Saturday, October 18, 2014

Request For A Dream (祈梦)

There are many reasons why a person wants to request for a dream: for guidance or for wanting to know a thing that he or she doesn’t have an answer or no way to get a satisfactory answer by any means. This also includes those people who want to perform a magic ritual to call back a runaway.


The methods for requesting a dream from a higher being are many and vary, and the interpretation of a dream also varies; some are direct and some are not so direct. For the purpose to relieve those earnest folks to want to seek an answer, I give them the below simple ritual:


First one should offer some flowers and burns incense in front of the statue of a Buddha before he/she go to bed and recites the below mantra for 7~108 times requesting for a guidance in the dream:


“Namo ratna lisase namo alisa polutatisa parasa bhodisattva se mahasattva se tojito jirini jiri rara yiyi maha lisevalutadhri varase svaha.”


He/she should go to bed directly after reciting the above mantra without converses with other people or answering phone call. In this way, whatever the person wants to know shall be shown in his/her dream.


Although the above method is pretty simple by only reciting the above mantra faithfully, it still best to first to take a bath and clean one self and of course, it is best if one already engaged in some form of spiritual practices. The most important of all, is one must believe in this method and hence easier to be successful in getting a clear dream. If one cannot concentrates and his/her mind tends to wander off, then it is pretty difficult to get a good dream; more so to make the dream come true.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Last Words Of An Old Man (老人的遗言)

I have many times requested to perform ‘phowa’ (破瓦) or transference of consciousness (迁识) for the dying. This is the vow that I made to my guru rinpoche before he taught me the phowa ritual. Normally I only serve the poor and those who are willing to accept phowa method as a means of deliverance.


My guru’s idea is pretty simple:


“You must see how people die only then you can die properly.”


It is certainly true that Asian people don’t like to talk about death compared to the Tibetan. Consequently, when I stand in front of a dying person; it is not the dying that I need to console, but the dependents.


Just too many times that I see rich and highly educated people crying and moaning at the sick bead; there are also people bugging before the sickbed wanting to know where the old pa has kept all his money… and yet there are people arguing about which religious rituals to follow so as to create more merits etc. People would argue furiously even up to a stage that no one aware that the poor pa has long passed away.


On the other hand, the lesser well to do folks are more peaceful as most of them have accepted their fates and they are more willing to let the nature to take its courses. This also makes my work easier too.


People are afraid of dying, especially the old folks. Many times, I have to assure them that they are okay and healthy and that what they need is to have a strong fate. There is one old hawker whom I respected very much because of what he said before he passed away.


As usual, I was called to the sickbed of the old man. He was just lying peacefully in the bed. All his dependents were at his bed weeping and kept asking the pa, the husband not to leave them and go. They held the old man’s hands and shake his shoulders until one point; the old man opened his eyes and uttered his final words:




“Regardless if we had good time or otherwise together;

there is no need to repeat what we have gone through in the next life.”


After he has said these words, I quickly asked the old man to think of Amitabah and then made a short supplication to the lineage gurus. As soon as the old man’s head dropped; I shouted: “Hi! Phat!” and the old man had gone for good.


The old man’s last words have echoed in my mind for a very long time: indeed it is our urge to ‘repeat’ what we had missed in this life that causes us to be trapped in this cycle of birth and rebirth. I am sure that this old man was the reincarnation of a Bodhisattva as his final words indicated he has hidden wisdom more than that of an ordinary monk!

What Love Means (情为何物?)

I am in no position to give advices concerning love affairs for I am only an occultist. Having said so, there are just too many people with love problems came to me in the hope to call back their lost loves.


Before I go on, let me quote two famous sentences form the work “catching fish-remarks from goose grave” (摸鱼儿·雁丘辞) by a famous writer, Yuan Haowen (元好问) from Jin and Yuan Dynasty:



“I ask the world: what love means? It is a binding affair until the death.”


