Friday, May 13, 2016

A Monk’s Story About Foxes (狐精的故事)

I met a senior Buddhist monk from Taiwan and he told me a story about his real experiences of fox spirits:

Before I became a Buddhist monk, I have not seen any ghosts but I did see real fox spirits with my own naked eyes. Not only me, but many others too have seen fox spirits in my place.

The fox spirit I have seen was a male fox who wears a blue robe during WWII in China. Many people have seen it too but no one can really see its face clearly though I did see its blurred face from a far. Legend has it that a fox takes 500 years to be able to transform into human shape. Perhaps the one I saw just short of 500 years hence it could only materialize in the human form but with blurred face. I was in my teen about 16 to 17 years old. At that time, I was very much fond of hunting and I really wanted to shot at this fox spirit but my mom stopped me for the fear of retaliation and endless problems later.

To tell you the truth, I really wished to shoot at the fox spirit as it was leaving upstairs. You see, during WWII, my family was staying in an abandoned mansion and the fox spirit was staying upstairs. It was said that more than few decades’ time no one really ventured upstairs and consequently a group of foxes stayed there for good. Neighbours sworn that they did see the foxes prostrated to the sun in the morning and they prostrated to the moon during full moon nights. Strangely speaking, the foxes and human lived in harmony: the foxes never harm human and no one dares to disturb the foxes. I was small but bold at that time and I would make every effort to climb upstairs but the seniors always stopped me… Well, there wasn’t any staircases leading to upstairs or else I would have paid the foxes a visit.

I swear to you what I have said is as real as gold. The foxes did transform into human shape and witnessed by many passer-by.  So I believe foxes can indeed transform themselves into human shape when the time is right…

A strange incident happened in my village after the war. I know the story very well…

My village produced rice at that time and the rice was mostly transported out from the Lake Wu (芜湖) to a market situated at the other side of the lake. I have a relative whose rice production boomed during one particular year. He filled his rice in hemp sacks and loaded all his rice sacks into a sail boat so that he could transport all his rice to Nanjing for sale. During the loading of the boat, someone saw a fox like creature jumped into the sail boat and the workers did a search but found nothing; perhaps they have mistaken something else as a fox… Anyway, the boat sailed to Nanjing after it was fully loaded.

Strangely speaking, when the boat arrived at the harbour and the workers were about to unload the rice, they found all rice went missing though the hemp backs were sealed intact. They opened up the seal and found there was no rice grains; not even one grain of rice was found in the sack. At this point, everyone understood that this must be the work of the fox that jumped into the boat. This was the only explanation they could make then. There was nothing my distant relative could do but to stay in Nanjing for a few days and then set sail home.

It was to my relative’s surprised, when he returned home; he found all his rice was safely stored in his rice storage untouched!

Was it a joke and who played such a prank to him? What could move a large quantity of rice from sealed sacks back to the store room? No one could provide a satisfactory answer. Perhaps the spirit only wanted to teach my relative a lesion; or it only wanted to play a harmless prank? What I have said was real to my personal experience which happened about 70 years ago. Hence I swear to you what I said is true to my knowledge.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ah Chong’s Psychic Eyes (老张的阴阳眼)

I have some friends who claim to be able to see ghosts. Some of them obtained this special ability through meditation, some are just simply gifted naturally; while some obtained this type of ability through very special circumstances. Ah Chong is one of those special ones who can see ghosts but he is neither gifted naturally nor trained.

Before I go on, let me repeat that in old society, old folks would advise the young as not to pee in the wilderness for the fear of offending spirits out there. If one really need to release himself/herself; then he/she must say quietly in apologetic manner: “I am so sorry, please move away…” I am sure, now days; our parents would also advise us to be careful when we need to release ourselves during our outdoor activities. You never know, some simple gestures could save you a lot of problems years later…

An incident happened to Ah Chong when he was about 15 years old that not only made him developed his psychic eyes, he almost lost his penis too…

At that time, it was very popular for rural folks to ask for 4D lucky numbers from some local spirits known as ‘Datuk’ (grandpa). For the benefit of those who live outside of Sing-Ma; this Datuk can refer to any wandering spirits who made itself known by wandering at night. When someone sees a white figure, then he/she would just set up a small red shrine on the roadside for this spirit whatever it might be.

