. This preparation is called ‘receiving sha’ (接煞). If the duration of soul returning is short, we call it ‘fierce sha’ (凶煞) otherwise we call it ‘kind sha’ (善煞).


The night before the soul returning, in the deceased’s bedroom, the deceased’s clothing should be laid flat on his bed and his head is substituted by a vase. A table should be placed beside the bed and deceased’s favourite dishes should be served on this table together with some joss paper and hell notes. When all of the preparations are done, ashes are spread in the room periphery to check if the soul and messenger have visited the room. Finally the bedroom door is shut and no one should be allowed to enter.


For the house that has a chimney, food offerings are also made beside the fire place as people believe that the messenger of hell will enter from the chimney. Again, ashes are spread around the foods to check if there will be any chicken craw prints the next day. However, if the house has no chimney, then window should be opened for the spirits to enter; otherwise the room door should be opened instead.


There is also a formula to calculate from which direction the spirits will come and go too, but I will not disclose it for now for simplicity.


All of the setups should be left for a day before re-entrance. If the food stuffs or joss papers or even foot steps are found on ashes; then it is presumed that the souls have returned for a visit.


There are many true accounts of strange happenings on the returning of dead souls. I will list some of what I have heard from my pals:


·         Albert said he saw half of a burnt down Mercedes stopped in front of his house the soul returning night of his late grandpa.

·         My mom said she saw my late dad returned the soul returning night but she was so scared and hide behind the main door.

·         Simon said he heard sounds of iron chains being dragged outside of his house and he found signs of things dragging on ashes he spread on the floor around the food offerings.


Well, I am sure you too have similar experiences; kind to share?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Food Offerings After The Fact (祭品处理)

The Chinese folks like to prepare plenty of foods for our ancestral spirits, wandering spirits, gods and goddesses during festivals and no one can deny this. This can be seen in Asia where these folks congregated that plenty of food stuffs are left on roadsides to rot. While we continue to lament that how many people on the other side of the world died of starvation; this unforgivable custom persisted continuously.


Some people say that the food once tasted by spirits cannot be consumed by the still livings. Well, perhaps this is true as the old folks say that whoever consumed those foods after being offered to spirits will be dumb (变呆).


So, should we throw away those goodies instead?


No worries, all the food stuffs only need to be warmed up in the stove for a while and after that they can be enjoyed by anyone. That's all to it. That will avoid very bad karma of food wastage. That is provided that believe the theory of karma.


Another reason for not eating after the fact foods is that those foods would be tasteless after being ‘eaten’ by the spirits. This is perhaps true as the spirits only consume the smell of those foods and they cannot digest physical foods. Personally, I still hate to see good foods wasted however.


Now while we are still at this topic, let us go through some of the do’s and don’ts of food offerings in Chinese culture:


·         Foods can be offered to spirits before any festivals but never more than 3 days later. The reason is that if food offerings are not prepared after 3 days, our ancestor will lament desperately (叹冷气) and leave. This lamentation is called 'the lament of poverty' (穷气) and consequently our household will be poor.

·         Food should be offered to any deceased whose spirit tablet is still being worship in a household during his/her birthday.

·         It is said that toothless toddlers can ‘see’ those spirits consuming those food offerings. So, to avoid those spirits scare the toddler, normally old folks will not allow toddlers to be around during food offering sessions.

·         Children died below 12 years need not be offered with foods as they are still considered as minor. According to another saying is that if the parents offer foods to their deceased children, then these young spirits will be reborn into the same family and subsequently meet their same fates again. So, in order to ‘stop’ this cycle of born and reborn; it is best to stop offering and hence indirectly tell those young spirits that they are no longer wanted. This is another way to break the karma of the children.

·         However if within a household hold, the spirits of a young child disturbs its siblings; then food offerings should be made to pacify this young spirit.


Then and again, the Chinese is a multi-ethnic group, so customs will differ amongst these ethnics. Even within the same group but with different geographical locations, the customs will differ too. For example, Taiwanese Chinese will tend to offer more food than the Chinese in SEA due to their economic status generally speaking.

The Super Ngai: Golden Silk (金蚕蛊)

I don’t know how many ngai lovers are out there; but this is not something too new as the golden silk ngai has been cultivated through the ages amongst the Indochinese hill tribes.


Almost everyone who follows this blog will know that there are many types of ngai plants: the black, the white tiger, the snake, the cobra, the malai, the centipede, the fire ngai and etc. Each of the ngai spirit is good for a particular task.


For example: a malai ngai can fly in the air, harm small children and causing stomach problems.  The snake ngai can harm as well as to cure snake bites, the centipede ngai can harm, cure snake magic and to cure centipede bites. The list just goes on and on…


Before I go on, if you plant ngai plants; you will notice that when you put all of your ngai plants together, some of the weaker ones will whiter and dies off. This is because the stronger plants will devour other weaker ones.


So, in order to get a ‘super’ ngai known as ‘golden silk’; one only needs to put at least 5 types of ngai plants together in a corner of your garden and let them devour each other. The place where you want to put all your ngai plants should be secured and only be accessed by yourself only. Be careful as not to let your pets or children to go near the area during this time. Or any creatures stray into the compound may be eaten alive!


The transformation process will take somewhere between 3 months to a year or so. If all of the plants died off; then you will have to start the exercise again… that will be very costly and time consuming (it took around 3 years to train a black ngai). In most cases, only one plant will survive. In my case, the only plant that survived is my banana plant after a year or so. Now, I am starting to cultivate my new batch of ngai plants and hope to produce a new breed of golden silk ngai.


At least once a week, preferably during a Thursday night, you should go to your ngai garden and meditate in the center for an hour or so to check the integration process. When finally one plant survives, the plant can be put in a corner and offered it with incense. Or its rhizome can be boiled, dried and carry it where ever you go. In that case, there is no possibility to produce more powerful golden silk ngai in future.


When a golden silk ngai is successfully cultivated, it will show itself to you in the evening as golden silk flashes. In most cases, you may only catch a glimpse of this flashing light at the corner of your eyes. Unlike other ngai spirits, this golden silk ngai is a free intelligent spirit that can move around, so please set up an altar to prevent it from wandering about.


Since this golden silk ngai is intelligent one, so care must be taken as not to offend this super ngai or it will devour its master. But if you really take care of it, then the golden silk will reward you handsomely with added protection much better than the Phra Ngan.