Friday, April 29, 2016

The End Of Old Ghost King (鬼王的结局)

A few weeks later, the news of the ghost king Lim fell into the sea spread like wildfire in the area and old Mr. Ho heard the news. He contacted my Mao Shan master, Lee and both of them went to ghost king Lim’s shop but found the shop was closed. A neighbour told Mr. Ho that the ghost king was in hospital recuperating. So he visited the ghost king in the hospital.

The neighbour was kind enough to bring both of the gentlemen to visit the ghost king in the general hospital.

In the sickbay, they found the ghost king laid in his sickbed. Since my old master Lee was an acquaintance of this ghost king; they started to chat. The ghost king begun his story on how he ended up in the sea almost drowned:

“It was my usual night that after my business hours, I would walk to a coffee shop near the seaside to drink a cup of coffee and to chat with my pals…

On that particular night, it was my pal’s birthday. So he brought some bottle of beers and we celebrated until way past midnight.

I was quite drunk then before we all dispersed. As usual, I walk on a path near the Tanjung Bungah beach…. A very pretty young lady came from the opposite direction. As both of us approached each other and suddenly, the lady suddenly stopped and asked a question:

“Are you the famous Penang ghost king?”

“Yes…” Before I could say anything, suddenly the young lady grabbed me by my arms and then jumped into the sea. It was a full moon night and the sea level was pretty high.

At this point, I knew that the lady wasn’t anything humane but I was too drunk to perform any protective ritual or was I sober enough to recite any mantra…

As I was half floating and half sinking in the water, I shouted for help and luckily… there were a fishing boat nearby. People on the boat heard my yelling and they immediately came to my rescue.

I told them about the lady who were also in the water, but after searching for a while; they could not find anyone in the sea together with me…

And this is my story…”

After hearing the ghost king’s ordeal, old Mr. Ho apologized to him and said:

“I am awfully sorry for not keeping the 3 year’s promise and this lady ghost has sought revenge on you. I will pay you a sum of money so that you do not need to deal with ghosts again.”

Strangely speaking, after the ghost king returned from the hospital; his business was not as good as before and finally he was found dead in his house perhaps due to alcohol intoxication a few years later.

My Master Lee told me this story and he said that the lady ghost was seeking revenge at that late ghost king because his client has broken the 3 year’s vow. So this vengeful ghost not only attempted to kill the ghost king; she also chased away all of the ghost king’s personal spirits. With any spirits to serve the ghost king, whatever ritual and predictions he did became ineffective. So, gradually the old ghost king lost his reputation though he has kept his life.

Hence, Master Lee’s advice is not to help people especially those involving vengeful ghosts. It would only cause more unnecessary karma links than doing good to the master himself. For whatever decision the master makes would not be in a win-win situation.

The Revenge Of A Vengeful Ghost (女鬼报仇)

Many years ago when Penang was still a tax free port, a youth by the name of Ho Kun who was a scuba diving fan suddenly fell sick after diving off the coast of Tanjung Bungah. At that time, Ho Kun already had a steady girlfriend and Ho Kun’s parents thought of getting the couple married to ‘boost luck’ (冲喜) for the hope Ho Kun’s can recover soon. This act of ‘boosting luck’ was prevalent amongst the old Chinese of that time.

However, after the marriage; not only Ho Kun did not recover but his sickness aggravated; moreover, strange hand print surfaced on he and his wife, Mei Lin every time when the couple got intimated. Both of them look as if being slapped by someone or something.

Ho Kun’s father consulted many mediums and fortune tellers on those strange happenings until he caught hold of the late Penang ghost king, Lim of that time.

When Ho Kun’s father was at Lim’s place, he closed his eyes and chanted some mantra. After some chanting, the ghost king opened his eyes and said:

“Your son has kissed a drowned lady ghost and this ghost now wants to marry Ho Kun!”

Of course, the old Mr. Ho kept denying his son had anything to do with a drowned ghost since he knew that their son already had a steady girlfriend then… but the ghost king Lim asked the old man to return home and ask Ho Kun himself.