Ah Chong’s old man was one of those fans to ask for 4D lucky numbers from the spiritual world. He would go to just about anywhere that can produce accurate lucky numbers. The mode of operation is simple: one only needs to write number 0 to 9 to 10 pieces of paper shreds. This paper pieces are crushed into 10 small balls and put into a small container. The person who want to seek lucky number from a Datuk, he/she should first prepare some food offerings and burns ‘kemayan’ (benzoin). After a while, this person should kneel down and shake the container until one paper ball jumped out from the container. That would be the first number and the process would be repeated until four numbers are obtained. This type of 4D number request rituals are normally performed at midnight.

This was one of those nights that Ah Chong and his dad went to a Datuk’s shrine located deep inside an oil palm plantation in Kamunting, Taiping. The father-son gang went together on a bike and it was already way past midnight when they arrived at the destination. So they quickly set up the food offerings and start burning incense. At this point, Ah Chong felt an urge to pee. So he excused himself and went to the back of the Datuk’s shrine to pee leaving his pa performing the prayer to the Datuk. After all, Ah Chong was not very interested with asking 4D numbers.

Half-an-hour later, Ah Chong still didn’t return to his dad, so the old man went to the back of the Datuk’s shrine to look for his son. There he found Ah Chong lying face down on an anthill structure. The old man thought Ah Chong was sleeping but after he shook his son’s body, Ah Chong didn’t respond. So the pa took a closer look and found Ah Chong was already unconscious and blood stain was seen on Ah Chong’s forehead.

There was nothing the old man could do then, so he hastily went to seek help. Luckily there were some plantation workers living nearby and they carried the unconscious Ah Chong to the local district hospital for treatment.

In the hospital, the doc told Ah Chong’s dad that not only Ah Chong has a bad knock on his head, his penis was bitten by a snake during his pee; luckily the snake was only mildly poisonous. Having said so, Ah Chong’s penis has swollen for many days and he was lucky to keep his penis at the end of the day.

It was during Ah Chong’s stay in the hospital recuperating from his double injuries that he found he could see strange inhumane images walking passed his sickbed. Most of those images were greyish in colour, some of those things were having broken limbs; none of those figures were happy however. And this is when Ah Chong found he has developed psychic eyes quite accidentally.

Perhaps the Datuk just want to teach Ah Chong a lesson by peeing on an anthill. The locals believe that the anthill was indeed the house of the Datuk spirit. I just thought the Datuk was not very forgiving as its punishment was too severe…

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Face Reading Vs Astrology (面相与星相)

Both face reading and astrology are arts of prediction of their own right. I make use of both face reading and astrology interchangeably according to circumstances because there are situations where astrology works best while in certain situations; face reading is the only way to go. I know many people like to gamble and they like to give out gambling tips. Whatever cases that might be, if those gamblers are in bad luck; then even their sure win tips would make you lose a lot of money. Instead of going through a person’s astrology chart, reading a person’s face would give us a quick appreciation if he/she is in a good luck.

If you still remember Ah Choy, my pal who uses astrology to predict horse race results?

A few years ago, Ah Choy wanted to gamble big on horses so he invited me and a friend to join him. I was very tempted as I knew Ah Choy did have some big wins before but on looking on Ah Choy’s face, I found his nose tip has turned red due to some pimple growths. In face reading, when one’s nose tip has turned red, that is a sure sign that the person will lose a lot of money. I was curious on how accurate this face reading technique was, so I agreed to join Ah Choy but I would just have bided small that time…

I remember Ah Choy said that the best race of that day was the 6th race; and the best calculated numbers were: ‘4’, ‘6’, ‘7’ and ‘9’. But number 6 was taken out at the last minute so leaving ‘4’, ‘7’ and ‘9’ which are good enough if we bet with substantial money. At that time horse no. 4 was ‘Pegasus’ and this was a very hot horse, the horse no. 7 and no. 9 were ‘Howdy’ and ‘Green World’. It was at the 4th race, Ah Choy said since Pegasus won the first four race, then it was safe to bet a hefty amount of our money on Pegasus while the ‘Howdy’ and ‘Green World’ suffice as conciliation prices…

Hearing what Ah Choy has to say, we nodded our heads but instead of betting on ‘Pegasus’, my pal and I bet on ‘Howdy’ and ‘Green World’ instead.

The race result was something out of ordinary…

The Pegasus was having cold feet and it was late to go out from the gate, the Howdy and Green World went far ahead together with other horses. Although Pegasus tried to chase those horses but it again was startled by a rabbit crossing the track. Consequently, the Howdy took the first, Green World ended in second; while Pegasus in the third. My pal and I were pretty satisfied except poor Ah Choy. His face was as dark as the gloomy evening sky of that day.

