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Annihilation Of Fox Spirit (狐妖灭形记)

This is one of the most bizzare case I have come across. It is said that whoever being possessed by a fox spirit; the end of his or her eyes will slant upwards!
Fox spirits are uncommon in Tropical Southeast Asia. There are many stories describing foxes as charming and cunning and they can attract attentions. So there are many people worship foxes in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China. In northern part of China, foxes are worshipped together with weasels and snakes.


What I am going to describe now is taken from my Taoist master’s note book of a real case that happened about 30 years ago in Pulau Ketam. This is a pretty sensational case and some older folks may still have some memory of it even till today.


 The fox spirit I will be describing now was a fierce one and it wasn’t like anything described in old stories. So here is the real case of fox spirit versus a Taoist told to you first hand:


The victims of this story were from a quite well to do fisherman family. They were known as Lai family. The Lai family was led by Mr. Lai and Mrs. Lai with two sons and a daughter. Both of the sons were married except the youngest daughter.


According to the narration that Lai family has inherited a wooden fox statue from their ancestors from China. When the Lai grandparents migrated to Pulau Ketam, they brought the fox statue with them. It was said the statue was from the Dragon Tiger Mountain (龙虎山) in JiangXi (江西).


Things went on pretty smoothly when grandpa and grandma Lai was around as the fox statue was pretty well taken care of. However, once the old folks passed away, no one wanted to worship the fox spirit and the statue was tugged away in a cabinet.


After some dog gone years, the wife of Mr. Lai's eldest son Mei Lin got pregnant. Everyone in Lai's family was happy for her especially good old Mr. Lai as this would be his first grandchild.


Six months passed and one day Mei Lin was helping the family member to tense salted fish and she accidentally slipped and her baby was miscarriage. Everyone was then thought that was an accident and consoles Mei Lin so as not to feel too grief.


Business was as usual for the Lai family until a year later when Mr. Lai’s second son accidentally tripped over his fishing net and fell overboard. His body was found by the local marine police a day later.


Now with two mishaps within two consecutive years, Mr. Lai thought something was wrong but after consulting all the available mediums in the vicinity; the answers they got was only mere pure luck.


Another year passed, now it was Mr. Lai’s youngest daughter, Laura started to behave pretty strange. Well, she acted like a dog at the first glance but both of her eyes slanting upwards at the ends indicating that it was a fox.


At this point, the Lai family was almost crippled with two family members gone and one insane. Mr. Lai didn’t have the mood to fish anymore and he has spent almost of his saving just to find remedies to cure Laura.


Perhaps the luck was on Mr. Lai’s side as when Mr. Lai almost given up hope in searching for able persons to save his family around Malaysia, he went to Singapore and there he bumped into my Taoist master Tsui Hong quite accidentally.


Without hesitation, Master Tsui Hong followed Mr. Lai to his house in Pulau Ketam and he asked Mr. Lai to prepare an earth urn filled with a piece of red cloth, a piece of white flower and a mirror. The earth urn was to be placed at the center of the house for a night and Tsui Hong will meditate at some distance from the urn at night.


As recalled by my master later, the above assembly will force whatever is in the house to materialize into the urn. So Tsui Hong waited patiently until he saw a beam of bizarre white light went into the  urn and he immediately sealed the opening of the urn with a piece of red talismanic cloth. At this point a shriek came from Laura’s room and a bump followed later, indicating someone has fallen onto the floor.


Everyone was startled and rushed into Laura’s room to find Laura has fainted. People started to sprinkle water onto Laura’s face and soon Laura had regained consciousness and started to enquire why everybody was beside her. It appeared that Laura has no recollection of what had happened to her so far.


No one dares to touch the urn until the day breaks. By now, the news has spread all over the village and big crowds had gathered outside Mr. Lai’s house. Everyone was keen in knowing what was inside the urn.


When the time is right, Master Sui Hong broke the seal and to every spectator’s surprised out it came was the wooden figure of a fox! My master wouldn’t want to be too merciful to this fox spirit so he asked for an axe and chopped down the head of the figure…


As to every spectator’s horror, blood splashed out from the neck of the wooden fox as if it was a real thing!! No one can explain why blood can hide in an old antique wooden fox. The foul smell of blood continued to stay around the place although the floor was washed several times.


Whatever the case may be, Mr. Lai’s life went back to normal since the ‘execution’ of the fox spirit. That was recorded in my master’s note book as the above case is one of the most bizarre case he has came across during his years of becoming a Taoist.

Ghost Stories From A Radio DJ (电台鬼故事)

I have a friend he was once a DJ with a famous radio station here in Kuala Lumpur. After some kind of ‘spiritual’ experiences, he decided to quit and now he is a salesman of smart phones.