Under the scrutiny of his father, Ho Kun finally remembered something… he remembered to have saved a drowned girl who fell into the sea for some reason. Since only Ho Kun was trained on CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation techniques; he tried to revive the girl but the girl failed to be saved unfortunately. It was to his father’s relieve since his son was trying to help and not actually kissing the drowned lady as claimed.

So Ho Kun’s father returned to the ghost king and updated the ghost king Lim about his latest findings.

As before, the ghost king closed his eyes and chanted more mantras…

After a while, Mr. Lim opened his eyes and started to speak:

“Apparently now this lady ghost has fallen in love with Ho Kun and since Ho Kun was the first one who have kissed her, now it wanted Ho Kun to marry her! Otherwise this vengeful lady ghost would not leave Ho Kun alone… this lady meant what she said as this is a hard lady we are dealing with…”

On hearing the words, old Mr. Ho kneeled down before the ghost king and beg him to help. After pondering for a while, the ghost king finally said:

“Alright. But first Ho Kun must first divorce his wife and then you must perform a Taoist deliverance ritual for this drowned ghost to appease her… It is very important that the couple must be separated for a whole 3 years…”

Ho Kun’s father had to agree with the ghost king’s terms and a deliverance ritual was subsequently performed.

Two years lapsed and Ho Kun’s body has recovered. Though the couple was ‘divorced’ they kept in contact and Mei Lin was later found pregnant. At this point, Ho Kun and Mei Lin decided to get married again and since none of their parents opposed; the couple remarried just short of one year according to the terms set up by the late ghost king.

All was happy for both Ho Kun and Mei Lin’s families… but not so good news for the poor ghost king.

The poor ghost king was found falling into sea near Tanjung Bungah but he was somehow saved by someone…

I will continue this long story in due time as it is pretty long… 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Ritual For Learning Death Touch (点穴仪式)

While the Chinese calls it ‘dian xue’ (点穴), the western friends calls it ‘dim mak’ (点脉); I would just call it ‘death touch’. “Dim mak’ is actually Cantonese term refers to the touching of energy channels in our human body. Whatever you choose to call this type of deadly and mysterious technique, do you know that there is an accompanied ritual before one begins to learn about this lethal art?

I learnt this method from Master Yang many years ago who was from Guangxi (广西), China.

This is a Taoist ritual, so before one begins to learn about the art of death touch, an inspired student should first draw an image of the Jade Emperor. Then this person should sit on a chair with his/her feet dangling down without touching the ground… of course, the person must find a tall chair for this purpose or he/she needs to prop up the chair.

After sit in the chair, the person should stare at this Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝) and recites the below mantra 49x:


(I raise my eyes towards the clear sky and my master is beside me. So-and-so is wearing iron head and octagonal shirt. My iron lever, my iron lungs, my iron bone and heart. Do not come if uninvited, it is not effective if uninvited. I carry out the order of grand old Taoist master hastily!)

The above mantra should be recited for 49 consecutive days. After that, the student is ready to learn about various pressure points and energy channels of our body while learning techniques to enhance his/her fingers strength.

After 49 days, the master will bring the disciple to the top of a mountain or jungle with a cock. At a suitable place, the cock is slaughtered and its blood is used as an offering to the mountain spirit. After that, the master shall start to part his most secret knowledge of ‘dim mak’. For example, on the use of herbs and killer techniques.

Of course, such barbarous teaching technique is no longer in practice. Then and again, how many people would want to learn about ‘dim mak’ now days?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Return My Head To Me! (还我头来!)

These two ghost stories are from Hong Kong, both with tragic endings; one victim whose head is yet to be found.

The first story begins in a high density housing estate. A few years ago, a lady was murdered and her body was chopped into pieces in her apartment. The murderer had disposed her severed body in a few places around the area.

A few days later, some cleaner found parts of her body and a police report was lodged. A team was formed and a carpet search was performed and the authority found every body parts except the lady’s head. Later a suspect was arrested and he was subsequently convicted and now serving his jail sentence.