Strangely speaking, Pegasus continued to excel in subsequent races and it was almost always the top race horse of that time.

So you see, luck is far more important than any tips… And face reading can be very helpful at times too! if you don’t believe me; try out to find out yourself.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Legendary Fox Tribe (命理说狐族)

Some Chinese people believe of the existence of ‘fox tribe’ in northern part of China. Coincidentally speaking, the belief of fox spirits was originated from the north and this belief gradually spread to the south, Hong Kong and then Taiwan. Some Hong Kong and Taiwanese movie stars were said to gain their popularity after worshipping fox spirits; and some of them we claimed to be the descendants of foxes.

This near fable tribe is said to be the offspring of fox spirit (狐仙) and mankind. Their tell-tale signs are firstly the eyes of these folks appear to be slanting in ‘V’ shape as if of the foxes’ eyes. Other than that, people belonged to fox tribe are said to be extremely lucky, attractive and popular. They too are said to have more acute 6th senses compared to the more common human counterpart.

Another specialty of this fox tribe is the adaptation of the surname ‘Hu’ () which sounds like ‘fox’ in Chinese. Having said so, be careful as not to group all those who has the surname ‘Hu’ as fox tribes or people might get offended. I am not about to have lengthy discussions of the origins of fox tribe, but I just want to share the astrology chart of a very interesting lady believed to belong to fox tribe.

This lady is known as ‘Huqin’ (胡琴) and she is born in 1972, in China.

Interestingly speaking, Huqin is a small lady with fair complexion who has ‘V’ shape eyes. Everyone who looks at her would think this lady is foxy. But I am more interested in looking into her astrology chart to find out more about the hidden aspects of Huqin. Huqin’s birthday reads:



On the first look, this is a cleaver lady who does not believe in supernatural stuffs. But the character ‘’ implies ‘ethics of the moon’ (月德). Incidentally, this ‘moon’ has many hidden secrets:

The moon belongs to the house of ‘heart’(心宿) within the 28 Houses (廿八宿). There is a formula that goes:



The house of ‘heart’ belongs to the moon; and the animal is fox.

So, clearly Huqin is implied as a ‘fox’ in astrology together with all her external features. Before I forget, men should be careful of a fox lady or both of the man and fox would not have a very happy ending for the human companion would either die or leave the lady for no apparent reasons… believe it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On Luck Matters (谈运气)

Our luck changes every day and there can be hardly any logical explanations to that although we might be able to put 1 + 1 together using astrology.

I have a friend, Ah Choy who studies astrology solely for gambling purposes. This gentleman likes to use astrology to predict which is the winning horse of the race and he did have some kind of insight in this matter. As he told me that he did have high percentage of success rate.

I still remember that a few years ago, Ah Choy performed some astrological calculations before betting on potential horses.

Unfortunately speaking, Ah Choy’s luck was very bad, all his predictions went down the drain until the 6th race of that day. Suddenly a friend called Ah Choy and asked him on which was the best horse of that particular race and this is what he had to say:

“Well, the Jupiter is in the house of fortune now, I would bet on horse number 3 and 4 if I were you…”

After saying the words, Ah Choy hung up and continued to mind his own business…

As what Ah Choy had predicted, indeed horse number 3 and 4 indeed won for consecutive few races. Since this was against all odds; the pay rate was somewhere around $10 to $4,000.

After the race, the friend called Ah Choy and congratulated him for the big win and windfall…

Unexpectedly speaking, Ah Choy only threw his pal a piece of wet blanket and said that he didn’t dare to bet on the horses since he thought those horses were virtually impossible to win.

I supposed Ah Choy was indeed experiencing particular bad luck at that moment.

In another matter, I met Jane in Penang Turf Club and she just won an odd horse with a handsome price. So I jokingly said to Jane:

“Hey Jane, if you ever have such a good tip again; don’t forget to inform me!”

Unexpectedly speaking, Jane just shrugged and said:

“You know I am practically blind in horse gambling, the reason I bet was that one of the horse is called ‘Mary’; which incidentally was my dog’s name that died last year…”

Well, I supposed good old Jane was in an exceptionally good luck at that time…

Since then when Jane goes to the turf club to bet; I would ask her:

“Hey, Jane, give me a name of your pets to bet on…”

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Deciphering Wang's Feng Shui (王永庆风水解密)

The combination of Flying Star Feng Shui and astrology star chart can be a power combination to solve impossible Feng Shui cases.

