Monday, August 31, 2015

Taoist Out Of Body Exercise (道家出神观)

The Taoist out of body exercise is self-explanatory.

Same as with the western magic, the Taoist also has his/her own way of going out of body. The Taoist calls this the 'soul exits' (出神). Of course, there are many different ways on how one's soul can exit one's body: though meditation, through mantra recitation and through rituals.

The most proper way of out of body (OOB) method is called the 'yang soul exiting' (出阳神). This can only be done through proper meditation methods. Only when one's soul is purified completely and it is transformed into golden body that his/her soul is able to travel freely in and out of his/her body without any hindrances.

Another method of out of body is called the 'yin soul exiting' (出阴神). In this type of OOB, a person's soul can exit his/her body through certain rituals. For example one can use a mirror, incantations, spirits and talismans to travel out of his/her body. In this case, since the person has not purified his soul into golden form; hence his soul is weak and prone to psychic attack.

A third method of going OOB is through the use of Big Dipper Steps (七星罡). This is the somehow 'restricted' type of OOB as one normally travels out and up to the heaven through the ascending of the Big Dipper to meet with his/her Taoist master for advice and guidance.

I have not ventured to use it in any other way but for a more creative you, perhaps you may travel OOB using this method and let me know your experiences. Since I am bound by my oath of not using this Bid Dipper Steps for any other purposes but not you. So you may do as you wish but please remember how you ascend, then the descending should be in a reverse order.

Another note is that, ascending the Big Dipper is normally to meat with spirits of heavenly orders and it is quite safe. But one has to be pure hearted and sincere as the gods and goddesses are at times arrogant and quick tempered. So try not offend them in any way...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Story Of Flying White Shirt (会飞的白衣)

My friend Ah Long is a loan shark who stays in a high rise apartment near Penang jetty down town. Since there area is a residential area where majority of the tenants are labourers and hawkers, Ah Long’s business is always good. People who failed to repay their debts are scared of Ah Long because he has many means to squeeze money out of his debtors. I would at time pay Ah Long a visit when he needs some consultations.

This is a story about Ah Long’s strange encounter with flying white shirt.

This year’s ghost festival is nearing the end. One midnight Ah was sitting in the living room watching ghost movies. His TV is located below the apartment main window and the main window is always opened for one reason: this eases Ah Long to see whoever walk pass his apartment especially those defaulters and potential money borrowers.

So the story goes, in the midst of the night and Ah Long was gazing at the TV aimlessly. Suddenly he saw a white shirt ‘flying’ across Ah Long’s window towards the left end of the corridor. At first, Ah Long thought it was his hallucination. But after a few minutes, the same white shirt again ‘flew’ in front of the window towards the right end of the corridor…

Although Ah Long is not a timid man, he is a superstitious one; he immediately thought that he has seen a ‘good brother’. Perhaps he has not make offerings this year due to his ‘poor’ business and gambling luck or perhaps he pissed in the street a few nights before after drinking too much in a pub down town.

The then panic Ah Long immediately turned his TV volume into burst mode and jumped into his bed and covered his body with blanket until the next day. Soon the news of Ah Long’s encounter with the flying white shirt spread all over the community.

At this time, Ah Long already bed ridden suffering fever and at times chill all over. His mother asked a few spirit mediums to perform exorcism ceremonies in Ah Long’s place and according to them Ah Long didn’t make offerings to the good brothers so they ‘show’ themselves to warn Ah Long. So Ah Long need to pay to perform a grand food offering rituals to appease the spirits and that would cost $3,600.

On hearing the cost, Ah Long’s mid immediately awakened and he gave me a call as my charge is only $100, which is more economical. So I answered Ah Long’s call and within 20 minutes, I was in front of his place with a compass. Before I opened my compass… One of Ah Long’s neighbours known as Mr. Tan saw me and pulled me aside. Mr. Tan said:

“Haiya! That was me who passed through Ah Long’s window with a piece of white shirt that night. I owed Ah Long $200 and had no money to pay him as yet. That night, I was having supper in the mamak store but I forgot to bring my wallet. So, I returned home to get some money. Unfortunately, I had to pass through Ah Long’s window as the route is shorter. In order that Ah Long would not realize that was me, I took off my white shirt in the hope to block his view…”

After listening to what Mr. Tan has said, I told him not to worry as I would pay his $200 debt with Ah Long. Mr. Tan thanked me and went into his house.

After that, I went to see Ah Long and told him that he has offended a headless white shirt sprit and needs $200 to perform the food offering ceremony. Since my offer is cheaper, Ah Long agreed.

Before I returned home, I took a detour and visited Mr. Tan to thank him for his candid confession; at the same time also to pass him $200 so that he can pay his debt. Surprising enough, Ah Long recovers after my visit. He is so grateful that he offered me a loan with special interest rate but I only declined with a smile.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Taoist Tumour Transference Method (肿瘤搬运术)

The mysterious tumour transference method.

Tumour transference method is a simple Taoist folk ritual used to remove boils, carbuncles, tumours quite effectively. This method can also be used to remove spirits that possess a person.

