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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The 3 Pulses Disaster Prediction (三脉灾难预测法)

All of the living beings in this world would have some kind of premonitions about the approaching of disasters. This is the gift of Mother Nature to enhance the survival of all species. For example rats would be seen ‘move house’ before to the occurrence of a fire disaster; crows could also predict the forthcoming of typhoons or tornados.

We the human beings touted to be the top of all food chains and the wisest of all living species by right should also possess some kind of forecasting ability concerning natural disasters or major accidents too. So, you might wonder what had happened to our gifted natural instincts perhaps?

Well, our modern human race has been indulging with all sort of sensory pleasures lately: video games, movies, music etc. thus causing our instinct to become blunt.  At the same time, our society also becomes more complex All in all; the current modern developments have blinded us with unnatural emotions.

The below “3 pulses disaster prediction method” is originated from ancient Japanese ninjas and samurais. I am posting this method just to keep tradition alive so that this method would not lose in time. Now the method:

1.      First, one should adjust his/her breadths or at least meditate for 10 minutes or so. Best to be performed before one gets out of the house in the morning.
2.      When the breathing is stabilized, one should use his right finger to feel the pulse of his/her left wrist. After that, he/she should swap hands to feel the pulse of the right wrist.
3.      After both of the pulses are measured, then the third pulse should be taken beside one’s neck.
4.      If all 3 pulses are in sync and of the same pattern, then there is no major disaster a head and the journey should be a safe one. Otherwise, if all 3 pulses are not coherent, then one should cancel the trip and stay in the house for the trip would be disastrous.
5.      Another variations of this method is just to take the pulse of one wrist, and then of both sides of his/her neck.

This is just one of the many methods fond to be used by Yamabushis or ninjas before carrying out any orders in old days. We can also make use of this method before any major decisions are made too.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A Collection Of Scandinavian Magic (北欧魔法录)

Bjerstedt has again generously translated some of the rare Scandinavian magic rituals to share with Magic SEA visitors. Please thank Bjerstedt for his time and hard work… Liew J!

-By Bjerstedt

Discover treasures

On a wand, that has been broken off from the tree during the night of Maundy Thursday, or a Sunday morning before the sun has risen, you shall draw with the blood from the comb of a white rooster these characters:

When the wand is carried over places where treasures are buried, it will turn in your hand by itself.

[Some of the characters are obviously planetary signs.]

Reclaim stolen goods

Cut off a piece of the thing that has touched the stolen item the most, and write upon it with the blood of a swallow:

Put this piece in the woods, under a tree whose trunk is repeatedly beaten by the branch of another tree when the wind blows. The thief will after this never get peace, neither day nor night, before he has carried the loot back, even if it's 20-30 miles away.

[As can be seen, Scandinavian folk magic often utilizes Sympathetic magic. The characters resemble some earlier Icelandic galdrastafir, so these may be very stylized bindrunes.]

Miscellaneous love spells

Take a red apple and write with your blood your own name besides the words: “ORSA - FORSA – FORSMA”, then it won't be long before she falls head over heels in love with you.

You can also write “S iopg f g li” on a piece of bread [or cheese] and give her to eat.

[The one you want to enchant has to eat the apple or piece of bread.]

If you want someone to love you, write in your hand before sunrise these letters:


[It's implied that the hands have to touch for this to work.]

Incantation against shingles and Erysipelas

Rose, rose that is red,
tomorrow you shall be dead
in a lake where no one rows,
in the woods where no one lives,
under logs and rocks,
roots and branches,
you shall be denied by everyone.

[Both shingles (Herpes zoster) and Erysipelas are commonly known as “ros” in Swedish, which also means rose.]

Incantation against toothache

Like the waves in an acre of rye go and disappear,
your toothache shall perish and become nothing.

Chopping off the creakiness

Creakiness in the joints can be chopped off with an axe. The sickly joint is laid over a doorstep. Then the healer chops at both sides of the joint, while he and the patient exchanges these words:

-I chop and I chop and I chop.
-What do you chop?
-I chop the ridge of the creak out of the joint and in the vein.

[The last sentence is very hard to translate since it's very hard for me to understand exactly what it means.]

Incantation against warts and bunions

Wither, sharpen (?) like coal in ash,
man in soil, snow for the sun.
You shall become as small as a mustard seed,
and then nothing.

Incantation against ringworm

The Ringworm had nine daughters:
The nine became eight,
the eight became seven,
the seven became six,
the six became five,
the five became four,
the four became three,
the three became two,
the two became one,
the one became none.

