Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Horrible Mother And Kid Spirits! (可怕的母婴灵)

Uncle Sam once told me he dislikes handling funeral services for both kids and conceived mother because their spirits are the most active of all beings. Once he was summoned to a hospital morgue in the dead of the night to handle the victims of an accident case. As he was standing in front of the lift, the lift door opened and he saw a lady holding a crying baby in her arms. Uncle Sam greeted the lady politely although he felt strange why a mother appeared in the midst of the night in a morgue. Of course he dare not ask.

After the lady stepped out of the lift, Uncle Sam immediately felt a gust of cold wind blew passed he and naturally he gave a shiver and developed goose bumps. More shocking to Uncle Sam was that the corpse he was about to handle looked exactly the same as the lady he saw in the lift!

On the way back, Uncle Sam seemed to hear the disembodied crying voice of a lady and a child lingered around his ears. The crying sound only stopped after the completion of the lady’s funeral service.

According to Uncle Sam, anyone who handles the funeral service of a kid must pay particular attention or the kid spirit would disturb the person causing the person to have bad luck or bankrupt. A friend of Uncle Sam had to close his business after mistreating a kid’s funeral.

All in all, a funeral for kid should not be too grand or too simplified. Otherwise the kid spirit would get annoyed and started to create troubles. The telltale sign is then items such as photo, plates or food offerings found displaced or on the floor.

Since a kid is normally impatient, the funeral service should be swift and simple with clothing, a bottle of milk, biscuits, sweets, toys etc being put into the small coffin. All these items are said to distract the small spirit so that it would not feel bored or angry.

Perhaps what Uncle Sam said have some basis as the infamous Nam Man Pri oil or better known as ‘corpse oil’ by right should be obtained from the body of a mother with her stillborn intact. Once the oil is properly made, it is a formidable weapon to attract opposite sex. Having said so, luckily no one really produce authentic oil now days.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My Most Powerful Mantra (最犀利的咒语)

There are many mantras around for exorcism when one is being disturbed by spirits. I am often being asked on which is the best mantra to recite in emergency when all protective talismans are not around. This can happen to a situation, say that you are forced to spend a night in your free thinker friend’s house.

I have a super mantra for you that I have memorized since the days before I even ventured into magical world:

Many years ago, I was still a student in a technical college. My friends and I rented an apartment for the duration of our course. In the mid of my studies, one of my friends was possessed by spirits and many of my so-called friends left the apartment almost immediately leaving me alone. Well, it was not that I was brave or something; but because it was in the middle of my semester exam. So, good or ill I had to stay alone until the end of the exam.

On the third night, I was disturbed at night by an invisible force. First, it was the disembodied knocking noise at all directions. It is quite difficult to describe the knocking because it was so close and yet it seems so far. Just the sound of ‘tok, tok’ repeated unceasingly.

After the knocking lingered for a while in thin air, suddenly I felt the pressure in the room increased and a flat face pressing onto my face. I was then lying flat in my bed facing up. As the invisible face closing to mine, I thought I had to do something. So I recited “Om mani padme hum” and the invisible face retreated a little but continued advancing once I stop chanting.

It was no way for me to continue to recite mantra for the whole night; I still have to sit for my exam the next morning! After thinking for a while, I say out loud to the air:

“I have my life and you have your life to live. I didn't disturb you, and you won’t like it when I disturb you!”

You wouldn’t believe that right after I completed my words, all of the knocking stopped and the invisible pressure in the room suddenly vanished too. I was not disturbed since that incident.

So you have it, the most powerful mantra:

“Don’t disturb me if you don’t want to be disturbed.”

Please try it with a calm heart when you feel you are being disturbed. I even use the above mantra now days and the good brothers would leave me alone every time!

What says you? Was it spiritual or psychological? Or even spirits are reasonable too?

Haunted By The Name (马印鬼域)

You may not believe me if I say that many Malaysian and Indonesian towns are ‘haunted’ by their names. Let’s go over some of the places one by one and their related spirits that make the town famous.

Mambang Di Awan

‘Mambang Di Awan’ means “Haunter/Spirit in the clouds” which is a small town situated in Kampar, Perak.

‘Mambang’ or hunter refers to a type of free spirit that dwells an area. They are said to be like the ‘orang bunian’ and ‘pari-pari’ (fairies) because they have a complete social system. The belief of mambang may be originated from Indonesia but needs further research. People who trespass places ruled by haunter spirit may suffer serious illnesses or injuries. There are many types of ‘mambang’: fire, wind, earth and water which may bring natural disasters to a place. Mambang are sometimes categorized by their colors: yellow, white, black etc. It is believed that yellow haunter can cause yellow fever.


