Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ilmu Pengasih Satu Purnama (Love For One Full Moon)

If you want to have fun or to flirt around with someone just for temporarily; like a saying that goes:  “sekali pandang sudah jatuh cinta” (love by one sight). And that you do not mind the love fades away slowly; then use this ilmu because it will only last for 30 days. Isn't this a wonderful ilmu for a playboy and playgirl?


Now the method:


Chant the below mantra 3 times before you go to sleep. Hug your pillow and imagine your target’s face until you fall asleep. Oh, in case you wonder, one target at a time please!


The mantra:




NUR (target's name).







The Javanese Reiki: Ilmu Lawe

Ilmu Lawe is a type of Javanese supernatural healing system similar to that of the Japanese Reiki. As with any other Reiki system, Ilmu Lawe can also heal over a long distance.  This type of knowledge was once mastered by traditional healers in villages and it is simple because the only required item is a half meter long rope coupled with related prayer recitations according to various traditions.


The method to use Ilmu Lawe:


·         Sit facing qiblat and meditate.

·         Prepare a glass of boiled water.

·         Recite Basmalah and Shalawat 3 times.

·         After that recite Surah Al-Fatihah 3 times for Prophet Muhammad SAW and all the Muslim especially to the patient.

·         Recite Surah Yasin Ayat 78-79

·         Take a length of rope measuring half meter. Imagine that one end of the rope represents the patient’s head and the other end is his/her toe.

·         Blow your breath from head to toe i.e. from top down.

·         Slowly and gently massage the rope as if you are massaging the patient. But be careful as not to apply too much strength during your deep concentration or the patient may be in pain.

·         At the end of the ritual, blow a breath onto the glass of water and let the patient drink.


It is said that the more you practise this healing technique; you would be able to heal better. There is a taboo handed down from previous Lawe healers that one is forbidden to cut woods without a valid reason.


Anyone who has broken this taboo; must go to his/her master and his master shall recite the above ritual 3 times on the spot. Having said so, Ilmu Lawe is a very moderate practice. If a person intended to progress in his Ilmu Lawe, then he should fast on Monday and Thursday. He/she should also recite the practice completely or after each of the 5 obligatory prayers or any other practices.


Now days, Ilmu Lawe has integrated into other healing systems such as ‘tenaga dalam’ and Reiki or any other Javanese occult practices. Some of the Ilmu Lawe streams were already modified by ‘tenaga dalam’ exponents by sending vibrations onto the rope or pulling illnesses out from the rope coupled with visualization that the patient is healed. At times, the photo of the patient and his/her clothing are used.


The illnesses commonly cured by Ilmu Lawe are that related to spiritual matters such as possessions or black curses. In order to cure other illnesses, some masters have additional prayer as below:


“Asal kulit dadi kulit, asal otot dadi otot, asal daging dadi daging, asal balung dadi balung, asal sumsum dadi sumsum, asal waras dadi waras, kanti izine Gusti Allah.”

Javanese Traditional Healing Exercise

It is said the below exercise can be used to cure hardcore illnesses such as diabetes, rheumatism, cold feet, syphilis etc. In short it is said to be useful in treating all type of illnesses except for cuts and bone injuries.


This exercise should be performed at least 2 hours after meal and best before bed time. One should choose a clean and open place where the air can circulate freely.



As shown in the above picture, one should stand up with feet spread apart and facing north. Before beginning the exercise, one should recite a simple prayer:


“In the name of God, the ever powerful; I request to be bestowed by pure strength to help me in recovering my illnesses.”


Now, raise your toe and arms and breathe in as much as you can. In such a position, all of your body weight would be on your toes. Hold your breath as long as you can. Release your breath and lower your body. You should repeat the exercise 3 times but please don’t force yourself.


The second step is to lie down onto the floor and relax. You should remove your watch, ring or bracelets for that matter.