[The number 9 is very common in Norse Mythology and folklore.]

Talisman against enemies

Carry a piece of paper with you with the following letters written on it:

[This is possibly related to rune magic. It's mostly composed from the letter T, which corresponds to the rune Tiwaz, which represents the god of war Tyr.]

Incantation for long flax

Long flax, long flax, long as reins, tough as tendrons and white
as snow. Father this year and mother last year, silk worm with
frizzy hair.
Mala, mala, dunk, dunk.
Hooray! Hooray!
Incantation for binding the Nixie when bathing
Nixie, Nixie, needle thief;
your father was a steel thief,
your mother was a concubine,
went around the farms and did bad!
The Nixie is bound!
Incantation for warding of predatory animals
Now I recite for wolf tooth and bear paw,
that they shall not touch my cattle,
neither big nor small,
but now I put them,
so long behind the mountain of insanity [no idea what this means]
where the swan blackens
and the raven whitens.

Warding off rats in the crop barns

When the first load of grains is loaded in, the ones standing in the barn asks:
-What are you coming with?
-We're coming with a load of cats.
Then they ask what the rats are having for food.
-Rocks, bones and mugwort.
Then the first load of grains is loaded in under absolute quietness. When putting in the following loads, you speak about cats the whole time.

“Court words”

I bind their hands,
I bind their teeth,
I bind their liver,
I bind their lung,
I bind their tongue,
I bind them with a snake tooth and snake neck.
My forward and their backwards in all the seven thousand names!

[This is an incantation for winning in court. You're supposed to recite it thrice, and blow on some salt after every time. You're supposed to put some of it in your shoes, and sprinkle some on the door to the court. There are some more instructions to it, but I haven't managed to translate those.]

Your First Jinni Is Important (第一个精灵)

There are many methods to get a jinni now days. One can purchase one in eBay, perform conjuration by oneself, purchase one jinni from a shaman etc. I must reiterate that your first jinni is very important as it is normally the overseer spirit for your future conjurations.

All of my jinn have paid their worth so far. That is to say that I have recovered whatever money that I have spent on those jinn so far; without the need to resale anyone of them. Further, I could find life sustenance by sleeping in my house almost daily, except for the need to go out to get food.

This is not a story from Arabian 1001 Nights, but it is a fact due to the jinn that were chosen by my late master. I have two jinn from Lilith who had facilitated all my needs so far. Of course, both of their names are published in the blog for you to review.

My late master once said that the best jinn are jinn from the Genesis period as those spirits of status and they would choose their conjurers carefully. But these types of spirits are pretty hard to conjure and to control as those are spirits of wars. Spirits such as that of Lilith and Isthar are passed down from one conjurer to another now days. Well, for obvious reasons, almost no one could follow the paths of previous prophets as described in the Holy Bible and Holy Quran now due to wars, if not on the suspicion of terrorists.

Normally powerful jinn are not conjured alone and directly. The proper conjuration methods are recorded in many old western ceremonial magic works. First step is always the prayers to God, and the conjuration of an arch angel: Jibril or Michael normally and then the name of the jinni. This is also the conjuration sequence for any future spirit summoning sessions.

In my case, Lalantah or Lintatih acted as the gate keepers for further spirits to enter the space amongst Jibril, Lalantah/Lintatih and me; hence no funny business any spirits can do but to speak of the truth.

So you can see if the first jinni is not chosen correctly, then the above setting would be futile. Not only the success of future conjuration is futile; whatever comes in during conjuration would be questionable. It is precisely due to the difficulty of a new conjurer: to get a good first jinni; I let anyone who wishes to experiment conjuration to call upon both descendent of Lilith for a limited time.

Though my master didn’t mention spirits outside Middle East regions, I would treat spirits of Himalayan ranges as the second option; and any human spirits/ghost as the last option.

Perhaps now it is worthwhile to think twice before anyone performing conjuration as spirit conjuration is also an art and a science of making choices. You can try for fun to feel knocking on your door or sounds of scratching on the roof at night; but for more productive issues, you must sit down and draw up a detail plan on what you want to do.  

Saturday, February 28, 2015

SEA Magic And Scandinavian Lore (南北信仰比较)

From Bjerstdedt’s work, we see that some Scandinavian lore and SEA magical practices are quite closely matched; at least it is of my view. It is not my intention to make a full fledge comparison at this moment, but I would just skim through the given topics and add some comments of my own:


In Scandinavian lore:

Saliva is potent for magic, especially the saliva in the mouth when one wakes up.