All is not over for this unfortunate lady however… her restless headless soul continued to be seen by night watchmen of that flat at night. Most of the time people claimed that they saw a headless figure waiting for the lift at the basement. This headless one also appears in her apartment and along the corridor; that has incidentally scared the living daylight out of her neighbours.

Due to the haunting, many tenants of that particular flat have moved out for good.

The second story is quite a famous case that has been concluded fairly recently. If you have followed the international news… then you probably heard of a case where a youth was convicted of murdering his parents in their apartment. In this case, both of the parents’ bodies were also severed and the heads were kept in the fridge; while the bodies were being hid in the kitchen.

After murdered his parents, this youth continued to stay in the apartment. At the same time, he told his neighbours that his parents were missing; and he asked neighbours to help searching for both of the missing couple.

At this point, some foreign tenants who lived directly above the youth’s apartment felt strange because according to them, on one hand, they continued to hear noises of people cooking and chopping meat downstairs. On the other, the youth downstairs kept saying that his parents were missing. So someone finally lodge a police report and the police investigated the youth’s place and found the remains of his parents…

Perhaps it was the foul smell of rotten flesh, or it was indeed the act of supernatural that had led the police to solve the case relatively fast. People living in that flats started to move out because they believed that both of the restless spirits still haunt the flat. As I was told, the block is practically empty now.

Releasing Mouth & Flying Mouth (放口飞口)

In old Fujian (福建), China; releasing mouth is a type of black curse that was once prevailed amongst the local folks.

The word ‘release’ means to ‘attack’ while the word ‘mouth’ means ‘curse’. So it is pretty obvious that ‘releasing mouth’ is a type of verbal curse that is meant to cause harm to an opponent. This type of oral curse is normally cast by a weaker person as he/she has no way to retaliate injustice done on him/her. Having said so, ‘releasing mouth’ should not be cast simply because if the opponent is failed to be killed, then the spell caster will die instead. In another words, either one of the two persons must die.

When there are people who can cast ‘release mouth’ spell; there are people who can ‘solve mouth’ (解口) as well.

My late grandmother was from Fujian and she told me this story:

In her old village in Fujian when she was very young…  her neighbour and the neighbour’s sister-in-law was having disputes for a very long time.

It was said that this sister-in-law subsequently cast the release mouth spell to this neighbour.

At that time, the neighbour was pregnant. My grandma said that her neighbour’s body hair stood up, bluish colour developed on her skins and she suffered severe body pain of unknown reasons. Blood were seen oozed from the neighbour’s eyes, nose, mouth and ears…  A wise woman knew that this neighbour was the victim of ‘release mouth’, so she hesitantly invited a lady who was renowned to be able to ‘solve mouth’.

The wise woman asked the neighbour’s family to vacate a room and in the centre of the room, a bathtub was put in the centre of the room. The bathtub was half filled with herbal water and grandma’s neighbour was asked to strip naked and sat inside the bathtub. The wise woman too sat inside the bathtub back to back with the neighbour for one whole night.

The next morning, this neighbour has recovered… but her sister-in-law was found dead in her room with blood oozed out from her body.

There is another saying that if the release mouth spell failed to hit the target or it was being rebounded back for some reason, this spell may strike any innocent bystanders and this is known as ‘flying mouth’ (飞口).

I have one version of the mantra with me:

First the spell caster should write a ‘sick talisman’ with his/her tongue and recites below mantra once:


(Om in sleepiness, in confusion, in chasing after one’s soul with one’s soul, napara quickly catch hold of it!)

After that, one should take a mouthful of air and blows it onto the body of the target.

The victim will suddenly feel drowsy and slowly he/she shall become sick. If the person is untreated, then he/she may die fairly quickly.

This spell can be cured by the spell caster by simply shout ‘retreat’ and blew another mouthful of air towards the victim.

There are many other methods that can be employed to release this spell of course.  

Black Curses Of Taiwan Hill Tribes (台湾高山族的咒术)

Taiwanese hill tribes have their own forms of black curses which are lesser known by people outside of that region.