Poets and writers normally described loves as poignant and enchanting, but for an astrology standpoint; love cannot be kept by whatever means. When love comes, one has to embrace it; when love turned sour, then we will have to let it go. There is no other means to retain a lost love. The more we grasp onto the faded love, the sadder we shall become and hence loosing sights of further coming opportunities. Regardless of if what religion said, we only live once and most of the time, there is no second chance.


In case of anyone wanting to bring back lost loves, I would advise just to let go: if the person is destined to be his/hers; then he/she shall come back by his/her own. To me, there is nothing such as ‘die together’ or ‘fatal love affairs’. My worries are that too many people who came to me showing a tendency of hurting themselves and their lost loves.


In fact, embracing and letting go is part of our life learning; without letting go, then we shall simultaneously lose sight of coming opportunities too. If you wonder the full posting of “catching fish” is as below:




问世间、情是何物,直教生死相许。 天南地北双飞客,老翅几回寒暑。 欢乐趣,离别苦。就中更有痴儿女,君应有语, 渺万里层云,千山暮雪,只影为谁去。 横汾路,寂寞当年萧鼓。荒烟依旧平楚,招魂楚些何嗟及。 山鬼自啼风雨,天也妒。未信与、莺儿燕子俱黄土。 千秋万古。为留待骚人,狂歌痛饮,来访雁邱处。


Catching Fish


Asking this world, what love means? It is a thing that binds even to the death.

The guest that flies to and fro from the southern sky to the northern earth,

With these aged wings repeatedly for a few winters and summers.

The happiness is fun while the separation is sorrowful.

There are yet some silly men and ladies;

You would say:

“In the remote miles of clouds,

after thousands of mounts and evening snows;

for whom this lonely silhouette heading towards?”

The road that cross the river,

The loneliness of deserted war drums,

Isolated smoke still rises on the piece of vast ground,

Even that I have summoned lost souls of previous battlefield,

No one had come.

The howling of mountain spirits transforms into wind and rain,

Even the sky has shown its jealousy.

If you do not believe, then look at the orioles and swallows;

Aren’t they already buried into the yellow soil?


Over thousands and millions of years,

All that only waits for a poet,

Come here to sing wildly and get drunk,

Come and visit the grave of goose.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Strange Encounters In Austria

About 8 years ago, I was assigned to participate in a technology transfer project in Europe. At that time I was required to travel between Regensburg, Germany and Villach in Austria monthly for about 6 months or so. So, the company arranged me to stay in a hotel when I was in Villach and vice versa when I was again in Regensburg.


I like both of the places especially the Villach with beautiful and clean drinking water quality streams flowing down from the Alps. There is one particular thing that kept bringing my memory back about the hotel that I was staying in. The hotel is in the middle of a cornfield, about 10km from Villach town and I think it is haunted by the spirit of a little girl. As I heard that the daughter of the hotel owner died at a very young age and there is a small shrine setup to commemorate her young soul.


I was staying in the Villach hotel together with a few colleagues and at times we went out together after work. Since we almost had the whole floor to ourselves, we seldom lock our doors. On one occasion when the whole gang was about to go out for bar hopping, Alice was still nowhere to be found. So, I hurried to Alice’s room to check her out.


When I was in front of Alice’s door, I gave a few knocks and called her name. The door suddenly opened jarred just enough to let me looked into the pitched black room. At this point, I thought I saw the silhouette of Alice moving fairly quickly across the room; at least I thought the figure looked like Alice. Well, to tell you the truth; I didn’t really dare to peep inside Alice’s room in the fear of she may be just changing her clothes. And after a while, I gave out another yell: “Hey, Alice! You don’t want to stop the world from turning would you? The whole world is waiting for you…”


Just before I finished my words, Alice’s voice echoed at my back: “Hold your houses! I was just doing my laundry…”


Now the question came into my mind: If Alice was at the laundry room, who did open the door? And if the silhouette is not Alice, then who or what was it?


There is another occasion; I was sleeping in my room and the IT guy, Mr. Tan actually ‘saw’ me walking into the kitchen and ignored his greetings… I was in a dark until he gave me some cynical remarks in the morning. Hmm… I still have no answer as who was the other Mr. Liew that Mr. Tan saw… Perhaps it was the spirit of the little girl that played a prank on both of us?


