Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Phra Ngan Is Not For Everyone

Many professional ladies and gentlemen who worship Phra Ngan for more 10 years came to me complaining about problems with their family, work, finance and even court cases. All of them have this doubt: Why didn’t Phra Ngan protect them all the while they gave good care to Ngan?


This troubled me for a while but finally I found the answer.


This must be due to the professions these folks engage in.


Well, a professional would most likely a salary earner or who is performing legal businesses. In Astrology terms, standard professions belonged to ‘proper business’ (正官). Their income would be 'proper income' (正财) and that their authority is 'proper authority' (正印). With these three factors, a professional should be a law abiding citizen.


Phra Ngan belongs to 'side business' (偏官), 'side income' (偏才) and illegal authority (偏印). So if a law abiding person worships Phra Ngan, this Ngan will change his/her character to 'side ways'. If this is the case and the person changes accordingly; so be it. I am not judging if the change of character will be good in this case.


I know that many of these professional ladies and gentlemen make use of Phra Ngan to gain favours from opposite sex such as money, promotion or personal favours. Such actions is contrary to their 'proper business' as such whatever given by Phra Ngan will eventually have to be vomited out eventually. If this person is in 'side business' then this would not be a problem.


A lady who is the personal secretary of a MNC director came to me complaining that her bosses wanted to sue her for what they have given to her. She asked me why her Phra Ngan didn’t protect her and she has worshipped Ngan for 10 years. I merely look at her and asked: “Did you sleep with all your bosses?”


The answer is of course a big ‘NO’. It will be over this lady’s dead body to have done so as her character is too hard to yield to anyone. Had she really slept with all her bosses, then she would not face all those court cases now days. And why is that if you may ask?


Well, we must know Phra Ngan is a ‘sex machine’, so other than an offering of liquor, ‘sex’ is also a must and that is where the Phra Ngan is energized and become more active. If this secretary was also a social escort and didn’t mind to sleep with others, she will be a happy rich lady by now.


It is too late to change anything for this secretary… Perhaps she cares to try the Phi Phop or the ‘banana spirit’? That too will present another problem… Hahaha..


The Sutra Of 33 Heaven (三十三天经)

Source from Wiki:


“The Trāyastriṃśa heaven (忉利天) is an important world of the devas in Buddhist cosmology. The word trāyastriṃśa is an adjective formed from the numeral trayastriṃśat, "33" and can be translated in English as "belonging to the thirty-three [devas]". It is primarily the name of the second heaven in Buddhist cosmology, and secondarily used of the devas who dwell there.


The Trāyastriṃśa heaven is the second of the heavens of the Kāmadhātu (欲界), and the highest of the heavens that maintains a physical connection with the rest of the world. Trāyastriṃśa is located on the peak of Sumeru (須彌山). This heaven is somehow comparable to the Greek Olympus in some respects.


The "thirty-three" in the name of the heaven is not an enumeration of the gods who live there (there are far more) but a general term inherited from Vedic mythology, implying "the whole pantheon of gods". Hindu mythology provides a full list (with some variations) of thirty-three named deities, but it is inconsistent with the Buddhist conception and mythology of these devas.”


Not many people are aware that Mountain Lu Taoism (闾山教) has a practice aimed at gaining supernatural power. This practice is known as “The Sutra Of 33 Heaven”. One must first memorize the below sutra by heart:




(Prostration to the 33 heavenly sutras coupled with meditation in the mountain, my dharma reaches to heaven. The armies of gods travels through earth, I am following the order of Buddha. I am training generals and soldiers of gods, the stars, 36 fierce armies heed my orders! I have a golden pagoda on my head, five elementals trained my body. I am practising 5 types of sutras at noon and midnight, the fire god is accompanying me. His fire entered my mouth and transformed me to an immortal. My breath turns into sword and movement causes the stones to be blown away. Heavenly generals are on my left, heavenly soldiers are on my right, I am reciting the heavenly sutras and dharma from all 5 palaces comes to me. Now the 5 thunders strike, the heavenly soldiers descended. I am transforming into millions of heavenly soldiers. My soul is hidden inside 10,000miles of mountain ranges; no one can see or find me because I am using the formula of black heaven! I am following the dharma of Mountain Lu and Amitabah Buddhaya, the octagon protects me according to the order of Master Taoist!  )  




1.      The above sutra must be recited for 49 times between 9pm to 2am.

2.      This exercise must be performed for 49 consecutive nights.

3.      After the sutra recitation, one must meditate for at least 1 hour.

4.      One must keep all the information or messages from the spiritual world to him/her as too many disclosures to a second party may cause his/her power to fade.