Let’s call this friend of my DJ. I came across him when I was doing a Feng Shui audit for a shop in Damansara Utama a few weeks ago; DJ was a friend of the shop owner Mr. Liao. After the audit, Mr. Liao invited us for a dinner and for a chat since we were no strangers figuratively speaking.


As you know that I have a big mouth, so I start asking DJ of his sudden change of job. It was really a surprised as DJ likes to work in radio station a lot and I remembered of DJ’s wish to work in the radio station until he retires…


It appeared that Mr. Liao also wanted to know, so after some persuasions, DJ took a sip of tea laid back in his chair and start recalling:


“You know that a DJ is required to work on shifts. At time a DJ has to work alone throughout the night and I have had my fair share of supernatural experiences while working on night shifts.


The scariest of all that I have experienced was during the Chinese ghost month about a year ago. I knew something was wrong on that night when I accidentally knocked off some joss sticks and candles when I was on my way to work…


As usual, I started my work from 7pm to 7 am and it was a Friday night and there were only a handful of people in the building… I was alone in the sound proof recording room playing some old songs. Nothing too unusual until midnight and the period between midnight and dawn is actually the best time to work as it lacks the daytime hectic and there weren’t too many callers.


It was perhaps about 2am when I felt an urgency to pee, so I immediately started the player to play an oldie “When Will You Return?” (何日君再来). After that, I left the recording room and rushed upstairs as there is no toilet on my floor...


Strange things started to happen just as when I was walking towards the toilet... The light above me suddenly went off when I was immediately underneath it and when I moved away, the light came back by itself! There were about 5 lights in a row and they went on and off just as if disco lights when I walked under them!!


After I answered the call of nature, I quickly rushed back to my recording room and to my relief; the lightings were operating okay and no more strange reoccurrences. As I stepped into the recording room, the song that I was playing somehow jumped to “I’m Waiting For Your Returning…” (我等着你回来)!


Just to let you know that it is a taboo amongst all DJs to play the song “I’m Waiting For Your Returning” at night as it invites ghosts and nostalgic spirits of old.


Well, that was my first story…


You know that a radio recording room is a pretty haunted place as there is no natural light come into it. When we are doing the recordings, we will never look up as we are afraid to see ‘something’ floating above.


My pa used to tell me that ghosts like to listen to songs and especially oldies…


So this was another night session and I just had to finish a new recording for the Chinese New Year… During the recording, I forgotten the taboo and unintentionally veered my sight to the top left corner of the recording room. From the mirror reflection, I can see a face with blurred features was looking at my direction! I couldn’t tell if it is a male or female as it was just a blurred feature.


In other separate incidents, I was locked from outside in a few times when I was doing my late night recording… only to hear a burst of disembodied laughter when my colleague had to open the door for me while scratching his head on how I can lock myself from outside…


There were numerous shoulder tapping incidents and just to find no one was at my back but those were only chicken feed compared to the above.


The final episode actually saved my life, I was doing my recording one night and somehow I heard a fine voice called up, “run for your life!”


The voices repeated a few rounds and instinctively I raised my head and saw thick smoke outside of the recording room! Had it not for the voice, I would be a charcoal by now as you know you can never hear any outside voice from a sound proof room.


Well now that you have heard my stories, do you think they are real?”


Religions & Occult Bring Troubles (巫祝为祸殃)

Religious people criticize Feng Shui as superstitious, but do you know that Feng Shui can actually predict that religions and occult practices actually bring trouble to our modern times?


For folks who know Flying Star Feng Shui, we are currently experiencing the 8th period (2004 – 2023) and this period is ruled by element earth which also refers to young males. So, this is the time for our younger generation to excel and the most probable business would be something related to housing and property markets.


The period before 7th (1984-2003) which was ruled by elemental metal and refers to young females, entertainment, occult sciences and religions. It wasn’t a surprise that during the 7th period religious and occult activities flourishes together with entertainment industries.


In Flying Star, each period has a ruling element and it is the strongest for that time and whatever businesses related to that particular element excel. However, once its time has lapsed, then this element becomes a problem. In Flying Star technical term, this is called ‘fading chi’ (退气) if the time is not too far away or ‘dead chi’ (死气) if the period is a little too far.


So, in the 8th period, everything related to the 7th period is fading its influence. Naturally, religious and occult items are things of the past. We probably will not see too many issues at this time as we are only 11 years into the 8th period...


Having said so, religious troubles in Africa, Middle East, Far East, Asia and some part of the world begin to surface lately; this is perhaps related to the waning of 7th period. There is another saying amongst Feng Shui community that:



"The fading chi of the 7th period sees occult and religions as source of troubles."