After you felt comfortable, inhale and hold your breath in your lungs. Now push the air down to your abdomen in such a way that your lungs are now empty of air. You should repeat this exercise 5 times to and fro: 5 times up and 5 times down. This would take about 1 minute or so. You should repeat this exercise for 3 times and relax.


As usual, the more times you perform the above two exercises, the more noticeable results would be. But, as a precautionary step, consult your doctor first before venturing in these exercises please.


Friday, November 21, 2014

4D Number Prediction Method

There are many opportunity to 'get rich' in Singapore and Malaysia with TOTO 4D, Magnum 4D, Damacai 4D, Singapore 4D, Sweep 1+3D, Sabah 4D and more... But the numbers are so illusive and many people depended on their intuition to get a 'lucky number'... Having said so, I have learnt a method from a friend of mine who is pretty confident of this method he has deviced. So I share it with you for fun...

First, you must construct the diagram as below:

Now, using previous month's opening results and fill in the blanks as shown above. After  you have completed the task, there should only be one space left. Just for illustration purpose, let us say that only number 88 is still unmarked. So, '88' would be the first two digits.
The following is that we need to find the 3rd digit. This can be done by using 'the law of seven':

Starting from number 8, you should count: 8, 9, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4; discarding the 5, 6 and 7.

We would now have:

The 4th number would be your 'lucky guess', if possible... for example if you would choose 3 numbers: 1, 2 and 3:
8881, 8882, 8883
8891, 8892, 8893
8801, 8802, 8803
8841, 8842, 8843
You can continue to buy the numbers for 1 month or so and the success rate would be high.
I would not stand by the above method if it is effective. I am also not sure if this system would work outside Singapore and Malaysia.However, if you really tried it; then kindly tell me your own personal experiences.
Gambling is forbidden in all major religions.

Ilmu Meraga Sukma (Astral Travel)

Ilmu meraga sukma also refers to Astral Travel or “Out Of Body” (OOB) in western occult world. Needless to say, once successful, the soul of the practitioner shall be able to travel in spiritual world as well as this physical world.


Method 1:


·         First, one should perform mutih fast for 7 days. During the fasting period, one should recite the below mantra for 21 times during each of the 5 mandatory daily prayers.


“ Bismillaahirramaanirrahiim. Shalallaahualaihi wasallam. Allahumma kulhuaallah. Zat gumilang tanpa sangkan, liyep cut-prucut sukmaningsun metu saka raga gampang sarining gampang sak niatku, slamet saka kersane Allah. Laailallaillallah Muhammadarrasuulullah"


·         In practice, one should lie down in his/her bed face up calmly and with eyes closed while reciting the above mantra 3 times. After that he/she should recite ‘Allah’ continuously until he/she feels sleepy and his/her body felt light as if being blown by wind.

·         At this stage he/she can open his/her eyes and ‘walk’ astral through the wall.


Method 2:


·         One should perform this ritual for 3 consecutive days. He/she should recite the Inti Nur Karomah Keys 1 time (The one and the only core supernatural power spell) and then the following prayer once:



·         Now, one should perform for a boundary protection with his/her own Tenaga Dalam and then recite: Yaa Qoyyum for a minimum of 333 times with one’s eyes closed. This exercise should be performed after each of the 5 compulsory prayers.

·         After 3 days, then he/she can do preparation to travel out of body. Before the exercise, one should recite the key once and the above prayer once and then followed by Yaa Qoyyum as above.

·         The method is that one should lie down on a not too soft bed or on floor. One can begin by concentrate onto one spot on the ceiling and recite: Yaa Qoyyuuuuuuum repeatedly and imagine that the sound came out from one’s brows and fills the entire room. At this point, one should try to increase the tone of his recitation and imagine that the echo concentrated at one’s brows. When one feels that he can no longer hold this echo, then he should release the echo towards the ceiling.

·         After some exercises, one should be able to feel that he/she is actually floating at the ceiling. At this point, he/she can open his/her eyes and survey the room. If he/she now sees another he/she is lying in the bed. Then this person has successfully performed the Astral Travel.