In Taoism:

Saliva is known as “the fluid of jade” (玉液). A Taoist would try to collect some saliva in the morning by moving his/her tongue in the mouth and when he/she has a mouthful of saliva, it is swallowed to Dantian and this is good for health and can harness magic power. Taoists call this practice “shape enhancement with jade juice” (玉液练形).

In Thai magic:

Saliva is collected in the “golden tongue” ritual during the meditation practice to “make words come true”.

In Malay magic:

Saliva of a person contain his/her soul essence, it can be collected to perform soul catching ritual.

The Northern Direction

In Scandinavian lore:

Water that flows to the North is considered to be beneficial to your health.

In Taoism:

The north as a whole is very significant in Taoist magic. In I-Ching, the north belongs to water element. Many Taoist idols such as: The Northern Plough (北斗), Marichi ( 斗母), Purple Emperor (紫微大帝) and Xuanwu Emperor (玄武帝君) resides in the Northern heaven.

The Northern Plough is said to be in charge of the realm of death. So any rituals done to prolong one’s life would first worship the Northern Plough for forgiveness. Since the north belongs to water element, the Northern Plough is also believed to be able to purify all defilements.

The calculation of flying star starts at the north indicating the softer approach of Ying energy is much revered in Chinese culture.


This is perhaps unique to Scandinavia.


This is perhaps unique to Scandinavia.

Rowan wood

This is perhaps unique to Scandinavia alone. But holy woods are used across various magical traditions.


In Scandinavian lore:

Iron is considered protective against evil spirits and trolls.

In Indian ritual and all SEA magic:

Iron is the only metal used to subjugate all kind of spirits. It is thus not appropriate to serve food on an iron plate.


In Scandinavian lore:

Ranglestav are rattles meant for warding off unwanted entities.

In Yao Taoism:

Metallic rattles such as that attached at ritual sword handle is used to scare away unwanted spirits. (see picture)


In Scandinavian lore:

In the Scandinavian magic, the gods and spirits are thought to hold their things (assemblies) during Thursdays.

In Malay and Thai magic:

Rituals are mostly done on Thursday night for the same reason.


In Scandinavian lore:

These were usually the biggest tree on the farm.

In Indian ritual and all SEA magic:

A single tree on a piece of plane such as a grass field is where spirits of that area congregates.


In Scandinavian lore:

A spirit, usually depicted as looking pretty much like a garden gnome and they are often considered to be the man who first cleared out the wilderness and established the farm.

In Indian ritual and all SEA magic:

This type of spirit is normally known as ‘earth spirit’ and it is revered by giving it a small shrine. In Malaysia, it is called a ‘datuk’ or grandfather spirit.


In Scandinavian lore:

The halmkrona, oro, or himmeli, is a form of hanging sculpture made from straw.
It's considered to both protect, and it's also believed by some that they can house the ancestor spirits.

In Indian ritual and all SEA magic:

Looks like a ‘dream catcher’. The closest one is the Indian Yantra and Taoist Bagua but needs further research.


In Scandinavian lore:

In the Nordic countries, hospitality is (or at least was) a great virtue. But when you let hobos in, they weren't allowed to pass the kronstång/stackarebjälke, which was a symbolic barrier that parted a room.

In SEA as a whole:

Curtains are normally used. I am sure some sort of similar structures such as the above are used as separation between private and public place.

There are certainly many detailed studies that need to be done but the above comparisons are just a fast tag along to Bjerstdedt’s contribution at: 


A Tour On Scandinavian Lore (游览北欧信仰)

Some Scandinavian folk lores have surprising familiarities in Asian cultures such as Taoist rituals and believes. Bjerstedt has generously devoted some time to compile some Scandinavian folklores that people in SEA would otherwise difficult to come across. Please help me to thank Bjerstedt for this contribution.

-By Bjerstedt

Saliva is considered powerful for magic, especially the saliva you have in your mouth when you wake up. This may be related to the idea that writing and speech has power in itself, but it wouldn't really explain why the saliva you wake up with would be more powerful.

The Northern Direction
Water that flows to the North is considered to be beneficial to your health. A lot of the holy wells of Scandinavia are considered holy solely because they flow to the North.