In I Ching, the number 7 refers to young female, while the number 8 refers to young male. Putting them together forms 'female over male' which is a symbol of intimate relationship (泽山咸卦). Since this relationship is not proper and bound to be exposed by the public, it is dangerous and brings trouble. Hence people or nations that spend most of their time or GDP on religious affairs in the 8th period will see troubles in near future.


We only need to refer to our history to find out if what I have said make any senses. There are many examples which can be referenced from Chinese history if one is interested enough to explore...


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Superstition In Religion (宗教与迷信)

While Buddhism and Taoism are initially not superstitious, the folk cults derived from these traditional religions are. And these believes are pretty popular amongst the common folks even until today. Throughout Chinese history, the widespread of Buddhism and Taoism were mainly due to the blessings of the Chinese emperors. The Chinese emperor Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋) was once a monk who has authored two works concerning a discussion on three religions  <三教论> and  a discussion on Buddhism and Taoism<释道论>.


Buddhism as a whole put much emphasis on 'emptiness' and 'Buddha nature' and certainly denies the existence of a sole creator. Hence it is unfounded to say Buddhism is superstition really.


The core of Taoism is mainly based on the philosophy of I Ching which again refers to Yin and Yang and how to unite with our nature. That too doesn’t worship any deities or statues.


Both of Buddhism and Taoism are indeed different with Christianity and other religions that worship only one God.


Even though both of Buddhism and Taoism are never close to superstitious, uneducated common folks continue to believe that there are ‘someone’ watching over them and that someone are gods and goddesses. In fact, these superstitious folks have ‘created’ many of the gods and goddesses from epics such as ‘Journey To The West’ (西游记).


Another example is a god known by the name 'The Lord Of Dark Heaven' (玄天上帝) was also known as 'the upper lord' (上天, 上帝). This character was very popular during the Ming and Qing Dynasties and its traces can still be seen in places where the Chinese communities congregated in Southeast Asia until today.


When Western missionaries came to old China, they systematically make use the name ‘upper lord’ (上帝) to spread Christianity amongst the unwary Chinese folks at that time. I would say that the trick worked pretty well too as Christianity was seen wide acceptance amongst the Chinese folks since then.


Hence my take is that superstitions enable a new religion to spread, and it is precisely superstitions that see the downfall of a religion. And magic (not stage magic) is merely based on superstitions!


Human Efforts Vs Luck Of A Nation (人命好重要)

We always hear arguments between skeptics and proponent of Feng Shui on which is more important: human luck or the luck of a nation. While I learnt up Feng Shui, I am not superstitious for I am only exploring the wisdom of old. From what I have seen and experienced so far, I think it is fair to say the below:



“Luck of a nation is not definite, but good human luck rules all.”


In fact what makes human lucky is their ability to make intelligent judgments and take proactive actions to mitigate or reduce the impact of natural disasters. Of course, if one failed to perceive dangers around his/her corner, then he/she could only blame himself/herself.


Feng Shui is a fuzzy art of approximation and it can never give us a definite answer of what will happen to a nation. For example:


2014 is the year of horse it is ruled by fire element and indicated by I Ching as “fiery sky” (which is proving to be true…) and 2015 is the year of wood lamb and indicated as “windy earth” and there should be some kind of epidemic. Those are merely predictions that may or may not happen.


If the human have used their wits to take counter measures for example avoiding war zones, improving irrigation systems, forbidding open burning etc. Then we have already saved ourselves plenty of problems…


If we didn’t make any precautions, then we will (and have already) be shocked by the rude awakening. And the prediction of ‘fiery sky’ would become true.


If however, the mankind start to take precautions about possible spread of plague in 2015, possibly brought by wind or flying insects starting now; then we could save a lot of lives. And the prediction of plague happening becomes not true. Otherwise the prediction of a plague becomes inevitable and hence true.


So, the bottom line is still up to our ‘luck’ to change the ‘luck’ of a nation. In order to make some prediction true or untrue, we human must take proactive action to change our luck and hence the luck of our nation will also change accordingly. Having said so, how many people can really change their luck and the luck of their nations?


Monday, July 21, 2014

She Never Eats Outside Food

Lisa never eats outside food nor is she very keen in attending any barbecue activities. She has kept her secrets for many years until Lisa acquainted with Bobby, her new found boyfriend cum colleague. That’s when Lisa’s nightmare begun to hunt her…


Lisa and Bobby is colleague in a computer accessories retail shop which is situated just a few steps away from where I stay.  There weren’t too many employees in the small retail shop, just Lisa, Bobby and a general caretaker known as Ah Mah. So it is natural that Lisa and Bobby are pretty close together as they meet face to face almost every day except on their off day.