Last but not least, the practice to gain psychic power must be treated with sincerity and caution. As a novice, we will not be able to differentiate what types of spirits are present and many practitioners have faced with serious problems during this type of training.


Invocation Of Chinese Goddess Kali (九天玄女)

The Original Hindu Kali

The beautiful  but lethal  Taoist Kali, the guru of Huangdi (黄帝); i.e. the ancestor of Chinese Han ethnic.
Goddess Kali is worshipped in India, Indochina and China by people to gain magical power for revenge and destructions. Below is a Taoist method to request the bestowment of power by Chinese Kali, or the ‘black maiden’. She is better known as the ‘maiden of the nine heavens’ by Taoists.


The Taoist Kali looks more peaceful than the Hindu Kali and she is also known as the goddess of war and destruction. So, I think both of the goddesses are the same.


First, one must set up an altar for this black maiden. This person must also avoid eating meat products and refrained from intimate acts. When everything is readied, he/she need to recite the below mantra for 21 times to 49 times once in the morning and once at night:




(She is the holy black maiden who saves sentient beings from all ten directions; who heeds all prayers; please fulfil all my requests. I am bestowed by the heaven to drive thunders. As I am beloved by the heaven, my power is quickly bestowed within the three religions and on the Earth. I am the strongest amongst all holy beings and that the water cannot drown me, the fire cannot burn me. Now I break the earth and summons the thunder of all 5 directions with a delay. According to the seal of wind and fire, I am carrying out the order of the Taoist master!)


If one practices the above ritual for 49 consecutive days then one will received psychic power of some kind… Some people will be bestowed by sixth senses while others may be bestowed by astral travel or visions. However, I cannot guarantee that everyone will be receiving magical powers as each individual is different.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Discourse On Power Of Gods (浅谈神通)

The term ‘power of gods’ commonly used in Chinese culture generally refers to supernatural power in the West, it is synonymous in Tantric practices as ‘siddhi’. The common practices to gain these powers of gods are mainly meditation, fasting and chanting mantras.


Basically there are two ways to gain supernatural powers: gifted (果报) and trained (修炼).


The gifted folks obtained supernatural powers when they are born. People believe that it is due to their previous accumulated merits and when the karmic fruits are ripened (机缘), the power manifests automatically in these gifted folks. However, these gifted powers are not permanent. If these gifted psychics do not continue to practice or they use their powers to swindle money and flirting around; then their power will also fade accordingly. I have personally seen many of such cases and while lamenting the lost of these psychics, nobody will ever trust them again. As the saying goes:



“He prayed to the heaven, the heaven kept silent.

He then prayed to the mother earth, the earth doesn’t respond.

He turned to his fellow members, no one heeds him.”


Personally, I would think that the psychic powers obtained through training are more lasting than the gifted ones that behave as if loose cannons. Religions holistically speaking, forbid followers to gain psychic powers with an exception.  Taoism however, specifically trained to gain psychic powers through rituals, mantras and talismans.


In Buddhism, psychic powers should be treated as a byproduct of orthodox Buddhist training. The reason why the Buddha rejects the practice of psychic power is that these powers gained through many years of practices are not permanent. This standpoint is generally stated in the Vajra Sutra (金刚经):



All worldly endeavors are as if dreams and reflections on bubbles,

They are as if morning dew and also lightning.

Hence, we should treat (these efforts) as such.


I have collected some sort of training that perhaps may give the trainees some sort of supernatural power and shall be sharing here in this blog later.

Fate Characteristic Of Sing-Ma Professionals (星马专业人命理)

Over the years, I have had many opportunities to study the fates of professionals, senior executives and the like for Singapore and Malaysia. Many of them have very similar characteristics. Let me list them down for your reference, chances are that you also fall under these groups or a combination of few:


1.      Very strong personal character

a.       The character of these folks is so strong that until any blessing rituals or amulets have no effect on them. In another words, even ghosts are scared of them.

b.      These folks are normally either still single or have monetary problems.

c.       They will have aggressive personality that made them climbed up to corporate ladders before 30.

d.      They tend to hurt themselves and others.