The late Mr. Wang was a Taiwanese multi billionaire who was touted to be modern day ‘god of trading’. You can probably do an intranet search and find out more about this superrich and famous later…

The Feng Shui of Mr. Wang has been in great debate amongst Taiwanese Feng Shui communities each school with its own view and conclusion; which we may explore later. Frankly speaking, there is no hidden secrets with Mr. Wang’s Feng Shui if you understand Flying Star and Classical Chinese Astrology well…

Mr. Wang was born in the day of ‘metal’ (), so his tomb also backed the western direction. This is to make sure that there is no conflict with the deceased and the grave.

Since Wang’s grave is constructed within the 8th period and facing east, both of the flying stars 8 are in front of the grave; making the descendants of Wang rich but with poor health. We can take a look at the flying star chart above. Coincidentally speaking, this particular direction of Wang’s grave should ideally be made concealed; in Feng Shui term which is known as ‘hidden mountain’ (收山). So many trees were planted just in front of the new grave to satisfy this condition or problems will occur.

It is definitely not ideal if a family is rich but besieged by various illnesses, but there is so much the Feng Shui can do for Mr. Wang unless we can crossover to the twin brother of Feng Shui that is known as astrology. The astrology I meant here is the classical Chinese astrology which looks like the Western astrology but with a distinct flavour.

As I have mentioned that there are two components in astrology: the fixed chart and dynamic chart:

A fixed chart only indicates the location of heavenly bodies during a particular time, in this case we have a list of planets compiled as above.

A dynamic chart is the calculation of 12 houses for further analysis of fate of the descendants of Mr. Wang:

The time 3:15PM was chosen because it is the time of the rising of ‘house of pleasure’ (男女宫) which is related to the production of descendants. This is to counteract the ill effect of the mountain star 8 which ‘falls into the water’ in Feng Shui terms. Other aspects of planets and houses are as follows:

Jupiter in the 4th House will yield the best result for descendants of Mr. Wang in terms of fortune, business and help.

Mars in the 6th House will give energy boost and Venus in the 6th house provides the leadership skills.

Mercury in the 7th House indicates the marriage lives of descendants good and harmony.

The Sun in the 8th House gives the owner the courage of a hero and he/she is willing to sacrifice on his/her causes.

The Moon in the 10th House provide fame.

The Saturn in the 11th House means the persons dislike to socialise; which is normal for the rich and famous.

All in all, the selected timing will give more positive results than negative!

So Mr. Wang has indeed skilfully employed Feng Shui and astrology in a seamless order for the benefits of his descendants. Astrology filled in the gaps left over by Feng Shui but astrology is not a standalone tool; the real changes is in Feng Shui however. Of course, I am only mentioning the Flying Star Feng Shui at this point…

Monday, May 2, 2016

Bad Dreams & Feng Shui (噩梦与风水)

A lady dropped by my place and asked me for advice because she was troubled by the same dream repeatedly for a few weeks now.

This is her story:

“I am staying in a high density flat just downtown. My unit is at the top floor. I always have this repeating dream when I sleep in my bed since last week.

In my dreams, I was lying in my bed but I couldn’t sleep and my eyes are always open wide. My sight always fixed on the ceiling above my bed and suddenly a black shadow of a man appears on the ceiling above me. This shadowy figure would drop on to me and then it turned into a mouse.

I always shut out loud and only awaken to find that it is only a dream. My mom said that I am likely to be possessed by ghost.

So, could it be that I am possessed?”

Frankly, I am curious as the lady looked pretty sane to me from outside. Of course, I could always say that please lay down and I will do an exorcism ceremony for you… But I did hold my horses and resisted such temptation…

After pondering for a while, I finally said:

“Lady, you don’t look possessed to me. Perhaps we can look at your unit just for sure.”

The lady agreed and we proceeded to her unit.

At her place, I took out my compass and recorded some reading. The lady’s unit was facing northeast and it is a 6th Period unit for sure.

Her bed room door faces west hence the flying star 5 and 2 was at her doorstep. Her bed was located at the southeast of the room which was affected by both of the sick stars. No wonder she was looking sick instead of being possessed.

But the question remains: “why did this lady having funny dreams?”

Well, on further calculation, on that particular year; the flying star 6 also falls onto the bedroom thus forming the heaven, earth and human combination. This is a special combination that shows whoever sleeps in that particular room would experience bad dream.

The best solution is to switch a room to sleep, if not; the lady can sleep with her room light on for that particular year.

You might be baffled by such simple solution… Provided that if you believe in the flying star Feng Shui system so to speak.