Bobby has observed that Lisa never go out for lunch as she always prepared some food from home. Bobby thought Lisa just want to save as the outside foods are pretty expensive now days: a plate of chicken rice can fetch up to $6 excluding beverages. So, one day, Bobby thought he would give Lisa a treat as well as find a chance to get closer to her.


As expected, Lisa declined Bobby’s invitations repeatedly but Bobby was so persistent that finally Lisa accepted the offer; after all, it wasn’t so nice if one doesn’t socialize around Lisa thought.


So off the couple went out of the shop and the good hearted boss told them they can knock off for the rest of the day as there weren’t any customers around.


There is a small hawker center just opposite the computer accessories shop. One can find all varieties of foods: chicken rice, roasted duck, noodles, western food, roasted meat etc.


The couple walked around each stalls discussing on which food to choose from until they came across a stall selling roasted chicken and meat rice. All of the roasted steamy meats are hung in a display cabinet to attract customers. Those yummy roast meats will certainly double one’s appetite as not only the color looks attractive, the smell of roasted meat can attract meat lovers from a distance.


Bobby thought Lisa likes meat so he paused to order some rice and chopped roast chicken and pork meat. He thought Lisa would enjoy them… The contrary happened to Bobby’s sweet dream however.


Lisa’s face suddenly turned pale, shivered and shouted “go away!” and then covered her face with both of her palms. Bobby and the stall owner were shocked by Lisa’s sudden move but the stall owner immediately recognized that Lisa was disturbed by some invisible force for Lisa is no stranger in this neighborhood.


Incidentally I was also queued up to buy the chicken rice. The stall owner turned his face towards me and said, “Hey! Mr. Liew, can you take a look?”


So, we propped Lisa to a coffee shop and ordered a glass of ice lemon tea for her to calm her mind.


When Lisa was calm enough, I look into Lisa’s eyes and started my queries:


“Hey Lisa, have you seen anything you shouldn’t?”


Lisa pondered for quite a while finally these words came out from her mouth…


“I saw a lady ghost and baby ghost leaking a piece of roast chicken in the display cabinet…”


Lisa continued:


“I have psychic eyes and can see spirits since small. My pa and ma don’t allow me to speak out as they too are scared. Every time I pass through food stall; there are bound to have some spirits around licking the foods or smelling them. That’s why I don’t like to eat outside…”


On hearing that, I asked Lisa and Bobby to come over to my place and I will mask off Lisa’s psychic eyes. As to the roast chicken rice they’ve ordered, that already became my free lunch… Hahaha..


Earth Spirits And Dragon Knots (地灵与龙穴)

For the benefit of those folks who do not understand Feng Shui terms, ‘dragon’ means mountain range while ‘dragon knots’ means the end of a mountain range where earth’s magnetic field or simply known as ‘chi’ accumulates. Since the old Chinese think that our mother earth is a living entity, so the energy stored in mountain ranges are as if living dragons.


After spending many hours in jungles and mountain ranges looking for herbs as well as searching for auspicious Feng Shui locations, I noticed that most of the dragon knots are guarded by spirits such as mountain and earth spirits. Hence we should not be too greedy in taking over these sacred locations without due consent or disasters will be fallen upon us. Naturally, our power will be lesser than the spirits where they are the master of the wilderness.


There are many tell tale signs of the presence of these spirit watchers as at times, they will transform into giant snakes, rare plants, wild animals, white misty shadowy figures or even ant hills. These manifestations will vanish and another scene will appear in front of the one who dares to venture near. If one is not careful, he/she may be trapped in this scenery for days; or perhaps forever if he/she is so unlucky.


We can think of spirits as batteries and they will need to be recharged. Spirits of lower class will possess the living beings for energy replenishment, while spirits of higher order will need to absorb earth magnetic energy. A dragon knot resembles a woman’s virginal and it is a spirit’s battery charger.


Magicians too will seek out these dragon knots for enhancing his/her power or for other magical activities. Gods and goddesses will look for dragon knots that are exposed to sunlight, moonlight and starlight, while earth spirits or ghosts will prefer the dragon knots that are covered by foliage or hidden in a cave.


While I was at Gunung Ledang during my last trip, I found a very nice dragon knot not far away from a waterfall. However, I also saw a figure in white already standing on the location and I could only camp beside it for a night. I thought it was the legendary princess where the local call her ‘Puteri Gunung Ledang’.


The white figure lingered on the dragon knot until way past midnight and then vanished itself together with a layer of thick night fog. When the fog finally dispersed, the figure was gone. I thought the princess was so kind to ‘lend’ the place for me to meditate for a day or two. Anyway, I can’t be sure if it was indeed the princess as there were no communications between us at that time though.