2.      Fatal relationship problems

a.       People who fall into this group will have multiple fatal attractions due to the fact that they like to flirt a lot.

b.      These people tend to like the persons they shouldn’t.

3.      Middle age money crisis

a.       Many people will face financial problems from 40 to 70.

4.      Mostly professionals

a.       They are salary owners mainly and hence life is bored.

5.      Good life for a start

a.       Life is good during 20 to 40 years.

6.      Control freak

a.       Many folks like to be bossy and like to be in control.

7.      Keep things to themselves

a.       They like to keep things to themselves hence they will be quite lonely during old age.

8.      Problems with boss or laws

a.       Many of these people will have problems with their bosses or at least facing one or two law suits.


If you feel that you have 4 out of the 8 points match your character, especially the first one; then forget about using magic rituals or amulets to gain career advancements. It is better to start a new business than to work under people.


I have to emphasize that fate characteristic for businessmen/businesswomen and hawkers is total different. Remind me if you are interested to explore further…


Monday, July 28, 2014

All Quiet At The North-western Quarter? (西北线无战事?)

The flying star charts for year and months of 2014.

I was asked if a peace keeping troop will do any good at the NW quarter.
Well, the flying star system is a pretty reliable one, so let’s have a look for the fun of it:
In 2014 and in the 8th period, Star 5 and 9 is at the NW of Southeast Asia.
9 and 5 represent ‘the emperor’. However during July, August and September 2014, this emperor is being disturbed and hurt by the star 3; which means ‘war’ or unrest at the speed of ‘fiery thunder’ (aeroplanes down, missiles down, artilleries down etc.)
Between August and September, the star 2 drops onto the NW corner forming a combination of stars 2, 5 and 9; i.e. ‘death’ and ‘widows’. So, any interference of forces between July to September 2014 would mean trouble.
The best time to send in troops would be in the mid of November to the mid of December 2014 where these peacekeeping troops would be much prepared then.
However, if the peacekeeping troop would move from South to the North and back, then the peacekeepers would be going against the Yearly Lord (太岁) and the 3 Kills (三煞) in the months of Nov and Dec 2014 and also Jan 2015.
Looks like it would mean the peacekeepers from SEA would be engaging in actual combat with folks in SE corner with casualties… Another option is only sending peacekeepers from the West only. Perhaps that is an indication of World-War III? Something to think about…

Conversation With A Zen Master (禅公案)

Zen Buddhism (禅宗) is a branch of Buddhism spread by Bodhidharma in China during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386-534). This branch of Buddhist practice advocates the method of ‘pointing to one’s heart and hence realising one’s Buddha nature” (直指人心,见性成佛).

The Chinese scholars also praised Zen school as the other teaching of Buddha:


"One that cannot be recorded, it is transmitted outside of Buddhist doctrine."

Now days, Zen is very popular in China, Japan, Korea and in other part of the world. Zen is sometimes being practiced together with the Pure Land School (净土宗). Some scholars like to relate the practice of Zen with Dzongchen (大圆满) but I think both of them are quite different.

While I was meditating in a Zen monastery, a Zen master came to me and our conversation thus begun:

(He took a bow at me.)

Master: “Prostration to Lord Buddha!”

Me: “Which Buddha do you mean?”

Master: “There is only one Buddha shouldn’t you think so?”

Me: “You are a Buddha. All enlightened beings are Buddhas.”

Master: “Why then so many sentient beings are still suffering in the cycle of reincarnations?”

Me: “They failed to see the true Buddha nature inside them (执迷不悟).”

Master: "Am I a Buddha?"

(I took a bow and kept on meditating without answering.)

(The master smiled, retreated and walked away...)

To me, Buddha is only a title similar to 'Guru'. There are certainly many enlightened beings. The Buddha nature is inside everyone, i.e. in you and me. These enlightened beings are certainly do not limit to Buddhism alone.

However, if a talk is only a gibberish talk, then we call it ‘tongue in cheek’ (口头禅).