There are basically four forms of black magic used by these hill tribes.

The first one is using birds of white colours to carry the curse. The shaman will recite below mantra to one or a group of birds and then he/she will release the birds. And these birds will fly to the target’s house or they would perch onto the person’s shoulder. If this happens, then the shaman’s curse would have taken effect.

The mantra I have with me sounds like this:

Kalu walu ni hum, luwa sani sa hum, phei anluwani hum, kalu caosa wa hum… (49x)

The second form is using bamboo to curse the enemy, in this case a piece of green bamboo is used by shaman. The shaman would hold the bamboo and recites the abve mantra for 49x. After that, he/she shall insert the bamboo into a human manikin made of rice stalks. This rice stalk manikin is then buried in front of the person’s house and the victim will suffer from stomach ache.

The third form of black curse uses fire and ginger as mediums. The shaman will first make a manikin out of soil and then he will insert a piece of ginger into the stomach of the manikin. After that the said shaman will hold the manikin with his/her left hand and holds a burning white candle in his/her right hand. The shaman then moves the candle flame across the soil manikin while reciting the above mantra.

The purpose of the candle flame is to send heat into the victim’s body while the ginger is to inflict pain.

The fourth form of curse is using cemetery soils:

A shaman first goes to a grave of a person who have died from untimely death at night, he/she then recites below mantra 3 times:

Om peiwalalu, saniwalu lawani nie.

After that, some soils on the grave is collected into a container and the shaman will return to his/her altar to perform further ritual.

At the shaman’s altar, he/she would recite mantra sounds like:

Rupa walalu saniwaka wani hum (3x)

After the empowerment ritual, the soil is kept under the shaman’s altar until it is to be used.

When the shaman wishes to curse someone, then he/she shall retrieve some soil and recites the below mantra:

Ru om wani peiwani samiru nipeila hum (3x)

The soil is to be thrown on the road where the target will pass through or in front of the person’s house. If the curse is effective, the victim will fall sick or having very bad luck.

It does not matter if you like to scorn at these curses as merely superstitions now days… In old times people would just blame on someone of throwing black curses if anyone in a village fell sick; in many cases, people were killed by foundationless allegations.

From Cooked To Raw Mantra (熟肉复生咒)

From Cooked To Raw Mantra (熟肉复生咒)

This is a sort of black magic prevailed amongst minority ethnics in China since Tsung Dynasty in Leizhou (雷州) and it was still in practiced by some Miao tribe magicians during Qing Dynasty some a few hundred years ago. Perhaps someone in Indochina has preserved and master this type of curse until today. We will never know as the Indochina is still full of mystery until these days.

The mode of operation is very simple:

First a magician would let a person consume some cooked meat, be it pork, beef or mutton. After that the magician would start chanting the below mantra:


(The peach of eastern mother king, the peach of western mother king.)

If a person has consumed some served cooked beef, then this chewed beef inside the person’s stomach would become raw again. And if the magician continues to chant the mantra further, this raw beef will then grow and turned into a cow. As this cow continues to grow, it will cause the victim’s stomach to become stuffy and if the victim refuses to settle with the magician, then this cow will grow until it bursts the victim’s stomach. If the magician continues to chant further, the cow will again return back to cooked beef again.

The above mantra originated from Leizhou.

I have another version of similar curse obtained from an old Miao magician but his version would cause the animal to devour the internal organs of the victim also. The mantra is almost similar to the above:


(The king mother’s jade of eastern pool, the king mother’s jade of western pool.)

Another very similar ritual in Indochinese magic is the use of ‘cow hide wind’ (牛皮蛊).

In cow hide wind, a magician would sit on a piece of cow hide and chanted mantra until this cow hide shrinks to a small piece that can be hid under the magician’s finger nail. This small cow hide is then mixed into a victim’s food and let the person consume. When the cow hide has entered the victim’s stomach, it will gradually expand and until the person is stuffed to death.

Luckily, I have not witness or hear of the success cases and stories of such curses these days.