Pontianak is situated in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. However, the famous Pontianak spirit that haunts Indonesia and Malaysia need no further introduction.


Bota is a small town situated near Perak River in Perak. Interestingly this town got its name from a type of giant that is believed to live underground. It is said that Bota spirits hide themselves in underground cave. These giants are said to be similar to humankind but with a much larger mud color physique. The local believes that Bota only come out of their hiding at certain interval especially at noon sharp. They are said of fond of kids. They are said to be fond of swampy area, at the edge of yellow bamboo bushes and at the edge of rice field where the puyu fish (anabas testudineus) and tilan fish (eels) can be found. While Bota normally consumes foods obtain from underground source, they also eat meat and certainly the human.

Bota spirit is normally associated with missing person. If a person is missing, he/she must have violated terms of the Bota at that place. Strangely speaking, Bota spirits only seems to be prevailed around an area until this area got its name ‘Bota’.

Langsuir Cave

Langsuir cave is one of many caves in Langkawi Island. The character Langsuir need not further introduction too.

If you got the time, why not pay those towns a visit, you may fall in love with them! If you have more places to add, please let me know.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Taboos For Kids Against Spirits (儿童辟邪禁忌)

There are still many old Malay taboos for kids as they are believed to be vulnerable to spirit disturbances. If the adults are not careful, their kids may be abducted by a type of spirits locally known as ‘orang bunian’. Below are some of the taboos I learnt from my Malay friends:

Taboo 1:
No kids are allowed to play hide and seek between 7pm to 9pm. It is believed that during this time, spirits are most active and if kids stumble into mischievous spirits, they may be abducted by these spirits and may be gone forever.

Taboo 2:
Never leave the kids alone. They should always be accompanied by adults. Obviously this taboo remains true till today for safety reasons. Kids can even be drowned in bathtub.

Taboo 3:
Some ash should be applied at toddler or kid’s face. It is believed that spirits especially the ‘orang bunian’ like clean and cute kids, so if a kid looks dirty; the spirits will leave him/her alone. This is in line with Chinese belief that a kid would be difficult to bring up if he/she is given a beautiful name, hence the name ‘Ah Kow’ meaning ‘the dog’. This is not meant to humiliate the kid but to ‘hint’ to the spirits around as not to be too jealous of this kid and that the spirits would leave the kid to grow healthily.

Taboo 4:
When a baby is newly born, its umbilical cord must be wrapped with a piece of black cloth. The umbilical cord would attract malicious spirits such as the ‘hantu penangal’,

Taboo 5:
A mother should chew some ‘kunyit bolai’ or Zingiber Cassumunar roots and then spit it all over the room where her baby sleeps. The smell of kunyit bolai shall chase away spirits and deter new ones from visiting at night. More on 'kunyit bolai':

Taboo 6:
Avoid letting kids playing a far from the house during strong wind. Traditionally, strong breeze is associated with the working of spirits. Some local Chinese believe that if one shouts aloud when strong wind is blowing, his/her mouth would become askew and numb.

Taboo 7:
Kids should be forbidden from going to seaside during high tide. This is obviously due to safety aspects, now or then.

Questions About Powers Of Amulets (佛牌的问答)

I have received many questions about amulets in general, but I have not responded to any of the queries as yet because I have answered them implicitly in my postings. Since questions keep pouring in and I thought it is time to give those questions some general answers.

Do you think invulnerability magic is true and can you comment on Botak Chin’s amulet?

Invulnerability magic is true that people are somehow hypnotized and make believed that they are invulnerable. It has been tested that during hypnotic state, when a needle pierced through a person’s hand; no pain or blood would produce. But our human body has a specific endurance it can tolerate. Beyond that point, damage can definitely occur. One also needs to be particularly careful that there are tricks used during those invulnerability shows some time ago.

Botak Chin was a notorious villain said to be in possession of some powerful talismans that enable him to escape during police raids. I am not aware of his amulet background but I am sure that his ‘success’ was due to his human links more than amulet. However, he was finally caught and sentenced to death.

I am having bad luck. I switched between Phra Ngan, Somaj, Kumanthong etc. Why can’t my amulets protect me?

Well, sorry for you to experience bad luck. Perhaps you should ask your previous self what he/she had done until you deserve such an awful luck this life.

As to question why your amulets don’t work, please ask the persons you have bought your amulets from. They have taken your money so they owe you an answer!

There are so many fake magic items out there. Can you recommend one good source?

Sorry. You can source from all sellers out there as I don’t want to answer any queries or would I want to provide any after sale services.