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dummy's Guide In Detecting Haunted House

There are indeed many means to detect if a house has invisible occupants without resort to sixth senses sort of things. In olden days, a person can use a compass to see if a house is haunted; if a compass needle swings vigorously, then chances are spirits are present in the house. But this trick seldom works now days as modern household will have many electronic gadgets that produce electromagnetic fields; if not, then power cables that run underground will affect the compass readings too.


Of course, the so-called modern ghost hunters use electromagnetic detectors, infrared sensors and thermometers to detect the presence of spirits in the vicinity. But for an ordinary potential house buyer like you and me, it is perhaps not so polite to carry out a full fledge investigations with those ghost hunter gadgets; especially if we need to survey a few houses in a row.


Have no fear; there is a very simple method for potential house buyers to see if a house is haunted. The method is simple but requires some practise:


You must do the below before you go into a house for the first time; first stand in front of the main door. Then take a deep breath and hold your breath. You should now open the door slowly and while doing so, have your eyes half closed and take a step into the door brim. At this point your position should be one leg in the house and the other leg out.


Now, slowly scan the house and if the house indeed has ‘something’ in side, then you should be able to see white shadows, black shadows or green shadows moving across your vision. You should keep what you see to yourself only for if you speak out loud, whatever there is in the house shall follow you home.


Only if you dare, then walk into the house and you should feel that the house though big and empty; you shall feel a sense of pressure in such an empty house. It is also likely that there is a strong foul smell, a sense of coldness or hot or even a gust of wind out from nowhere.


If you sense that there is a presence, then leave the place quickly and don’t return home straight. Instead, please stop over to a restaurant for a drink; or go to a shopping mall for window shopping. You don’t need to buy anything; the idea is just to lose the entities that may follow you from the haunted house.


It is best to take a bath or at least wash your hands and feet, and then fumigate yourself and your house before doing other business. These additional steps will clean off residual energies that may attach to your body, or else injuries by falling or accidents may occur at some later time. So, beware.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Who Is Crying On The Other Side?

This story is told to me by Ann who is a local part-time movie actress. She at times receives some calls to make movie shots so Ann needs to be quite mobile in her work. Some of the scripts would require Ann to act as a lady ghost and for a more realistic effect; most of the ghost stories are actually filmed on a haunted site.


Just a couple of months ago, Ann was appointed by a local director to make appearance in a ghost film at a former Japanese headquarters which is now an abandoned building and a reputed haunted building located at Fraser's Hill.


So the story goes, the whole of the film crew arrived at the bungalow at evening time and while the technicians were setting up the lighting and cameras, Ann gave the director a notice that she would take a nap in a quiet room upstairs in case he needed her for the role play.


It would actually take the technical crews a few hours for the setup and testing and the actual shooting would probably begin late at night, further Ann would have to wait for her turns for the filming. At times, it would be quite possible for the whole team to stay at the filming site for a few days or so… well, they can’t just leave their expensive equipments unattended.


After Ann has isolated herself from the crew, she soon fell asleep as the Fraser's Hill is a highland and the temperature is much cooler than the lowland area and it is actually very comfy to sleep with a thick blanket on…


It seemed that the sun sets early at highland area, soon it was dark and Ann can’t recall for how long she has fallen asleep and suddenly, she heard the sound of some crying in the next room: “Whooooo… warrr… Ooooo… U…”


Though Ann felt extremely curious as who would cry in that type of sorrowful tone, and suddenly the word ‘ghost’ lingered in her mind; so she continued to cover her head with her blanket while murmuring in her heart: “If you’re a ghost, go to see the director…” And oddly, the moaning sound stopped for a while.


As Ann thought the ‘spirit’ has left her alone, the familiar creepy moaning sound continued again: “Whooooo… Ohhh… Uuu…” This time the weeping tone became more horrible and goose bumps begun to develop all over her body.


This time Ann said again in her heart: “If you have issues, go and see Mr. Liew…” And strangely, the sound paused for a while. At this point, Ann felt curious and decided to go out to investigate as she has heard the building was haunted but she didn’t think the spirit was so powerful in making those horrible creepy noises.