A factory manger had dangerously high blood pressure and arrhythmia. He was hospitalized five times within two months time for emergency treatment and consequently spent hundred thousand dollars. Yet the cause of his problem remained unknown. After some detailed diagnosis, the doctor told his wife that the manager’s brain has a 1cm tumour but it was virtually impossible to operate. He came to my master and he only treated the manager thrice and the manager subsequently recovered and lived for another 10 years.

I have not learnt this ritual though I know the method. In order that this ritual is not lost in time, I share it with you here.

The method is pretty simple but it needs to be carried out at night and at a place where trees are growing and not so many people around. First, the patient is asked to be seated and the Taoist only needs to draw the ‘transfer talisman’ with mudra 1 at the place where tumour is located. After this is done, the Taoist should quickly walk to a tree and then use mudra 2 to draw the ‘transfer talisman’ at the tree trunk. For a person who is terminally ill, the tumour can be transferred into a chicken. This will not kill the chicken, instead it will live healthier.

Of course, one must be initiated as a Taoist and be connected with his/her lineage gurus before this ritual can be used to cure others effectively. Please don't try it as I just skim through the ritual as I am too lazy to type out the complete ritual.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Incantations In Traditional Thai Medicine (古泰医必学咒语)

Now days, no one practically learn about incantations or ‘khata’ in Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM) anymore. I think it is not complete to dismiss the spiritual sides of TTM and only goes for the physical treatment aspects. But it is not for me to advocate the use of incantations to general public although I personally use many of the ‘khata’ in treating my own illnesses with excellent results.

Instead of giving a list of ‘khata’, let us go over how these ‘khata’ are used.

For example:

A formula for preventing illnesses in winter such as flue, cough and digestive problems needs to grind the following herbs together:

·         Coriandrum Sativum (芫荽)
·         Holarrhena Antidysentiea Wall (止泻木)
·         Acorus Gramineus (菖蒲)
·         Momordica Charantia (野苦瓜)

The pulverized herbal formula is then consumed with Citrus Medica (佛手).

In old TTM, those herbs need to be empowered before hand with the below ritual:

First the guru is invoked to bless the healer and the patient with the below khata (abridged):

Wantiduwa sivasapati sipang tipamantaneng sindijaiyang palindumie (3x)

Then the king of herbs, in this case the Citrus Medica is invoked with the below khata:

Siddhigenjang siddhikan siddhigalatathagatang siddhi tejena ganmiena ahjaliyang namamihan! (3x)

And then the four ingredients above are empowered with the below khata:

Orkana mahakana orana maharana jijupengpan paya tiweinasiandhi soha!

Finally all of the herbs are again empowered to enhance their healing effects:

Satusuniantu panto sivate rukawana wasianto amasami sitisajatumie mamawenti! (3x)

Of course the TTM is not the only healing school using incantations, the Ayurveda, Taoist cults and Tibetan healing systems etc. also practise one kind of incantation or another. Perhaps we can explore other systems in future.

On the surface, it seems the above are mumbo jumbo to modern folks, but perhaps we have missed out the main point: we human are not made of just physical body. If we only treat our body and ignoring the spiritual sides; how then can we be healed completely? No wonder why modern folks suffer from so many incurable sicknesses! That is something for us to think about… 

The Applied Seven Star Steps (七星斗罡法)

The mysterious Big Dipper in Taoism.

For the benefits of those friends who have practiced the Seven Star Steps, I would now disclose how the Seven Stars can be utilized in helping our daily rituals. Below is additional information for your reading pleasure. I have intentionally left out details of altar set ups and the Taoist ‘guru yoga’ for simplicity. Having said so, this may still be quite difficult to read for many people due to the ritualistic nature of the wordings.

Basically the Seven Star Steps are performed before Taoist rituals proper for various reasons. There are 8 methods on how the Seven Star can be used:

First, the ‘top and bottom steps’ (戴履斗):

This star steps is used to chase away and to burn out all evil spirits prior to any Taoist rituals. In performing this star steps, a Taoist should hold a ritual sword in front of his chest and then walk the star steps. In addition, he/she should visualize that the Big Dipper (北斗) is on top of his/her head and that he/she is walking on the Big Dipper. During the star walk, the person should think there is a fire ball at the tip of his/her ritual sword. This fire ball grows bigger for each step this person walks until the fire ball chases away all evil spirits.

But let me just hold you at this point as it is enough to chase away the evil spirits and not to kill them. So the visualization should stop just right after the spirits are gone and not letting the sword fire fills the universe!

Second, the ‘meeting the immortal steps’ (朝真斗)

Ideally one should have a Taoist communication tablet (神简).

In this exercise one should just imagine that his/her soul is exiting the top of his/her head while walking the seven steps. This is like the soul is climbing a ladder to reach to the heavens where the Taoist immortals are staying. After one’s soul has said what he/she wants, it must descend back into the person’s body.

Thirdly, the ‘summoning of heavenly general steps’ (召将斗)

After a Taoist has met with his/her heavenly masters and obtained approvals, he/she shall be able to summon the heavenly generals to help in his/her rituals. In this exercise, the person should again hold his/her ritual sword and walk the seven star steps while commanding these heavenly entities to obey his/her orders.