·         A fare word of warning: a beginner should not travel too far away from his/her room to prevent unforeseen danger.


The Inti Nur Karomah key:



2.      SYAHADAT  : 3 x

3.      SHOLAWAT NABI: 3 x

4.      ISTIGHFAR:   3 x


Ilmu Terawangan (Psychic Remote Viewing)

This practice is useful in enabling a practitioner to see spiritual world from a far and also to see the power hidden within an item, heirloom or talisman. The condition is that one must believe in God, this person should also be hard working; and patience and he/she should not rush and he/she should not give up easily.


The ritual to enable this ilmu to be absorbed:


He/she should recite the below ayat after the compulsory prayers for 1 week continuously:






After performing solat sunnah hajat for 2 rakat after midnight night, then recite ayat 1 above for 21x and ayat 2 for 1000x every night for 1 week as mentioned above.


During the night practice, one should close his/her eyes and concentrate at the place between his/her eye brows; i.e. the 3rd eye area.


Practicising To ‘Terawangan’ (See):


After one has completed the absorption of this ilmu, then he/she is ready to practise ‘seeing’. The best time is during the midnight, or after the solat maghrib or at dawn. One must find a quite place and in the dark; it is best if the place is a known haunted place.


After this person has cleaned him/herself, then please sit facing kiblat and close one’s eyes. It is best if one can burn some incense such as that of Benzoin.


One should breathe normally with long and long breathe where the inhale and exhale should be at the same pace.


After one has focus in between the 3rd eye area, recite the intention:


“Oh, God, bestow thy servant the ability to see with my psychic eye things that cannot be seen with my naked eyes.”


Now recite ayat 1 and ayat 2 above for 21x each.


One should perceive the environment with calm and ease. He/she should observe if he/she can observe s dot of light at the 3rd eye area. When the light spot is present, then one should turn his/her attention towards the light source.


After that, stare with paced breathing and find an object that one wanted to see while reciting the prayer: “Laa ilaaha illallaah” repeatedly.


It would be a norm that the light dot becomes bigger as time passes.


Please remember to use one’s psychic eye so his/her psychical eyes should still be shut so as not to be influenced by the environment.


When the picture is still not yet clear from the psychic viewing, then repeat the above exercise at the following nights. It is only by continuous tuning of one’s psychic eye that one could clean and hence sharpen his/her psychic eye.


In short, one should be diligent and have patience in this exercise.


·        For the gifted ones, then one can already see spiritual world during the absorption ilmu phase.

·      The practice of ayat 2 is best to carry on for sharpen and cure one’s psychic eye. It is suffice to practise after the dawn and maghrib prayer by reciting ayat 2 7x.


Pengasihan As Sajdah

Following pengasihan can be use for the opposite sex to love you wholeheartedly. Even a spouse who fled attracted by other people will be aware with this knowledge. Below's how:

1. Read the prayer below on every Thursday after sholat asar. For quicker response, best to do it while fasting.

Prayer :

- Ila hadroti nabiyyil mustofa Muhammad Sholallohu 'alaihi wassalam syai'un lillahilahuu Al Fatihah... (read Al Fatehah 1x)

- Wa khusuuson ila ruuhi si... (target’s name) agar... (your wish) Al Fatihah... (read Al Fatehah 1x)

- Al Ikhlas 3x

- AL Falaq 1x

- An Nash 1x

- Allohumma sholli 'ala sayyidina Muhammad Wa ala ali Sayyidina Muhammad, 11x

- Read kalimat shahadat 1x

- Then read doa surat As sajdah ayat 11 below for 40x :

"Si... (targets name)

agar... (your wish)

Bismillahirohmanirohim, Summas Tawaa ilas samaa'i wa hiya dukhoonun fa qoola lahaa wa lil ardhi'tiyaa tou'an au karhan qoolataa atainaa too'i'iin"

2. Do this for a minimal of 3 Thursday of until results seen.