Well, as soon as Ann has stepped out of her room, she at once saw a long haired lady in white gown and the lady has a pair of long fangs! Ann immediately gave out a fearful high pitched shriek: “Help! Pontianak!” and fainted…


When Ann regained her consciousness, her director and a paramedic were at a side; together with the ‘pontianak’… Apparently the ‘pontianak’ was also a temporary actress who did some vocal training prior to shooting in a room just next to where Ann has fallen asleep…


Hmm… perhaps I should say at this point that, not what you ‘see’ is a ‘ghost’… just a thought. Well, don’t laugh… for next joker would probably be you… Hahaha!

Taboo When Using Karak Expressway

The most haunted expressway in Malaysia.
The Kuala Lumpur–Karak Expressway or Karak Expressway, is also known as Karak Highway which is a 60-kilometre (37 miles) controlled-access highway or motorway in Malaysia connecting Kuala Lumpur to the town of Karak in Pahang.


This expressway is thought to be the most haunted express way in Malaysia and if one googles ‘Karak Expressway’ then he/she can find many interesting ghost stories about Karak Expressway:


·         Eaten alive by a Pontianak

·         The yellow Volkswagen

·         Sighting of a small boy


Well, I am not about to repost all of the stories above as anyone can easily find these stories on-line. I just want to share some taboos when using Karak Expressway, especially at night. These tips are given to me by those drivers who frequently plying from KL to Karak at night due to work or business needs:


The most important thing is of course; have your car checked before travelling especially at night. I supposed this is a common sense as having car troubles in the midst of a night is no funny matters. This is common sense, but as careful drivers; we ought to take care of our cars anyway.


Now, the second thing when travelling at night through Karak Expressway is that unless necessary, avoid looking at the rear mirror, or side mirrors in that matters especially when you are driving alone. The reason is that you might ‘inadvertently’ see an ‘invited guest’ sitting at the back of your car!


I am not making things up but a friend of mine known as Saiful who is a coordinator of a film company and due to his work requirements, he has to travel on short notices. At one point, Saiful travelled from KL to the East Coast almost weekly to coordinate a film shooting for 6 months or so; needless to say, he travelled at night so that work can be done during the day.


The first few trips were relatively peaceful, until one night; Saiful was again travelled on short notice from his boss. It was a rainy Friday night, and Saiful just passed the KL toll and he was driving slowly as he knew that this expressway is an accident hot spot. The traffic wasn’t heavy at night, there were only occasional car light observed from the opposite lane whooshed by and disappeared from the sight.


Saiful has the habit of occasional checking the rear mirror in case if there is any fast moving vehicle from the back. This is quite normal as some cars travel without turning on their headlights. This just as if any other occasions that Saifu habitually veered at his rear mirror to check for an overtaking vehicle; he suddenly found a long haired figure sat at his backseat!


He immediately got a shock out of his living daylight! Saiful’s heart palpitated and sweat started to roll down from his forehead. And Saiful decided to take a second look just to make sure that he wasn’t having a delusion.


To his horror, the figure was still there sitting quietly! There weren’t anything Saiful could do but to drive on while reciting ‘Bismillah’ (in the name of God) continuously. Saiful can’t recalled how long the figure was in his car, but just when his car was about to approach the toll at Karak, he heard the sound of his rear door opened and shut as if someone or something has alighted from his car. As his natural reflexes, he turned around and see the figure no more… Perhaps the figure just wanted to have a hitchhike or ‘tumpang’ for a short distance…


According to Saiful, after the initial incidents; the long haired figure hitch hiked his car for a few occasions during his six month assignments. But since the ‘thing’ only sat there quietly and left without disturbing Saiful, he wasn’t frighten anymore after that and live to tell his story to me later.


I supposed that the moral of the story is: “jangan pandang belakang!” (Don’t look back) when you are driving alone in the expressway at night. I have some pal who nearly kaput in an auto accident as his steering wheel jammed in that particular expressway too… I will keep the story for now and tell you later.