The fourth is the ‘ascending steps’ (升斗)

During and after the Taoist rituals, a Taoist must keep his/her meditative concentration. In order to maintain this concentration, he/she should visualize the seven stars is shining brightly on his/her head protecting him/her form disturbance of evil entities.

The fifth is the ‘sleeping steps’ ( 卧斗)

A person’s soul is the weakest when he/she sleeps. So, in order to prevent spiritual disturbances during sleep such as hag ride one should imagine that he/she is blanket by the seven stars.

I often practise this ‘sleeping steps’ before I sleep and it is an excellent method to ward off any spiritual interferences.

The sixth is the ‘house steps’ (舍斗)

This step is normally used when one meditates same as with the fifth steps.

The seventh is the ‘remembering guru steps’ (存真斗)

The ‘remembering guru steps’ is an important procedure because a Taoist shall be able to consult his/her guru whenever in need or in emergency. In this step, same as with the ‘ascending steps’, one imagines that he/she has ascended up to heaven and hence accepts advices from the heavenly masters.

The eighth step is the ‘subduing steps’ (制伏斗)

When one is disturbed during meditation by spirits or black magic, then he/she should first calm his/her mind and imagining that he/she is wearing the seven stars as clothing and remains in meditative mode. All attacks shall be revoked automatically.

All of the above are very brief descriptions on how the Seven Star Steps are used in ritual and daily life. Traditionally, Taoist rituals are taught face to face and it is difficult to describe them in detail. I supposed it is sufficient for the moment until next time.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Luban Magic Initiation (鲁班术入门)

Luban magic as we have discussed before is magic learnt by previous artisans and some Feng Shui masters in old days. If we are to compare, then Luban magic should be learnt by civil engineers or the like.

Previously I did not have too much information on how Luban magic practitioners are initiated until a few weeks ago an old man from China came to me and passed me some Luban magic books. Amongst the titles are Luban Sutras (鲁班经) and Smallwood Sutra (小木经). The old man said that he doesn’t want to bring these Luban magic rituals to his grave and that he wanted to go peacefully. So, he wanted to pass this burden onto my shoulders… Lucky me!

Well, for the knowledge of MagicSEA readers, I shall impart this awful secret just for sharing purposes. It is not recommended anyone to try the star steps or bad consequences may happen to the persons who tried these initiation steps. Traditionally the one who wishes to learn Luban Magic must make a vow and the vow varies according to various Luban traditions. In order that one’s magic works, a disciple must make a vow of: cripple (), poor () or lonely (). In some instances, one of the three elements is replaced with short life ().

First one should set up a Luban Master Tablet (鲁班先师位) on the Southern side of his/her house. When everything is ready, then the person should burn some incense in front of the Luban Master at noon time requesting to be impart the secrets of Luban magic. After that, facing the Master Tablet, the inspired person should walk the Later Heaven Bagua Steps (后天八卦步) to honor the master:

After that he/she continue to walk the Former Heaven Bagua Steps (先天八卦步) for protection:

Now, the disciple should face the east and use his sword mudra (剑指) to draw the Chinese characters 立残 (Immediately cripple) on the ground and then steps onto these characters, and then he/she faces the west and draw 立孤 (immediately lonely) and do the same, and the north 立贫 (immediately poor) and finally the south 回原 (return to normal).

There are more mantras and steps same as other folk cults such as requesting for magical power and spiritual assistant. For brief, I shall not go into the details at this time.

According to the old man, once a person has walked the star steps, he/she is deemed worthy of inheriting all Luban magic in the books he has given to me. I thanked for the old man’s generosity but declined to learn his Luban magic. But I promised him that I shall put his Luban works beside my altar and burn incense daily for as long as I can.

Seriously, just a fair word of warning: please don’t practise any of the star steps for I am not sure what will happen to the persons who tried them as I have no idea of the after effects.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Celebrating New Lives (新生命)

My friends went to India to perform exploration from North to South. So I asked them to bring me some local plant seeds. And indeed, one month later, they passed me some seeds and I planted some of the seeds into my flower pots and this is what I get one month after planting those seeds...

Arisaema Jacquemonti seedlings 1 month old.

I planted 24 seeds and 6 germinated. It is amazing as Arisaema Jacquemonti can be found at 2400m in the Himilayas which needless to say, is at extreme cold temperature. Bearing in mind, Malaysia is hot and warm all year round. What attracted me is how the seeds are germinated... If you look carefully at the centre seedling you will notice that a leaf came out  from the back of the seedling giving one the impression that it is parasitic nature. That reminded me of the movie 'Alen' where small aliens came out of the stomachs of their victims...

Arisaema Jacquemonti mature plant

Another interesting plant that has also germinated is the Arisaema Murayi from south-west side of India. Arisaema Murayi can be found at below 1200m level Indian forests.

New Arisaema Murayi shoots just emerged yesterday... Nothing much to see at this point.

Arisaema Murayi mature plant is one of the most beautiful Arisaema plant known.

I don't know if both plants can grow alright in hot Malaysian weather... but let's stay tune...