Though runestones are usually considered to be just monuments, they may have been used for some kind of ancestor veneration. Some runestones announce that someone has died abroad, maybe to lead the diseased home. For example, the Gripsholm Runestone (Sö 179) says “Tóla had this stone raised in memory of her son Haraldr, Ingvarr's brother. They travelled valiantly far for gold, and in the east gave food to the eagle. They died in the south in Serkland.” The Nørre Nærå runestone (DR 211) contains the inscription “þurmutR niout kubls” which means “Tormund, enjoy/make good use of the grave mount/monument.”. This is likely connected to the belief that one of the souls of the dead stays in the grave, either to tell him to enjoy the afterlife, or to prevent him from “going again” and becoming a draug.

The Draug are corpses that have come back to life, they are pretty much like zombies. Since the dead are belived to go to an afterlife, this requires a polycentric soul. Sometimes, they wake up from the dead by themselves, but other times, they are woken up by magic. In the Icelandic wizard legends, there are stories about dead wizards being woken up to acquire the magical books they were said to be buried with. There's two talismans (galdrastafir) from this time with accompanying incantations that are meant for waking up the dead, one of which I can't find at the moment.

Galdrastafir are magical signs that are used to make talismans. They are often supposed to be carved into a specific type of wood, and often painted with blood from a specific animal, or blood from a specific human body part. In modern times however, there's reports of talismans meant to be carved on specific materials and painted with animal blood working regardless, so those specifications are either meant for making the talisman more effective by sympathetic magic, or are meant to discourage insincere magicians. Most galdrastafir are meant for pretty mundane purposes such as fishing luck, love and protection from thieves, magic, draug and ghosts. Some stafir are however of a more paranormal nature, such as the aforementioned staves for waking up the dead, or the Hólastafur, which is a talisman meant for opening hills where the elves live. Staves meant for affecting a certain human are normally carved on fish, bread or cheese. Most love spells, healing spells, and the fart curse and vomit curse are meant for carving on food. (Those last ones
are exactly what the sound like. The fart curse is meant to be carved on white calfskin, painted with your own blood and then have an incantation recited over it. I've read a testimony of a guy who carved it on a piece of cheese, recited the incantation over it, put it on a piece of bread and ate it. He was never going to do that again, he said.)

Galdor are a form of magic songs/incantation, but in modern Icelandic, I'm pretty sure galdra means to use magic in general. These were likely sung in a very high pitched voice, since the word is related to the modern Swedish “gala”, which means the noise a rooster makes. I theorize that the practice of galdor is related to kulning, which you can hear on this link.

Rowan wood
Rowan wood is in Scandinavian magic considered a good protective wood, it's also
used for other magical purposes, such as for carving the aforementioned Hólastafur. In Skáldskaparmál the rowan is called “the salvation of Thor” because Thor once saved himself by clinging to it.

Iron is considered protective against evil spirits and trolls.


There's a form of amulet called the trollkors that is supposed to be made of bent iron. Though it's commonly believed to be an old type of amulet, it was created by the blacksmith Kari Erlands in 1993 after a symbol she had allegedly found carved inside her family's old barn.

However, about a decade or so ago, two rattles, meant for warding off unwanted
prescenses during blots, ceremonies and assemblies, were found in Gällivare. They have items hanging from them that resemble the trollkors.

"Ranglestav" or iron rattler may be used in warding off evil spirits.

In the Scandinavian magic, the gods and spirits are thought to hold their things (assemblies) during Thursdays.

These were usually the biggest tree on the farm. Just breaking leaves on it was considered bad luck. It was commonly believed that the tomte of the farm lived
under it, and libations of beer and milk was poured on the roots of the tree, usually on a Thursday. My family has a vårdträd on the family farm, but judging from photos from the early 20th century, it's likely planted in the late 19th century, making it likely that it was just planted for decoration, and that it has never been given offerings. You never know though. It has been dying from an infestation from years, but it has survived longer than expected.


A spirit, usually depicted as looking pretty much like a garden gnome, that are sometimes said to live under the vårdträd, and sometimes to live under the house. They are often considered to be the man who first cleared out the wilderness and established the farm. There are stories about them helping the inhabitants.

My sister claims to have seen a tomte once, and that happened at the house my family normally lives in that isn't a farm, but a house built in the 70s, and no one has even died in there, but I guess those houses can get a tomte too under certain circumstances.

The halmkrona, oro, or himmeli, is a form of hanging sculpture made from straw.
It's considered to both protect, and it's also believed by some that they can house the ancestor spirits.

In the Nordic countries, hospitality is (or at least was) a great virtue. But when you let hobos in, they weren't allowed to pass the kronstång/stackarebjälke, which was a symbolic barrier that parted a room.