I dedicate my life to Phra Ngan. Please tell me why Phra Ngan didn’t protect me from law suits?

Please divert your question to whomever you have bought the Phra Ngan. As far as I know Phra Ngan is a mistake and a fable character. It is as real as Mickey Mouse. I would be surprised if it really works at all. *Sorry*

I am 18 and I want to learn magic. Do you accept students?

My interest for magic is ceased and do not intend to teach any students of any ages.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

You Are Sleeping On My Bench (误睡鬼凳)

I have two stories for haunted benches, one was my own experience and the other was Uncle Sam’s. Both are true experiences and I am sure someone out there would have the same too.

Story 1:

Many years ago I paid my friend, Michael who was a doctor in Bouna Vista in Singapore. He stayed in a double story house and according to him; the housing estate was built on a piece of prewar graveyard and the area was pretty haunted.

Well, haunted or not, that was none of my business as I just want a place for a nap for a few nights. Later experience proved how wrong my initial thought was.

When I dropped in Michael’s place, his in-laws were also visiting. So, I was left with the only option to sleep in a sofa in Michael’s living room. Nothing happened until the last night of my stay. I thought I had a strange dream that night as I dreamed of an old man approached me and said: “Young man, you are sleeping in my sofa.”

Of course I didn’t heed the words and slept on until the next morning. I was awoken by Michael as he accidentally tripped on me while on his way to toilet. Apparently I was sleeping on the floor somehow! Perhaps I accidentally rolled down from the sofa onto the floor?

Story 2:

When Uncle Sam was engaging in his funeral service business, he had to spend nights on public long bench outside hospital sick wards waiting for business. It was like any other night again and Uncle Sam spent his night on a long bench at the 12th floor of a private hospital. As usual he fell into slumber pretty fast and as Uncle Sam was about to make his sweet dreams; he was awakened by someone knocking on his head.

He was startled and jumped up to investigate. There was not a single soul around and Uncle Sam thought it was his hallucination so he returned to his slumber land soon.

Not long after that, Uncle Sam felt that someone knocked at his head again twice as harder. Again, Uncle Sam jumped up to investigate and as expected, no one was around. He thought he was dreaming and went on to continue making his unfinished dreams.

The next morning, Uncle Sam only woke up to find that he was leaning against a dustbin opposite to the long bench that he was supposed to have slept for a night!

As recalled by Uncle Sam later: “I supposed the good brothers thought I have robbed their favorite bench and they warned me twice. Since I continued to ignore their warning, they moved me to the dustbin!”

The Possession Of Newbie Taoist (菜鸟道士上身记)

Uncle Sam was in the funeral service industry for more than 20 years before retirement. He has many very interesting ghost stories to share and it is fun to chat with him since we are in the so called ‘brotherhood’ and that we do have some common interests: Feng Shui master, Taoist and funeral service.

This is a true story prevailed in the local funeral service industry for many years:

If you are not aware, there are basically two types of Taoists: the ones who do not perform funeral services and the ones who do. The ones who perform funeral services are known as 喃嘸佬 or ‘uncle namo’ (not Nimbo!).

So the story goes:

A beautiful young lady committed suicide due to some reasons and after some police investigation her corpse was sent to hospital for postmortem. Later the deceased was claimed by her parents and Uncle Sam was contacted to arrange for her funeral service.

Funeral service facilities then were not like today with air-conditioning and established building. Uncle Sam only owned a small wooden house for his funeral service and the lady’s body just being laid at the backyard while workers cleaned the corpse. Luckily there weren’t too many passerbies using the place or people may think someone was indeed washing a long pig!

While the washing and changing of clothing of the deceased were in progress at the back, many activities also being done in the front to set up altars and preparing food offerings for subsequent deliverance ritual. A young Taoist somehow sneaked to the backyard to peep at the lady’s body being washed. We could only imagine what the young Taoist did while ‘enjoying’ the corpse…

It was said that the young Taoist only returned after a while to change into his ritual costume in order to start the deliverance ritual. As he was chanting with a monotonous tone, suddenly he started to say something gibberish and his body started to tremble as if he was going into trance.

After a while this young Taoist started to dance and taking off his clothing while saying: “… I want everyone to know what you did…” in a lady’s tone. This incident has stirred a big commotion amongst the funeral visitors as such thing has never happened.

An old spirit medium next door was immediately summoned to the scene to pacify the commotion. The young Taoist was subsequently dismissed for obvious reasons. Since then Uncle Sam only employs older Taoists with more than 10 years experiences as they are more immune to spirit possession. Of course we don’t hear of such incidents now days in modern funeral service establishments.