Crimes that were committed within it was also punished harsher than those that had been committed outside it. There's no evidence of the kronstång having any magical uses, but I've found the idea of using it as a barrier to ghosts and spirits a very interesting idea.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Experiments With Jinn Conjuration

Since I have had many enquiries concerning people wanting to conjure jinn and that I am no longer want to perform conjurations; I would like to facilitate your interest in conjuring a jinn for your experimentation purpose only.

Before I continue, there are many misconceptions about having a jinni:

1.      A jinni is not a slave and it should not be treated as such.
2.      It takes from 7 days to a month to connect with a jinni. The process is faster if one has 3rd eye opened.
3.      Jinn don’t normally grant what the master asks, but they will give what the person really needs. For example, if one takes care of the jinn; then there are no worries in life on life sustenance.
4.      Jinn don’t work immediately after they are summoned; it takes a long while for a new jinni to get accustomed to the conjurer.
5.      A jinn master should have two rings: one master conjurer ring and the other is the oath bound ring. But for this experiment, one doesn't need one as the jinn will return to their master eventually.

A beginner’s problem in performing jinn summoning is his/her ability to perceive the presence of a jinni; and that it is extremely difficult to get a good jinn to work with. People used to pay a high price to get ritual objects belonged to deceased conjurer as all of the jinn had been trial and tested, but now a day people rather spend on smart phones.

All my jinn are in idle mode at present, so if anyone would like to call upon them for experiment; please do so just to test out jinn conjuration purpose only. Please beware that the below jinn are real and not toys and I cannot if they will come to you when you summon them. Jinn too have their attitude too.

Below are the names:

1.      Daughters of Lilith (be warned that both are succubi):
a.      Lalantah: a female jinn of more temperamental in nature.
b.      Lintatih: a female jinni of more aggressive in nature.
2.      Middle Eastern Serpent:
a.       Draxaleh: a black serpent king.
3.      Ifrits:
a.       Aminah (with two servants)
4.      Human spirit:
a.       Datullah (said to be an ancient female spirit from Egypt)

The below names are released for anyone to perform experiment with and they cannot stay with their new conjurers as their oath bound items are still here with me (for your safety). Perhaps they shall bring you their counterparts, but my advice is that it is suffice just to feel their presence and dismiss them; especially for those entities from darker realms such as that of the Lilith and serpentine energy. So please be warned.

Finally, welcome to the mysterious world of Middle Eastern Jinn!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

From 3 Kingdoms To ASEAN (从三国看东南亚)

The beginning of Chinese epic “Romance Of The Three Kingdoms” (三国演义) said these words:


(It is said that all major powers in this world, those in union for a long time would be separated; and those separated for a long time, would unite.)

I was in Changi Airport waiting for my flight, unfortunately due to technical reasons; the flight is delayed for an hour or so. There weren’t too many things to do, so I struck a conversation with an old Singaporean who was destined to Penang to see his grandchildren.

After chatting for a while, our topic somehow switched to how long ASEAN would hold up as a united body. This question is not unfounded because even though ASEAN is a pact and in peace for now, the ASEAN history was not. So without being too serious about this issue, won’t we want to explore the past relationships amongst ASEAN countries?


1.      Philippine and Malaysia had some past dispute concerning the status of Sabah.
2.      Indonesia and Malaysia had some past territorial conflicts.
3.      Thailand and Malaysia had some past northern territorial conflicts.
4.      Singapore and Malaysia had some past territorial issues.
5.      Thailand and Myanmar were rivals historically.
6.      Thailand and Cambodia have on and off conflicts with border issues.
7.      Vietnam and Cambodia were at war for sometime…

Now the question put forward is:

For how long can ASEAN hold up as a united nations?

From Feng Shui perspective, ASEAN can hold up for another 150 years or so…

Let me explain:

The center of ASEAN country is the South China Sea. In perspective of Feng Shui, the center place represents central government; so the center place should be solid and quiet. However if the center is an ocean, the relationships of ASEAN would also be volatile such as that of a choppy sea.

We are currently in the 8th Period and it takes 160 years to get to the 5th Period. In the 5th Period, the most influential star in the center of an area and ideally be quiet and at a high spot.

If the central place is a piece of lowland or a wetland, then this place would be in unrest situations. So, in ASEAN perspective; the union would also be volatile during future 5th period.

In that matter, any countries with their center place is lake or sea would also suffer more than others too: Philippine, Malaysia and Indonesia would have some problems too. Of course, we don’t have to worry about it as it is still more than a century away from now! As long as our leaders are still smiling and shaking hands; then we should not too worry at this time :D!